Should Your Dog Sleep with You? – Benefits and Drawbacks


Most people feel comfortable in allowing their pets hop up on couch or bed. Many allow their dog to sleep with them at night. But it is often concerned if it’s harmful to one’s health. Well, the answer cannot be given with a simple yes or no. Don’t worry, here we have listed out all the possible benefits and drawbacks of allowing your dog to sleep with you!

Benefits and Drawbacks of Letting Your Dog Sleep with You


Most of the time, if you can tolerate the hair and smell of your pet (and do not mind a little bit of scratching) it’s harmless to let your pet sleep with you. Yet, you have to understand that there are more than one possible factors that make up the decision if your pet should sleep on the bed or not. So, hold back your dog for a while because here we go!

The Up Side – Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of having your dog sleep with you:


1. Dogs help you feel relaxed

Dogs have a rhythmic breathing (or snoring) pattern. Snuggling up with your dog while sleeping can help you feel more relaxed and can naturally lower your heart rate and help you sleep in harmony. Moreover, sleeping with your beloved pet can reduce the stress like a charm. In other words a beautiful sleep!

2. Dogs can help cure depression

Many times a patient suffering from depression is said to spend more time with their pets. Pets naturally make us feel happy and less worried. Thus, if you feel depressed because of any reason at all, let your dog sleep on the bed with you. If your dog feels pleasant in your presence than it’s going to reflect on you as well. And well, dogs are always happy to see their owner no matter what, right? So, a natural antidepressant.

3. Dogs are warm

The body temperature of a dog is between 101 and 102.5 F, while of humans is between 97.6 to 99.6 F according to webMD. This is mostly due to the big fur on most of the breeds. The fur helps dogs control their body temperature even in chilly winters. This is why snuggling up with your furry little friends can be very comforting. Mostly because of the warmth of their body.

So, a natural thermostat people!

4. Dogs make you feel safe


‘Scientists have found people who sleep with their pets actually sleep better because they feel safer and more secure.’ according to DailyMail. In a survey of 150 people, researchers found that people who sleep with their pet in the room or on the bed felt more safe and secure and thus have a better sleep.

People who often travel alone have said that having a pet in their bedroom or bed let them have a feeling of companionship and thus resulted in better sleep and also made them feel more relaxed. Also, just having your dog near to you makes you feel safer as in case of danger, they will always be there to alert you.

5. The dog feels happier if you allow him to sleep with you

In ancient times, dogs have always been pack animals. Which also means that the dogs think of your family as their pack. If you allow your pet to have sofa or bed privileges, it makes them feel like a part of the family. As a result, your dog feels happier and closer to you.

6. Dogs are good for your psychological and physical health

Researchers have found that having a dog can help if you have started showing signs of heart problems. Dogs make you feel affection, and this affection takes off a lot of stress, which is the biggest cause of cardiovascular problems. It is notable that many of the heart attacks occur during sleep only. Moreover, we already talked about how dogs can reduce the anxiety and depression problems if allowed on the bed.

The Down Side – Drawbacks

When there are upsides there will be downsides as well. Let’s take a look at the downsides of having the dog sleep with you.

1. Snoring, Kicking and Scratching

Now, this is the most commonly occurring issue with the people who allow their pet in their bed. Often, the pets would disturb the owner’s sleep by scratching or even kicking. Not to be reminded that many dogs have snoring issues too. Of course, this condition can differ from pet to pet, but keep in mind that being disturbed in your sleep can result in daytime fatigue. Let’s hope your pet doesn’t belong to this category.

2. Health issues

If dogs are going to be on the bed, no matter what, they’re going to shed a lot. A lot of people are allergic to dog hair. So, if you’re allergic, then this might not be your cup of tea, as it may end up in undesirable results.

Another threat is to people with Asthma. Researchers have shown that people with Asthma can have insufferable problems caused by their pet and might need to get Asthma shots. So, Do Not let them on your bed at all.


3. A threat to your romance?

For a couple, it is important to have their own intimate time. Most of them kick their pet out of the bedroom because they don’t want them to watch.

Many times, one person doesn’t mind having a dog in the bed, while the other one does. It is important that one talk about this issue. Also, it’s prime that a pet shouldn’t come between a couple physically at night.

4. Dominance or aggression issues in some dogs

Dominant or aggressive dogs should not be allowed on the bed. As it can cause big trouble when they’re told to get off. It can also get difficult to take back the privilege. So move ahead with caution!

This was petlovesbest’s take on whether you should allow your dog to sleep with you or not. Yes, a dog is family and should be treated as one. Giving them privileges to bed will make them feel loved and more of a part of the family. It can get really fruitful for you too, both mentally and physically. But as mentioned before, move ahead with caution!

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