Seresto Dog Collar Reviews of 2023 (Side Effects & Warnings)

When we want to clear the parasitic infestations from our pet dogs it is difficult to ignore the Seresto dog collar. The Seresto Flea collar comes with the fast responding waterproof formula. It will not only kill flea infestation from the dog but also other infestations.

Additionally, many users have given positive feedback for its effectiveness like none other flea repelling products. However, there are some things you should know before getting a Seresto collar. It will be useful in clearing the parasitic infestations off the dog without any side effects.


About Seresto Dog Collar

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We would hate to see our dog suffer from the parasitic infestations of any type. In fact, we will not even be relieved if the dog gets the flea medication or treatments until we see clear skin.

There comes the actual need of using the flea control collar of any brand. It should effectively kill/repel the infestations without any side effects. Because the flea control collars will hardly develop any skin rash due to its partial contact and release method.

In addition to that, the flea control collar from either Seresto or other brands is very useful for both clearing the infestations as well as keeping it away for a long time. The flea collar treatment will have major advantages at a comparatively lower price.

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Coming to the Seresto dog collar, it is the best flea control product compared to all the other methods. The Seresto flea collar has the soothing ingredients which spread on the dog’s skin evenly. Along with that, the soft and stretchable collar makes the experience for the dog bearable.

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Furthermore, the Seresto flea collars have the longest lasting period. The manufacturers have made it possible by using the waterproof flea killing formula. Having said that, the flea collar Seresto will withstand the monthly baths or swimming time.

However, the effectiveness will start fading after each time the collar gets damp. In fact, drenching the collar in the pool will definitely lead to faded effects sooner than period manufacturers promise.

On the contrary, this collar will be useful for killing the fleas for the outdoor dog. As the matter of fact, using the Seresto flea collar for the guard dog or outdoor dog is advisable.

Generally, the outdoor dogs are exposed to the habitat where many parasites reside. For that reason, the dog can easily catch the parasites. Along with becoming the host to parasites the dogs can rapidly spread the infestation around their habitat too.

Hence, to cut a long story short, the Seresto dog collar is one solution to many parasitic infestations your dog is suffering from.

How to Use Seresto Flea Collar


The actual Seresto collar review starts from here because now you can get to learn about the smallest things about the product. Along with that, you will have a review of the product which has covered any perspective.

Also, you will get to know about the factors that you have to consider while buying the Seresto flea and tick collar. Yes, there are some factors which you should take care prior to using the Seresto dog collar.

Apart from that, using the Seresto tick collar does not need much guidance due to its easy to use design.

Having said that, the collar has the eight months lasting time and hence, you will not have to take it off for a long time after tying it.

Adding to the fact, the Seresto dog collars come with the waterproof chemical composition. It will not only keep the collar from fading but also the spread meds will remain intact.

How Does Seresto Work?

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All the flea collars work the same way. The prime factor helps the collar work is constant or partial skin contact of the host(dog in our case). The collar will contain the flea repelling/killing formula in it. Hence, it starts spreading on the surface of the host(dog) where it comes in contact with.

As soon as the collar gets in contact with the skin, its flea killing formula starts flowing. In fact, then the collar acts similar to that of the topical flea treatment. The topical meds actually are applied on the dog’s upper neck where they cannot lick. Thereafter the meds spread to the whole layer of the skin and fur by itself.

Similarly, the ingredients of the collar which are responsible for killing the fleas will start spreading. Not to mention, the ingredients of the collar will also spread and last even longer than any other flea control mediums.

In this manner, the flea killing solution will reach the furthest skin layer of the dog from his neck. By the way, the process of putting the collar on the dog and the solution reaching to each spot of the skin will take some time.

Generally, this action will take up to 2 days or more depending upon the brand. On the other hand, the Seresto collar takes about two hours to start killing the fleas but also it cleans the whole infestation within two days.-

Lastly, the collar will keep spreading its formula on the dog’s skin constantly for a long time. Although the collar kills the infestations within a short span of two days yet we advise keeping the collar tied. It will save the dog from catching the infestation again.

On the contrary, the maker of the collar claims for the collar to last for eight months yet it will not always work. Although the collar has the waterproof formula it will fade a bit every time you bath your dog. Also, its effect will fade when the dog gets in the pool with the collar.

Having said that, the Bayers’ product has the instructions of not bathing the dog more than once a month. Also, it instructs to keep the dog from getting the pool more than once a month. It will lead to having the effects of collar last for seven months and five months respectively.


Coming to the factor that you should thoroughly check while getting the Bayer Seresto dog collar. There are two different Seresto dog collars which focus on different weight category of dogs.

