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The internet is simply crazy for cats. There are at least 2.5 million videos about domestic cats on YouTube alone. The keyword ‘cat’ was also among the most searches on the internet.

People adore felines and hence these creatures become a part of their family. Enthusiastic people often start writing a blog about their cats, to share stories, health tips, memes, videos, etc. of their cats.

There are thousands of active cat blogger on the internet. One might think, it is silly to follow an animal to such extent.

However, cats and dogs are a common target of domestic abuse. These blogs work to reduce such incidents by educating and inspiring people towards animals.

For your better understanding of the cat-culture on the internet, here is a list of 51 top cat blogs with 4 categories, which you must follow in 2023.


For A Better Health-Care Of Your Feline Partner

Here are some of the blogs we would recommend to you if you wish to get some health regarding issues pertaining to your cat.

1. Cat Living With Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Cat Living With Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy


Author: Joanne.

About: Joanne had a cat which suffered from a heart disease. Yes, you heard it right, like humans, cats also suffer from heart diseases. Joanne’s cat died, inspired him to start a blog with information and tips for cats suffering from the heart diseases. It is a helpful site for cat owners with elderly pets.

2. Cat Fact Files

Cat Fact Files


About: This blog is an archive about behavioral traits and disorders a cat might suffer from. These content are significantly helpful for new cat owners, as they might not be knowing how to train the cat or how to treat a cat.

3. Total Cat Magazine


Publishers: Total Pet Publishers.

About: As the name suggests, the magazine is all about cat-related stuff. Whether it is about health care issue, a unique breed, fashion accessory, training of cats, etc. all topics are mostly covered. It is a good read for people who own a cat and wish to learn about their pets.

4. The Conscious Cat

The Conscious Cat


Author: Ingrid King.

About: Ingrid King explains a lot of stuff on his blog. All the things from best consultancy service for a cat, health concerns, toys, products, etc. everything is covered on this blog.

5. Cat Care HQ

Cat Care HQ


About: Fleas are the worst enemies for a cat. They create many skin problems for the animal. Pet owners have a difficult time looking after their pets in such situation. This blog describes treatment for fleas and health-care of cats.

6. Natural Cat Care Blog

Natural Cat Care Blog


Author: Liz Eastwood

About: Liz Eastwood puts the care for cats in a natural way at top priority. She writes blogs which discuss serious problems that may occur with a domestic cat. It is helpful for new as well as old cat owners.

7. The Purrington Post


About: Purrington post, much like its human counterpart try to cover most of the topics related to cat world. But they are best in health care tips and discussions. They have an entire dedicated to breeds of cats, which is useful for new owners.

8. The Catnip Times

The Catnip Times


About: The Catnip Times is a blog dedicated to health care tips and consultancy for cats. It covers many topics from diet needs to litter boxes, everything. It also provides us the review of various types of toys, equipment and other such news and information regarding the cats.

9. Little Big Cat

Little Big Cat


Author: Jean Hofve.

About: Jean Hofve tries to explain many areas in case of owning a cat. She herself pets many cats and understands the chores one has to perform for pets. Her blog is a guide to nutrition, diet, etc. for both dogs and cats.

10. Cat Nutrition

Cat Nutrition


Author: Anne Jablonski

About: After the death of Duke, a household cat, his owner decided to start this blog. Duke died because of digestive disorders. Hence the site’s main focus is set on the dietary balance of a cat.

Cat-Gear And Cat-Related Products

If you love offering different types of products and gifts to your kids then the below-given blogs will provide you with the in-depth guidance and knowledge regarding various products.

11. Katzenworld



Author: Marc-Andre, Mollie Hunt, and others.

About: Katzenworld is leading player in selling good quality toys, cushions, hygiene products, etc. for your feline partner.

12. Bengal Cats

Bengal Cats


Author: Laurent.

About: This blog was designed for the sole purpose of admiration of Bengal cat breed. It consists of various topics related to Bengal breed. They have formed a community on the blog where people discuss their cats and its habits. Hence they sell perfect food, accessories, toys, litter boxes, only for Bengal cats.

