10 Things Every Vet Wants You to Know About Cat Food

Got a Pet? Fed up with numerous questions???

What to feed? What not to feed? When to feed? How much to feed?

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It is important to understand that the only person who could understand your felines just as much as you is your VET. Your vet is the one who could answer all of these questions correctly.

So, it is important that you keep in touch with the vet and keep updating regarding the condition of your cat’s health. But there are a few generalized things you need to know and keep into consideration before you feed your cat.


Things you should know about Cats Foods according to Vet

Being the cat owners there are a few of the basic things with regards to Cat foods that we ought to know-

#1 Choose Balanced Diet

Cats require all types of nutrients in their diet. So, instead of looking out for specific ingredients for the diet, it is important that we focus mainly on adding nutritional content to her diet.

It is important that the food products you feed your cat are tested and approved by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) and never feed foods that come under red markings.

#2 ByProducts are not Cat’s Enemy

It is a common myth among the pet owners that byproducts and byproduct meals are actually bad for cats and may deteriorate their health. But it is not that by-products are bad, it is just the case that few of the felines may be allergic to it.

So, before you bluntly believe in this fact try visiting your vet once and try it at least once if it provides your pet cat with better nutrients or not.

#3 Cats do need Carbs

Carbohydrates and grains are spoilers in a cat’s meal. It is a fact that cats are carnivores. But this doesn’t mean that they do not require carb contents in their diet.

Felines surely require carbohydrates in their meal as they provide them with glucose which is a basic source of energy for them.

Just keep in mind that the ratio of carbs should be comparatively less as compared to proteins.

#4 Overfeeding is Dangerous

It is estimated that about 60% of cats in America are suffering from Obesity. Cats would never refuse the foods you provide to her. But being the owners it becomes our responsibility so as to make sure that we do not overfeed them.

So, visit your vet and get a calorie count for your feline on the daily basis depending on the lifestyle of your pet.

#5 Price is not always worth the Value

It is a common belief among the rich owners that if they are buying high priced food for their pets, they are providing them with the best.

It is so wrong!

When it comes to feeding it is not the price that counts, but the nutritional value that it provides. So, next time before sorting it from high to low price make sure you know what that product is made up of and is actually what your feline actually requires.

#6 Age Matters

While feeding your felines there are number of factors you would want to consider. Their age needs to be addressed – Kitten, Adult, Mature. Their lifestyle plays a significant role in choosing the best food for them.

So, make sure you feed them with foods specifically designed for their ages. Else it may be troublesome for them affecting their health.

#7 Cats do require Dental Checkups

It is a proven fact that raw foods make feline’s teeth strong. But relying only on raw foods for maintaining the teeth of your cat would be wrong.

It is necessary for cats to get their dental checkups done from time to time. Cats are not of the type to show pain until and unless they actually feel it badly. So, make sure you conduct their dental check-up regularly.

#8 People Food is Bad

Do not feed your cat with what you left on the table. It is not suitable for them to feed on human foods as they are made of different ingredients.

It is easy to pass on the plate you leftover to your cat. But it would have a harsh impact on her health and cause trouble for her. Feed her with foods that are specifically designed for cats.

#9 Raw Food is Unhealthy

Feeding your felines with raw food is always a bad practice to follow. Raw foods won’t do any good to them. It is important you feed your felines with foods that are not dangerous for them.

Raw foods are at high risk of contamination and may lead to several problems for your pet cat.

#10 Don’t Change Foods too Often

Once you find suitable food for your feline, do stick to it. Changing foods too often could make them sick and may cause plenty of health issues.

Visit your vet and decide after a thorough discussion about your feline and once you set which foods to feed, do not change them frequently. Stick to the combination that best suits your feline friend.

It is always advisable to visit a vet and discuss all of the issues and let your vet know the lifestyle your cat lives. Your vet would suggest you with the best that is there for your pet cat.

#11 Love Them(Complimentary Point-Most Important)

Your cats shower upon you loads and loads of love. So, it becomes your duty so as to make sure you feed her with foods that she desires. Love your pet cat unconditionally and see how much effort she puts in to make you happy.

If you are aware of any other facts with regards to feeding cats, kindly let us know by commenting below.


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