How to Stop a Dog Begging For Food – Teach Pup to Behave

Begging is very instinctive for dogs, may that be for food or for the attention or a game. Dogs don’t see begging for their dog food as a trait, that’s the way humans overlook it. It is a victory for him if he gets something by begging, so he will continue doing it. In no time that instinctive thing becomes a stubborn habit and to get rid of it becomes very difficult.

Begging is not the only tactic your clever mate puts you through but also whining, pawing, barking too.

Below shown are the few points which will make you understand more about dogs and food.


How to stop a Dog Begging for Food – A Quick Guide

So, here are some points which will make you understand about annoying tricks your pet plays on you. Learn to teach manners and deal with the disappointment that your dog faces. When you start getting hard on your pet, things will get easier for him.

How Begging for Food Starts


As stated earlier begging is like a tool for dogs to get rewarded, they are born with this talent. Dogs are ever-hungry animals on earth and could eat the whole day if you provide them. This instinct of begging will only become a habit when you start giving in to your pet’s urge. Begging instinct will get adamant only if you start paying attention, talk to him, pat on the head, throw a toy at play when he started begging in front of you.

Teach to Stop Begging

We understand, training your doggie is difficult and boring, but you know how important it is. So, never give up on inculcating healthy habits to your little guy, motivate them with utmost patience and consistency.

Below stated are the quick tips to know what to do and not to do when the pet starts begging for food.


  • Ignore him when they beg or stare at youDog-begging-for-food
  • Command him to leave the table, train him the command if not done yet
  • Train to stay put/down when you feed him and get up only when finished
  • To eat from his regular bowl and never from another place
  • Tether away from your table to immovable thing
  • Lock him in other room or their regular spot
  • All family members shall practice the strictness
  • Feed the dog food for dogs only.


  • Looking at him for a glance while eating
  • Talking to him while eating
  • Throwing a toy to distract from begging
  • Allow him to eat other than from his own bowl even if it is dog food
  • Taking him along to the table when you eat

They won’t stop until you force them to, that’s all it takes to end the habit – just a bit strictness. Don’t fall for their trick of begging and looking cute, because that’s not good and you know it. Though if you do so, your doggie will not hold grudge against you or will stay away from you.

It’s Easy If You Try


These clever pups will not always continue to do the same if you train them strictly. Although breaking a bad habit of a dog is as difficult as that of humans, you have to be consistent and patient enough during the process.

You cannot break down to your pet while training, then all effort it will take is starting fresh all over again. You have to also make sure that you feed your fido sufficiently with the best dog foods for their healthy lifestyle.

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