13. Dashkitten



Author: Marjorie Dawson.

About: Dashkitten has you covered on topics of toys, medicines, cushions, etc for your cats. It is an active blog where people from the whole world interact with each other and shear ideas. The site also sells technological products for your cats.

14. Litter Robot


Owner: Automated Pet Care Products, Inc.

About: Cats use litter boxes which humans have to clean manually. This is a necessary task for your and the cat’s health. Many people do it with joy and do not feel disgusted. But the blog sells automated self-cleaning litter robot. This aims at superior hygiene for animals and better care of their health.

15. Poopy Cats

Poopy Cats


Owner: IJsvogel Retail.

About: Cats need exercise and without their body may become weak. Poopy cats sell playhouses and other toys for cats. These are designed in a way that cats get full exercise and they stay active. The site also offers shipping services.

16. Floppy Cats

Floppy Cats


Author: Jenny Dean.

About: It is a site dedicated to selling products for cats after reviewing them for owners. However, the site is specially made for ragdoll breed of cats. The site also discusses behavioral issues, diseases, birth defects, etc. related to the ragdoll breed.

17. Island Cats


Author: Wally, Ernie, and Zoey

About: These three cats share their photos and their stories about their life with their parents. strange? Sounds surprising? Visit The Island Cats. Their parents and they leave on the ‘Grosse Ile, Michigan’ which make them The Islanders and how merrily they live as islanders explains why every cat wants to be an islander. Ps. they three also review the products for all the feline friends out there.

18. Sandy Robins Online

Sandy Robins Online


Author: Sandy Robins

About: Sandy Robins is a leading face in the pet industry. She is determined to educate people about the relationships we all have with our pets, irrelevant to being a dog or cat. Her site has many product reviews and books for sale. Her tips and advice are taken seriously in the market

19. Hotel 4 Cats

Hotel 4 Cats


Owner: Hotels 4 Cats.

About: Hotel 4 cats is a day-care facility for your cat. Those owners who are not able to look after their cats for some days can leave them at the hotel. The services provided by the hotel is of the top quality. They make sure to check the dietary need of felines properly. They also have a spa for cats.

20. Upgrade Your Cat

Upgrade Your Cat


Owner: NameCheap Inc.

About: The best place to buy food, bed, furniture, bells, toys, etc. for your cats is Upgrade your cats. It is an extremely active site with regular blog posts. These contain all sort of information one might need for their cat’s growth.

21. Meow Tee



About: Food is a necessary part of a cat’s life. Some cats are suited to some brands of food, while others may be allergic to packaged food. This site helps you to differentiate between all brands and reviews them. They also review other products. It is a good place for new buyers.

22. Adventure Cats

Adventure Cats


Author: Laura Moss (editor-in-chief).

About: Brands like Nike, Addidas, etc. are human brands for sportswear. Similarly, Adventure cats is a site made for the outdoor care of cats. They have dedicated the article for many considerations for a cat when it is ready to move outdoors. First aid kits, motion sickness medication, backpacks for cats, etc. are the highlighted products on the site.

Top Funny Cat Blogs

Are you keen on getting some exciting and funny information about cats? Well, then here are some of the top blogs which will provide you with the information on same.

23. Simon’s Cat

Simon’s Cat


Author: Simon Tofield.

About: Simon’s cat is a blog featuring an animated cat whose owner’s name is Simon. The cat goes on all sorts of adventures often creating a mess in the process. The cat’s goals are mostly to make its owner feed him food. It is simple yet funny, especially for kids. The animation is not the best in industry, but it is a representation of human and cat relationship. Watch it for intelligent humor and quick laughs.

24. The Meow Blog

The Meow Blog


About: Meow blog is one of those few places which serve good humor with a touch of informative content. Most blogs on the site are targeted to be silly but they also discuss facts and ideas. It is a good place to discover new things for your cat to do.

25. The Cat On My Head

The Cat On My Head


Author: Shel Silverstein.

