Quarantine Mood: Top Things To Learn From Your Pet While Staying At Home

What’s the best thing that can happen to you during quarantine?

Being stuck at home with your lovely pet!

Not only do you get to play with them every day, cuddle during Netflix binge-watching, and make fun TikTok videos. If you take a closer look at your pet, you’ll realize they bear so much wisdom and intellect.

We mean it. You don’t need a life coach to get the gist of life. What you need is to learn a few simple lessons from your fluffy buddy.


Love No Matter What

Have you ever noticed how unconditionally pets love us?

They don’t care who we are. Your age, gender, skin color, occupation, personal background, sexual preferences, or anything that matters so much in the human world, doesn’t mean a thing to animals. They love you just the way you are and expect nothing in return.

You can be in a bad mood, you can even scold them or punish them for some reason. But any minute you open your arms, they’ll jump in and never leave you alone.

learn to love from your dog

Appreciate Little Things

Be pawsitive, er, positive!

How often do you find yourself upset about materialistic things? Your neighbor has got a better lawn, your colleague got promoted, your schoolmates bought a new house…the list of frustrations won’t end!

At the end of the day, it’s a lot of fuss about nothing. Because in reality, the best things in life are free, and your pet knows this better than anyone. A friendly hug, cuddling, or taking a lazy nap in the afternoon are just as healing to our mind and body as going to a fancy SPA.

learn to appreciate from your dog

So, next time you want to whine about how unfair your life is, breathe and take a cue from your beloved pet!

Lead an Active Lifestyle

Some pet-related stories are truly overwhelming.

Eric O’Grey weighed 340 pounds, had Type 2 diabetes, and took about 15 different types of medications to lower his 400 level cholesterol, treat depression, and lose weight. When life became almost unbearable, Eric decided to change his life completely.

He went on a plant-based diet and decided to take a low-maintenance dog from a shelter that wouldn’t be loud or disobey. But life is full of surprises. In a shelter, Eric saw Peetie – an obese dog with skin problems and a depressed look. The dog was miserable in that shelter just like Eric. So, it was a match!

Learn to klead and active lifestyle from dogs

After Eric took Peetie home, the two managed to lose their weight, beat diabetes and depression, and start to enjoy life again. All of this couldn’t have happened without long daily walks and jogging!

The moral of the story?

Animals teach us to be active, walk a lot, and enjoy every moment. They also demonstrate that you don’t need to buy expensive gym memberships or sweat every day on treadmills.

Simple things like walks, jogs, or strolls with your puppy can significantly improve your immune system, decrease the risk of heart disease, and get your body into great shape.

Love Your Body

Animals, like people, are different. They can be tall and short, hairy and short-haired, dark or light. Does this fact stop them from sniffing and playing with each other? Of course not! They don’t judge each other for being tall or short, skinny or fat, well-bred or not.

learn to love your body from your pets

We love animals of all shapes and sizes, too. So why don’t we start loving and respecting our bodies? Keep calm, enjoy your meal, be body positive, and don’t forget to hug your pet in between.

Be Creative and Express Yourself

Just because pets are colorblind, it doesn’t mean they can’t feel joy! During a lockdown, you get a chance to observe your dog or cat and how they get to entertain themselves. From playing with toys and jolly balls to chewing some treats and taking naps – their life is never boring!

During a quarantine, it’s important to stay mentally healthy and include physical exercise and creative hobbies to your routine. Don’t try to embrace everything at once and excel. Unleash your creativity and get pleasure from the process!

learn to be creative from your pets

By the way, a nice way to get creative and express yourself during a lockdown is to finally get a QR pet id tag! You can experiment with different images, for example, put your pet’s photo or some funny image. This can be a joint photo of you and your lovely friend. What’s more, a QR pet tag allows you to reinforce your pet’s security at the same time.

Don’t Dam Up Your Feelings

People that can forgive and let go of their bitter feelings are much healthier mentally and physically. Scientists found out that the act of forgiveness improves cholesterol levels, reduces pain, and balances blood pressure. After a fight, there must be a release of all negative thoughts.

learn to forgive

Your fluffy friend never holds grudges after you scold them, so why don’t you adopt this trait in your daily life?

Be Loyal

Dogs are probably one of the most loyal pets and there’s proof of it! Scientists did a dogs’ blood test after their interaction with humans and found that it contained 57% oxytocin, a hormone released to blood after pleasant interactions.

learn to be loyal from dogs

So, it’s in a dog’s nature to be loyal to humans. Why don’t we do the same with each other? After all, we aren’t different from our canine friends – oxytocin in human blood levels can be up to 50%!

Don’t Be That Serious: Have Fun!

Our pets know how to stay silly and foolish for sure! They don’t need a special reason to jump and wiggle with their tail, anticipating treats, or a walk.

learn to enjoy your life from pets

We humans shouldn’t forget that good laughter can significantly improve our wellbeing and prolong our lives. Let’s have fun together with our fluffy friends!

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