What Do Dog Kisses Really Mean? Unfolding the Mystery!

Dogs are adorable creatures who love to lick. Licking is an instinctive canine behavior. They use it to communicate and show affection to other animals and also their humans.

However, constant licking can sometimes not seem so pleasing. Hence, many dog owners may wonder the reason behind this constant face licking by the dog.

Well, here’s why!

Why Do Dogs Kiss(Filthy Humans)!?

There can be various reasons as to why your dog is licking your face. Different researches suggest different meanings to this. However, These can be various possible reasons as to why your little pooch always wants to reach out for your face.

Here’s our take on why they shower you with kisses!

1. Love and Affection

Licking is often related to showing love and affection. The dogs lick their newborn puppies as a gesture to display affection. This is also a canine behavior to keep the pups clean and healthy. The puppies learn this behavior from their mothers.

The puppies also lick one another in a litter. It is believed that this helps strengthen family bonds.

So, we can say that one of the most commonly interpreted reasons as to why our dogs like to lick our face is affection. This is a common way for dogs to display the love they have for us. When dogs lick us for affection it causes him to release pleasurable endorphins that calm and comfort them in return.

Our dogs licking us to display love and affection is the most common reason. Getting home from work and getting licked by your pooch all over the face would surely be a sign that your little one missed you.

2. He’s Hungry

Wild dogs lick their pack leader’s face to ask for food. The same goes for wolves and puppies.

Puppies lick their mothers’ lips when they are hungry. It is a way to indicate hunger and ask for food.

Your dog might be hungry and thus asking for food. He might be indicating that he is ready to be fed now.

3. Submission

Wild animals living in packs licked their pack leaders to submit to them. They always had a pack leader to follow commands. Dogs, too are pack animals and seek a leader. Your dog is probably licking you on the face because he has probably accepted you as his leader. This is another way of showing respect. He has submitted himself to his pack leader that is you.

While he licks you to show submission, he might have his ears tucked back and will avoid eye contact.

4. For the Taste!

Because of the sweat secretions, our skin tastes salty to the dogs! This might be one reason for your dog licking your face. Yes, he might find the taste of your skin good. Your sweat and dirt might attract your dog.

5. For Information

Dogs have this complex mechanism where they can process the information from licking their human’s face. Dogs can receive messages from or about you by licking you. They can determine how you are feeling by licking your face.

Dog parents mostly don’t have a problem with their dogs licking their faces but it is important to keep a check. It is important to set limits by training him. However, it is always great to be happy.

If your dog licks you often, he probably loves you too much!

Dogs being the favorite pet among millennials, we’d love to think that they perceive human-like characteristics. Licking their fur-parents so often is being one of them and that makes us think why they do so. If you want to share your experience and think we’ve missed out on something, let us know about it in the comment section below.

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