About: The posts written on the blog are created from a cat’s perspective. The owner, Janet Blue writes the posts after watching the behavior of her cats. It uses the difference between humans and felines as humor and explains the state of mind of a cat perfectly. The particular post, ‘UNIVERSAL BILL OF RIGHTS FOR ALL CATS’ is very funny.

26. I Have Cat

I Have Cat


Author: Tamar Arslanian.

About: Tamar is a lady living in New York with her cats and working on this blog. She documents all behaviors of cat and presents them in an impressive way. Her style is fun but she also provides important health care tips for pet owners. It is a good place if you a lonely person with a pet cat. For Tamar, cats are her family so her advice and blogs are often written with respect to personal experiences.

27. One Drawing Daily

One Drawing Daily


Author: Thomas Clauson.

About: The owner Thomas is an architect. When he started the blog he simply wished to practice drawing daily. For this, he chose to draw animals. Today, he can draw a portrait of your pet on demand. One drawing daily is an artistic site, if you are an aspiring painter it is a good place to check out.

28. LOLcats



Authors: Community based.

About: MEMES are all the rage in today’s internet era. And lolcats delivers just on that demand. Lolcats upload quality memes related to cats and their rather unusual habits such as sitting on laptops while you are working. ‘can I haz a cheeseburger?’, ‘grumpy cat’, etc. are some famous memes the site has used.

29. Purrfect Love


About: This is another site which chose memes as a content to attract the audience. They have a good sense of humor and it reflects in the memes. All memes are easy to understand and hilarious. Their main aim is to inspire people to adopt a cat instead of buying. They also work for educating people towards their pet’s health.

30. Glogirly



Author: Debbie Glovatsky.

About: Featuring very diverse content about cats, Glogirly is a good site for new and old pet owners alike. The site has a story blog between different cats, however, the focus is mostly on a house cat Waffles. It is an all-purpose place. People can find help in buying cat gears and food, they can read stories, health tips, etc.

31. Cat Lady Land

Cat Lady Land


About: A blog which features a unique ‘text from mittens’ stories. The idea is, the blog shows a text thread between the owner and its cat. These conversations which are supposed to be private, are open for the world to see. The cat’s logic is unusual leading to hilarious troubles for the owner. Check this site if you wish to see something new.

32. The Opinionated Pussycat

The Opinionated Pussycat


Author: Kiril Kundurazieff.

About: A member of CWA (Cat Writers’ Association), Kiril or daddy Kiril as he is known by his cats, is a person with great sense of humor. He has turned his experiences of cats and animals into meaningful stories and other material.

33. Long Live The Kitty

Long Live The Kitty


About: The site is dedicated to a cat portrayed in a supreme dictator image. The design and ambiance of web pages resemble Noth Korea. The cat himself is called Chairman Meow. The blogs are written to show the knowledge of supreme dictator and his thoughts on nearly everything. If you are a person who enjoys good quality satire, then this is the place for you.

34. Cat Shaming

Cat Shaming


About: People from all over the world come together and upload pics of their cats. Sounds pretty normal? Except that the cats wear a card with the crime they committed written on it. It is like a collection of the mugshot of cats. The concept is really cute and funny. If you are a person enjoying meme culture, then you will definitely like this site.

Top Blogs Featuring Rescue Stories Of Cats

For the people who are interesting in reading the tales about cats, here are the top blogs which will recite the rescue stories of cats to you.

35. Love Meow

Love Meow


Author: Amy Bojo.

About: Love meow shares great emotional stories about rescued cats and animals. They post many inspirational contents. They also feature videos and funny stories related to felines. Their aim is to educate and encourage people about cats.

36. Cat Tipper

Cat Tipper


Author: Paris Permenter and John Bigley.

About: Cattipper is made for people caring for rescue cats. It is a place for them to share the love and care towards cats. They also conduct adoption of cats for people. They say one must adopt a cat instead of buying. Similar to cats, they have sites for other animals too. You can check it

37. Life With Cats

Life With Cats


About: Life with cats shows famous cat stories across the internet. They share valuable information on health and hygiene problems of cats too. It is an all-rounder blog, worth your time.

