Why Do Cats Look Out the Window? | Mystery Revealed!

Cats have always been mysterious creatures. They love to watch the activities of pesky humans through the window. Maybe being a silent spectator is in their genes.

This article is not about myth-busting, as cats do love to watch outside the window, in fact, if provided with a fine seat or bed, they can stay there all day long.

Being indoors, cats often get bored by their lousy masters. They need something fun to do. And if not provided, the only option is the mighty window!

The window provides them with all the intel that they need(being a spy!). However, we do not know who do they work for and how do they make use of such intel (Maybe we need to keep a watch over them at nights!)

Why do Cats Look Out the Window?

Why do Cats Look Out the Window?


Jokes apart, here are a few Reasons why your Cat Loves to See Outside the Window.

1. The Cold Breeze

 dose of fresh air with cat window bed

Being indoors all day long in a humid environment can make your cat feel stressed out because of the heat. Of course, everyone needs a dose of fresh air once in a while.

Therefore, the only remedy for their suffering is the door to the outside world, The Almighty Window! With fresh breeze coming from the window, your cat feels all rejuvenated.

As the cold breeze fondles their skin, they lose all the fatigue from lying down the whole day!

2. Intel of their Master

to keep an eye on their fellow humans

Whenever we’re outside the house, the cats can see if we are doing alright. Of course, they need to keep an eye on their pet humans!

Seating calmly at the window, they make sure that we don’t do anything silly or unethical. Else they’d be ready with their paws to scratch all over our face(Now you know why your kitty always did that to you, right?)!

Also, it helps her ensure if you’ve indeed left so that she can have some friends over for a party!

To Keep a Watch Over Enemy Activities

3. To Keep a Watch Over Enemy Activities

Who said only dogs can guard your house? Cats are also equally functional in keeping your house safe!

While dogs just bark over the suspicious strangers, these spies, seating at the window, suspect everyone without being noticed. They even quickly come up with tactics to save you and others from those dubious attacks!

So remember, cats are your true saviors!

4. Plotting to Kill the Pesky Squirrels and Chirping Birds

You might have noticed your cat seating calmly near the window and watching the birds and squirrels with eternal love.

That’s where you’re wrong fella! No, the cat is not enjoying the weather with her little friends. Instead, she is keenly plotting to kill those infiltrating fools with a single blow of her paw. Boom!

5. To Terrorize the Dogs

to terrorize dogs

This rivalry is as old as time and it will never be over as we live. Cats and dogs both love intimidating each other.

Both of them need to keep a watch on their territory. While the dogs obnoxiously pee over the lighting poles, the cat chooses to stand over the balcony or window and tease the dogs like the Batman on top of a Gotham City building.

6. To Stare & Judge People

To Stare & Judge People with cat window perch

Just like the image above, cats love to judge you, each one of you. They are always judging, whether it is the poor fashion sense of passersby or the funny looking hairstyles of men.

So next time you see a cat looking through window, make sure you are not looking funny! Because she has her eyes on you!

7. To Ponder upon the Meaning of Life and Why We Exist

What? Did you think that you are the only one who does that? No, you’re wrong!

Cats are equally as self-aware as much as you are. They are the sacred inheritance of the saints of the past. (That is why they always look so bothered. Do you get it now?!)

Maybe of the 100% of their life, the cats spend 60% of the time sleeping and the 30% of the time discovering the meaning of life. And the rest, to annoy you!

The EndNote

Anyways, these were the top honest(stop laughing!) reasons why your cat loves to look out the window.

So the next time you see your kitty standing near the window, do not bother her. Or maybe even better, get her a bed or a cat window perch to help her in finding the meaning of life, intimidate the dogs and judge people!

And if you have any other fact to reveal about this mystery of cats looking out the window, comment below! We will surely feature them on our post.

Till then, keep being judged by the kitties in the world.


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