10 Must-Have Pet Products For Your City Pets

Getting a new pup home and wondering what to buy? Or are you moving to a new city and looking for the right pet products to adjust to your new city life?

Well, finding the perfect products for your dog can be a blast, but it can also be nerve-wracking. A walk through any pet store or a supermarket’s pet aisle is enough to confuse you with the wide range of toys, foods, treats, and plush beds that are available. It will drive you to splurge every dollar in your pocket.

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But don’t you worry; I have got you covered. This fine list of top 10 must-have pet products for your city pet dog will save your day.


Collar, Leash and ID Tag

It is a part of your daily routine to take your dog on a walk and train him to be obedient. This isn’t possible without a collar around his neck and a leash attached to it. It is further important that the collar has an identification tag, which will contain all your details.

Ensure that the collar is neither too tight nor too loose—you should be able to fit two fingers between your dog’s neck and the collar.

Pee Pads

Living in a multiple-story apartment and dreading the idea of going all the way down to let your dog do his business? Or is your dog too old with an overactive bladder? Then pee pads are a perfect solution for you to avoid this hassle. They do not just save your sanity, but also your floor and carpets.


If you are bringing a pup home, it is imperative to carry your little one in a crate, especially when visiting the vet. Apart from safety and security, it can also be used to housetrain him.

You can find hard-sided crates or travel carriers made of plastic, fiberglass, and stainless steel. It should be big enough for your dog to stand in, lie down, stretch and turn around. You can also fit a soft cushion or a blanket, making it a warm and cozy den for your pup to snuggle in.

Pet Camera

Traveling away from your home on a business trip and worried about your dog being home alone? An indoor camera can help you monitor your pet with 24/7 live streaming. Some products also come with a speaker and a microphone. This way, if your dog starts barking in distress, you can soothe him with your voice.

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Food and Water Dispenser

If you need to travel out of the city and have no one to drop by and feed your dog, food and water dispenser can save you. There are some products in which you can schedule the dispensing time on its app or simply dispense the food live. You can also find self-dispensing products, where you do not need to control it and let gravity take its course for filling the bowl.

Some of these dispensers also come with an inbuilt camera, motion sensors, speakers and microphone.


It is difficult to take your dog to the park every day when you are living the city life. But your dog needs to remain active even when you are busy or away. Whether it is a stuffed toy or a fetching toy, dogs love to keep themselves entertained with something. You should also consider buying him a chew toy to satisfy his need to gnaw.

There are also some games that are designed to sharpen their thinking ability and dispense treats as rewards for completing a certain task.

Be sure that the toy is pet-friendly, and you’re good to go.

Grooming Supplies

In terms of pet care, you should regularly get your dog washed, combed, brushed, and have his nails clipped, ears cleaned and teeth brushed. Be sure to keep a comb, blow dryer, nail clippers, scissors, shampoo, cotton balls and ear cleaning solution at home.

Even though you can always take your pet to the groomer, keeping a few basic grooming supplies will save you during emergencies. Also, keep a pet hair remover to get rid of the fur your dog has shed on your carpets and furniture.


cat treats

Everyone loves to be rewarded, and so does your little buddy. Treats are a great way of not just rewarding your dog, but also bonding with him. Apart from rewarding him for being a good boy when you were away or when he was well-behaved, it will also help you train him better.

Poop Refill Bags

When you’re taking your dog out for a walk in a city, and he does his business on the way, you can avoid a fine of around $500( depending on the city) by filling his poop in a refill bag. The best choice for these bags is the compostable ones—they are not just eco-friendly but are also scent-proof, locking the stench inside for good.

All you need to do is fill it, tie it and enjoy the walk with your four-legged partner.

First Aid Kit

Speaking of ensuring the best care for city pets, it is essential to have a first aid kit handy for your dog. It should have your pet’s vaccination and medical records, hydrogen peroxide, gauze, scissors, tape, cotton, wet wipes, towel, and medications.

When buying medications for your pet, you should consider consulting one among the best and top-rated vets in your area. To make your hunt easier, Great Vet has got you covered with the best. It has a comprehensive list of the top-rated vets in your area—find all the nearest vets with the help of your zip code, and voila! You and your buddy have just found your perfect vet!

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These were some of the best products and ways to ensure pet care when living in a city such as Chicago or Atlanta. They are surely going to keep your dog’s tail wagging with delight!

So, which pet product are you buying today?

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