38. Cat Lady In The Canyon


Author: Pamela Knudsen.

About: Pamela writes about her experiences with her cats and illustrates them in a creative story-telling format. She is a member of Cat Writers’ Association. Her work is appreciated over the internet and she is also an active volunteer for animal safety.

39. Covered In Cat Hair

Covered In Cat Hair


Author: Robin Olson

About: This blog is all about living with a cat. Robin documents her experiences with cats and shares them with the world. She provides tips, and care for abandoned cats. If you are willing to adopt a cat, then this blog is a must-read.

40. The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee

The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee


Author: Laurie Cinotto

About: The site’s goal is to raise money for the well-being of abandoned cats. Those cats which have no one end up dying on the roadside. With proper management, efforts to save them can be put in. They also run an adoption service. This is a great place for people who cannot adopt a cat but still are willing to donate.

41. Paws For Reflection

Paws Of Reflection


Author: BJ Bangs.

About: BJ Bangs aims at creating a diverse blog to help animals and save them from different problems. Her main focus is on educating people about cats and their habits. Her site is growing day-by-day. You can check the place by yourself; you will love it if you are an animal lover.

42. Cat Town Blog

Cat Town Blog


Author: Nara Dahlbacka, Jamie Miller, and others

About: Another blog aiming to create awareness about the care of domestic abuse of cats. The site is simple, but the posts tell a good story. The main aim of this blog is to increase involvement from the public to save cats and other animals’ lives.

43. Cat Nutrition

Cat Nutrition


Author: Anne Jablonski.

About: This site is not a typical storytelling blog. It mainly covers the topics of food for cats and their effects on different breeds. The author lost his feline to a digestive disorder and this led him to create the site. For him, the site is an effort to save other cats from a similar fate.

44. Cat Depot Blog

Cat Depot Blog


About: The site is similar to above-mentioned blogs. It also tells stories of cats rescued and united with a family. What makes this site different is the way they do it. The site uses culture and history to show cats and their daily lives.

45. Just Cats

Just Cats


Author: Deb.

About: The blog is about an animal activist writing stories about cats which she finds amusing. People resonate this feeling and have supported the blog. With a great feeling of positivity, the author, Deb describes her cat, Wilson. It is a good read if you are a cat owner.

46. Friends Of Felines’ Rescue Center

Friends Of Felines’ Rescue Center


Author: Jacci

About: The organization is an active group of people willing to work for cats and other animals. They organize adoption drives, fundraisers, health check-ups, etc. for the local community. If you wish to join the cause, it is recommended to visit this place.

47. Bad Cat Chris

Bad Cat Chris


Author: Charles Huss.

About: It is a site which maps all the mischief done by cats. The site sounds to be funny but it is actually actively working for the welfare of cats and domestic animals. Read this blog if you are a cat owner and you can relate to the mess created by cats.

48. The Swiss Cats

The Swiss Cats


Author: Claire.

About: A simple site that is building a community for cat lovers. Swiss cats have aims to provide the latest information with regard to health, meal, habits, etc. of cats.

49. The Cat’s Meow Rescue Blog

The Cat's Meow Rescue Blog


Author: Nomi Berger.

About: The site is filled with tons of information on cat’s rescue and health. They work in the fields of cat foods, products, rescue missions, blood donation of cats, etc. For their work, they are appreciated with many medals and awards. It is a great place to stay in touch with the latest news about cats.

50. Ways Of Cats

Ways Of Cats


Author: Pamela Merrit.

About: The site is an absolute heaven for cat lovers. They cover many topics in depth from habitual traits of cats to health care, everything. They also have a shop to sell cat products and food. Check this site for better understanding your cat.

51. Following Cats

Following Cats


Author: Tina Fariss Barbour

About: Tina wrote her blog when she found she was fascinated by cats. As a young person, she did not invest much time in cats. But now her blog tells stories of so many cats, who live with their owners or have died. Following Cats is good at creating emotional blogs. If you wish to read such stories about pets and their relationships with owners, this is the place for you.

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