The two types of dog flea collars from Seresto are meant for all the pooches. Firstly, one collar is suitable for the pooches weighing less than 18 pounds. Whereas, another collar is suitable for the pooches weighing more than 18 pounds.

Hence, you will have a clear indication in the box to see if the Seresto you are looking will be suitable for your Fido or not. Additionally, the two types of flea collars is not a provision from the makers but the dosage.

The collar meant for the smaller pooches will have a limited amount of ingredients. On the other hand, the collar for the larger pooch will have a serious amount of composition.

Hence, using the Seresto small dog collar for the large dog will not do any good to the dog suffering from an infestation. Similarly, if you use the seresto large dog collar for the small pooch things will go South. The smaller pooch can even develop rashes on the skin which due to overdose.

Finally, the dog should have the Seresto collar which is meant for his weight. It will not only kill/repel the flea infestations effectively but also will not lead to side effects.

Is Seresto Safe?

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The Seresto flea collars come in two different variants. It basically has the dosage/composition made for the smaller and larger dogs respectively.

Therefore, when we are applying the Seresto dog collar on the dog who does not have any skin sensitivities then the collar is completely safe. Whereas when your Fido is an allergen or sensitive towards something then the collar can pose some risk.

The risk of applying the flea collar is negligible compared to other flea control methods!

In fact, removing the flea collar is always an option when you do not find a reduction in the infestations(collar takes more time for severe infestations).

Hence, the using the Seresto collars is the safest option you can use to clear the parasitic infestations. Make sure, you use the Seresto small dog collar for pooches weighing less than 18 pounds. And, use the Seresto large dog collar for the dogs weighing more than 18 pounds.

Features and Reviews of the Seresto Dog Collar

Let us see the features of Seresto dog collar, it will include all the functioning features of the collar.

More or less, you should consider these features as the factors for buying any dog flea collar. In fact, you can use this section as a reference for finding any other product which suits your dog the most.

Having said that, you can see all the factors which govern the use of the Seresto flea collars.

Acting Time

Starting with the first feature of the Seresto dog collar i.e. acting time. Generally, the parasite killing effects will take some time after you put the collar on the dog’s neck.

Hence, the time span between tying the collar on dog’s neck and initiation of parasite killing action is called action time. Lesser the action time better the results, it means the dog can get relief from the infestations in less time.

Having said that, this collar has two hours of action time which is quite impressive. In fact, it can clear all the external parasitic infestations by 48 hours after applying the collar.

Lasts Long

This feature is related to the previous one, the Seresto collar will stand apart from most of the collars. As the matter of fact, the collar will last for a long period only if you take care of water.

The makers of the collars state that in ideal conditions the collar lasts for 8 months. However, the statement is not wrong because the seresto flea collars will last for that period only if you keep your dog indoors. In addition to that, you will have to take the -collar away before your Fido gets damp.

On the contrary, the collar will last for at least six months when you bath your dog once a month. In fact, the collar will last for six months if you have a guard dog exposed to woods.

Effective for Parasitic Infestations

seresto flea collar reviews

Next comes the factor is related to the parasitic killing action, which parasites collar can kill/repel?

The Seresto dog collar is the versatile parasite killing collar. It can instantly start killing the flea and tick infestation once you apply the collar on the dog’s neck.

In addition to that, the collar will also kill flea at different lifestage including the adult fleas and larvae. It will kill the larvae despite being cocooned. On the other hand, the flea collar cannot directly destroy the flea eggs.

Nevertheless, the long-lasting effects of the collar will eventually kill the fleas once they hatch out of the eggs. Hence, the, directly and indirectly, the collar will clear the flea infestation. In fact, the Seresto dog collar will clear the tick infestation completely.

Therefore, the apparent dog flea collar will be the best as long as your dog has the flea and tick infestations. On the other hand, this collar will not be enough if your Fido has infestations of other parasites too.

Pros/Cons of Using Seresto Dog Collar

You will find the brief points of the advantages and disadvantages of using the Seresto collar small dog and large dog collar.

  • Fasting acting time is useful for severe infestations.
  • Long lasting parasite-killing action is the best.
  • Easy to apply collar with Seresto collar safety reflecting beads.
  • Useful for types of dogs.
  • Waterproof formula works great for outdoor dogs.
  • Only effective for flea and tick infestations.
  • The Seresto dog collar costs a bit more than other similar products.

The EndNote

Here, we have seen the Seresto dog collar which is not only a popular above average dog flea collar but also Seresto is safe to use. There are some features of this collar making it stand apart from the rest of the flea control collars.

Therefore, the Seresto flea collar is suitable for all the pooches having flea and tick infestations. Whereas, you shall go for other collars if your dog has other parasitic infestations.

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