Dog Training Mistakes to Avoid

Owning a pet dog is a big responsibility. You should always understand that you are responsible for another life. A pet is more than a loyal companion because it will make your life easier and more comfortable.

Often, people are scared of committing to this responsibility. It has been common for many first-time pet owners to abandon their pets when taking care of them gets too challenging.

 a dog walking on a harness

If you want to make sure that your pets will be in good hands under your supervision, here are some of the dog training mistakes that you should avoid:


Not Realizing Dog Training is Important

There are dog owners that treat their pets as their kids. While it is perfectly okay, this “honeymoon stage” can quickly fade, particularly when dogs become unruly or messy.

Why does this happen? Because you mistakenly thought that training your pet was not necessary. Untrained dogs can chew on your furniture, shoes, and other things. They can pee and poop everywhere in your home, or they can be aggressive and bite another person as soon as you let them out.

If your dog attacks and injures someone, you will need to deal with the legal and financial consequences, which can be far more severe than you imagine, as this website details. You may be responsible for long-term medical bills and other damages.

Delaying Training

Training your dog is essential, it’s best to start training your dog while they are still young. There are many options for training that can fit your lifestyle.

You should set boundaries for your pet immediately. For example, you should quickly call them out if they pee on your carpet so that they won’t do it again. Delegating a space where they can do their deeds should be on top of your priority when training your dog.

Inconsistent Training Sessions

Owning a dog requires commitment and dedication. This is particularly true when you are training them. You have to make sure that you dedicate time in your schedule when you can train your dog.

As much as possible, most of your interactions with your dog should involve training. Being inconsistent with your training sessions can result in frustration, not only for you but also for your dog. Be consistent and committed.

Nagging Your Dog

Another common mistake dog owners make when it comes to training their dog would be command nagging. When your dog cannot respond after two attempts, it is tempting to keep repeating the command until they follow.

stop nagging your dog with commands

When this happens, your dog’s training would be to listen to your command after you’ve mentioned it several times. When giving a command, repeat it only twice and then give it a rest if they don’t provide you with attention.

Don’t be frustrated. Give your dog some time to process and react to your commands.

Thinking All Dogs are the Same

If this new dog is not your first dog, you may be tempted to use the training strategies you had for your first pet. Not all dogs are alike. Dogs have different personalities, and you’ll need to adjust.

For example, a smart collie bred to work might be more attentive to its training than a naturally-independent husky. So, you have to adapt your strategies. You can be successful with it if you research your dog’s behavior and temperament.

Forcing Training Schedule

While it is good to have a carefully planned out training plan for your dog, you still have to be flexible. You have to factor in a lot of things, such as your dog’s health, mood, and present state.

a black dog in a backyard

The same goes for you as a trainer. If you are in a bad mood or feeling under the weather, it is best to postpone the training for another day. Forcing it will not do you or your dog any good.

You should always think about the welfare of your dog when training. If you’ve had a bad day, skip the training and play with your dog. Playing catch would surely improve your mood and help bond with your dog.

Training a dog can be frustrating. It is pretty common to see pet owners completely abandon training their dogs and just deal with the consequences. But, you have to realize that it isn’t healthy at all.

Keep in mind that dogs can bring more joy into your life when properly trained.

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