Nutra Thrive for Dogs Reviews – Worth The Price?

Want to know the FACTS about Nutra Thrive For Dogs? Is it worth it or not?

Dogs are man’s best friends. Certainly, their diet is our responsibility. But, can you only rely on dog food for their nutritional fulfillment?

As much as I love cats, my brother loves dogs. Jake, that’s his 4-year-old Golden Retriever. Retrievers are known to be voracious eaters. Although, Jake started showing odd signs when I visited him a few weeks back. Loss of appetite and bouts of diarrhea, there was nothing wrong with his food. My brother usually gives him the Royal Canin Golden Retriever Dry Dog Food along with Purina Probiotic Dog Supplement.

Earlier, I prepared a review of Nutra Thrive for Cats Since I have tried the Nutra Thrive Supplement for my kitty, I suggested my brother try their canine nutritional supplement for Jake’s sake. The dog supplement has worked wonders. Jake has never felt this healthier and my brother has never been happier.

The beneficiary wonders it has shown made me review the Nutra Thrive Canine Nutritional Supplement for all pooch parents. Here’s my take on the product.


Nutra Thrive – Canine Nutritional Supplement (Reviews)

Nutra Thrive for Dogs

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Nutra Thrive offers the complete Canine Nutritional Supplement which is an optimal blend of over 40 nutrients designed carefully for your dog’s growth, health, and maintenance. This all-natural supplement promises to give your dog a healthier, happier, and better quality of life.

This dog supplement formula by Nutra Thrive makes it convenient to provide powerful probiotics with easily absorbable vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and digestive enzymes to your pet. It is quite easy to scoop, prepare, and serve a bowl full of nutrition and goodness.

The 3-in-1 combination of Superfoods, Super-canine and Probiotic & Enzyme Blend supports your dog’s immune system, streamlines digestion, and helps them live a better life.

Nutra Thrive for dogs helps maintain a balance between good and bad bacteria which leads to improved digestion, better oral health and also promotes complete absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body.

The Probiotic Blend which includes strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus, Spirulina & Chlorella has majorly helped our Retriever, Jake deal with digestive issues by maintaining a balance between the good and bad bacteria. Not only that, his coat looks shinier and fuller. Many users also reported reduced skin allergies in their dogs.

The bacon-flavored formula boosts your dog’s condition and gives visible results. Although, if your dog does not like it, they offer a guaranteed return of Nutra Thrive for dogs supplement and refund policy within 3 months from the date of purchase.

How to Use

Nutra Thrive is available as a package of 1,3 and 6 jars. There are feeding instructions provided at the back of each jar as per your dog’s weight. A single jar would cost you around $66.99 and it has 30 scoops.

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Each scoop weighs approximately around 3.8g. This can suffice for a month. Although, if your dog weighs over 50 lbs, each jar would suffice for approximately 15-20 days as you may have to feed 2 scoops (7.6g) in a day.

Just sprinkle the supplement scoop wise on your dog’s favorite wet or dry food. Mix it well to coat it onto the food kibbles along with water. Your power-packed meal is ready to serve.


Fortified with 23 Vitamins and Minerals, 9 superfoods, 4 digestive enzymes, and 4 Probiotics with ZERO additives, fillers or artificial ingredients, a thoroughly game-changing blend

This advanced, delicious, bacon-flavored canine formula has all-natural grain-free ingredients. It also provides a 3-in-1 combination of Superfoods, Super Canine, and Probiotic and Enzyme Blend along with Calcium Fructoborate and essential amino acids.

Nutra THrive for Dogs - Superfood, Supercanine, Probiotic, and enzyme blend

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Superfoods Blend

This blend comprises a mix of Reishi or the ‘longevity’ mushroom along with Shittake and Maitake mushrooms. They help in boosting immunity and overall health. Additionally, the blend also has carrots, Spirulina and Chlorella spp. of bacteria which are the good ‘gut bacteria’ helping in digestion.

Super Canine Blend

The Super Canine Vitamin and Mineral blend has Engevita GSH Glutathione Inactive Yeast. It helps in protecting the liver against oxidative stress. The essential vitamins and minerals like zinc, folic acid, biotin, manganese, calcium, riboflavin, etc. help in supporting the muscles, teeth, and bones and are easily absorbable.

The Super Canine Blend also has this unique Crominex 3+ Complex. It helps in maintaining bone health and relieve arthritic pain.

Probiotic and Enzyme Blend

The probiotic and enzyme blend has a combination of microbial strains namely Enterococcus faecium and Lactobacillus acidophilus. These are present in the intestine and aid in the production of lactic acid and amylase. Lactic acid and amylase enhance the breakdown and digestion of carbohydrates.

Lactobacillus casei is a natural strain of bacteria found in the urinary tract and complements the growth of acidophilus strains while Lactobacillus Plantarum acts as a starter probiotic to enhance better digestion. Strains are present as 2 Billion CFU per 3.8g (1 scoop)

Coming to the enzyme blend, it consists of amylase, lipase, papain, and protease. These enzymes aid in the breakdown and absorption of complex carbohydrates, fats, and complex proteins, respectively.

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Other Ingredients

Other Ingredients in Nutra Thrive for Canines

Calcium fructoborate present as FruiteX-B Blend is a natural sugar borate ester. Borate is naturally obtained from fruits and vegetables. Boron helps in the absorption and digestion of Vitamin D, helping in bone development.

L-Methionine and L-Arginine are amino acids that convert ammonia to less toxic forms and help in hair and dog coat development.


Nutra Thrive helps your dog live a quality life and feel their spunky self, a supplement that is one of its kind

The selectively blended and combined formula consists of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzymes and immunity enhancing superfoods. This blend supports your dog’s immune system, streamlines their digestion, and helps them live a long and healthy life.

Nutra Thrive is designed for any dog, irrespective of their size, age, breed, etc and makes them feel more energized. It is finely powdered, easy to use and blends with any wet or dry dog food.

Your dog will not have to bear the stress of changing its food as it can easily get the optimum amount of nutrition it needs to absorb from its meal. Nutrition fortified with the taste of real-bacon.

The real query: Is it worth the price?

My answer to that would be a YES. Let me tell you why.

Each jar of Nutra Thrive will cost you around 66.99 USD, a package of 3 jars will cost you 188.97 USD and 6 jars will cost you 356.95 USD. This means, more the number of jars you buy, more you save and not worry about stocking up on Nutra Thrive for a long time.

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Now, after calculating is it worth paying around $62-$66 for 15-20 days if your dog weighs over 50 lbs?

The answer to that would also be a ‘YES’. Since I also checked for other nutritional supplements in the market and have used Purina Pro Plan Probiotic Dog Supplement. They are fairly priced for their nutritive content but do not provide a unique combination of 4 comprehensive and nutritive blends present in Nutra Thrive Canine Supplement for Dogs.

Any dog lover who wants to provide the best quality nutrition to their pet would not feel the pinch as it is fairly priced and delivers its promise. Nutra Thrive is worth every penny.



Clearly, several dog nutritional supplements around town may cost you less and claim to provide optimum nutrition to your pet, but that is just not enough. What matters is the absorption of those components and whether they are helping your pet enhance their overall health or not.

Any dog parent or dog lover would not want to compromise on their pet’s health. As a pet lover and pet expert, I chose and highly recommend Nutra Thrive Canine Nutritional Supplement by Ultimate Pet Nutrition.

The unique combination of the nutritive blends along with an amazing bacon flavor and easy to mix, grain-free powder makes it stand out from the rest.

Hail to glory doggies!!

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