The Most Underrated Reason for Shedding in Dogs! – Flea Infestation

Dogs shed many times a year depending ultimately on their breed. They shed naturally to control body heat from building due to their fur. In the same manner, we consider many reasons for shedding in dogs but the flea infestations. Moreover, fleas, scabies, tick infestation are responsible for shedding in dogs more than any other reason.

We have described shedding in dogs due to parasitic infestation and the methods to avoid it.

Shedding in Dogs

dog shedding due to flea infestation

In general, shedding in dogs can mean a lot of things including the natural shedding. Yes, dogs do shed without even seasonal extremities. Adding to the fact, some dog breeds will shed a lot more than the others. Whereas, some dogs do not shed until they are sick or infested.

Not to mention, shedding in dogs is mostly associated with a natural process. Whereas, fur loss in dogs is the result of some diseases or allergies.

In the same manner, fleas are responsible for causing fur loss more than we could expect. In fact, it often leads to the development of other diseases.

Most Underrated Reason for Shedding in Dogs

reason for shedding in dogs

As we mentioned, dogs can shed profusely during the flea infestation or allergies. The process of scratching the irritated skin. It can lead them to pull off a lot more fur than their normal shedding rate.

In fact, during the severe infestation, a dog can even bite off his fur while trying to bite the irritated skin.

The process of a flea infestation can lead to many diseases if not cured completely soon. When we say cured, we mean treating the dog with flea control pills, repellent, or topical medicines. Along with that, treating the whole house with the flea repellent or spray.

The dog can only be free from fleas if the environment is free from fleas. Because the fleas can infest your Fido again if you treat him and not the environment. Fleas can lay eggs at all the places including your dog, furniture, lawn, garden, etc.

Methods to Avoid Shedding in Dogs

When we consider flea infestation as the primary result which leads to shedding in dogs then taking care of the infestation becomes our priority.

Therefore, preventing the infestation will directly lead to preventing the shedding in dogs.

Having said that, there are many methods to use against the flea infestation. Also, you do not need a professional assistance to take these precautionary measures. You can choose to go for the method which will keep your dog as well as his environment free of fleas.

Starting with the flea repellent sprays, you shall sprinkle the flea repellent in your yard, lawn, garden, etc. It will not only kill the existing fleas but also keep the new fleas from reaching there as well.

On the other hand, you shall use the same flea repellent to treat your home. Because every tangible object of your house can have flea-colonies.

Furthermore, there are some options you need to consider while choosing the flea control for your dog. You can either go with the flea repellent spray, flea control pills, or topical meds.

All these treatments will control the infestation according to their efficiency. To simplify the selection of products, you shall first check the weight of your pooch and then see the infestation severity.

Topical meds are capable of curing the severe infestations on dogs that too, just by getting on contact with the fleas. Fleas will not have to bite the host for getting affected by the flea meds.

On the contrary, you can use the sprays or flea control pills during mild infestation. It can easily repel or kill the fleas and are suitable for the sensitive/allergic pooches.

The EndNote

Shedding in dogs is common but fur loss is not an acceptable phenomenon in any way. Hence, taking the preventative measures for flea infestation is necessary.

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