Sentry Calming Collar Review for Cats | Do They Work?

Sentry calming collar for cats appears to have magical effects. It suddenly gets the mad kitty under control that too, without typical pheromone collar side effects. The apparent pheromone collar consists of a feline socializing pheromone type which helps the cats calm down at any point of time.


Reviewed: Sentry Calming Collar for Cats

cat calming collar


Sentry cat collar is made to get the cats calmer and surprisingly it works well with almost every cat. This is nothing but the magical effects of collar. It is of the powder form which spreads in the environment proximal to the collar all the time.

Having said that, a pheromone is now a compound that cats secrete naturally. In fact, cats use a pheromone on the objects around their environment, furniture, other cats, humans. In this manner, whenever they come across any smell of pheromone, they feel secure and calm.

Not to mention, the pheromone collar cat is the most useful element for the kittens. Since kittens cannot open their eyes for about 2 weeks, they get startled when any movement takes place. In fact, their own mother can frighten them.

Nevertheless, mother cats secrete pheromones which eventually helps the kitten calm down. It ensures safe-feeling in them.

Basically, pheromones are ectohormones which alter the social behavior in like animal species. However, there are different types of pheromones which include food-hunt, social, sexual call, etc. pheromones.

Hence, when we talk about the Sentry cat calming collar then we mean the social pheromone. It acts like a cat calming agent which people tend to use it for the spayed cats or the cats with unpredictable moods.

Working of Sentry Cat Calming Collar

This section is a continuation of the theory which we have started in the previous section. Here, we shall describe the working of a pheromone collar for cats in brief.

Moreover, when you have your cat wear this Sentry cat calming collar he/she will keep getting the pheromone collar dose in the air continuously. Hence, your cat definitely will start keeping calm wherever he loiters. In fact, it will control the uncontrollable behavior of the cat i.e. scratching, urinating, marking, meowing, anxiety, etc. Yes, this is a calming cat collar to stop peeing habit.

In the same manner, when your cat goes around other cats they too will not freak out unnecessarily. Therefore, you would have taken care of your cat as well as the other cats getting close to your cat. Similarly, if you happen to own multi-cats then prefer getting a cat collar for each of them.

Calming Cat Collar Ingredients

The Seresto cat collar consists of pheromone in a little ratio along with major inert elements. As a matter of fact, it will comprise of the fragrance elements in it as well. Having said that, the apparent cat collar from Sentry has the flavor of lavender and chamomile fragrance.

About Sentry Calming Collar

Here, we have the legit Sentry cat collar review. This product is undoubtedly the best cat collar in the market. You will even find over a thousand Sentry calming collar for cats reviews, unlike any other cat calming collar. This shows the popularity and certainty of the Sentry similar to the Feliway collar.

This collar weighs 10 grams and surprisingly has the formula that lasts for a month’s time. It will keep your cat just relaxed all the time. Also, this collar will keep your cat safe form another cat who might get uncontrollable.

Not to mention, this Sentry cat collar is very useful when your cat has a litter of her own. Because the pheromone collar cat will help the kitten feel safe when their mother gets around them.

The Downside

In contrast to the effects of this collar that the manufacturer promises, it is not as effective in the pheromones collars for cats reviews. There are few users who have reported this product to have no effects on their cats.

We can understand that none of the product is going to have the best effects on every cat. The cat pheromone collars are meant to cure the anxiety, aggression, and other behavioral traits of the cats differently. Having said that, this product just manages to get positive feedback from half of its buyers.

The number of actual people appreciating this calming cat collar is just about half of the buyers. So, if you ask, the calming collar for cats do they work? There are about one-third of people who did find this cat collar ineffective.

The Brighterside

The Sentry cat collars might not be effective for all the cats depending on their habilitation environment, body, etc. if you are asking do calming collars for cats work! On the other hand, the Sentry cat collar is not a calming collar for cats side effects either.

Therefore, it is worth a try before getting to any conclusion about this product as there is no calming collar for cats side effects. Because Sentry collars have done wonder to the uncontrollable cats.

Merits and Demerits of Using Sentry Cat Collar

Here are the positive and negative points of the calming collar for cats reviews in brief.

  • Sentry cat collars comprise of lavender and chamomile.
  • This is a subtle pheromone cat collar suitable for every cat.
  • Economical Sentry cat collar makes this deal pleasing for buyers.
  • Calming cat collar lasts 30 days.
  • It is a lightweight cat collar weighing about 10 grams.
  • A collar is easy to put on and off the cat’s neck.
  • No cat pheromone collar side effects. It is pheromone collar for cat along with inert ingredients.
  • Few users have not found Sentry cat collar effective.
  • The collar can spill the powder on the cat during the initial few days.


Now, you know the delicacies and strengths reading the Sentry calming collar reviews. It is up to you to choose the best for your cat during the urgency.

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