How to Make a Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder – Simple DIY Techniques

Bird feeding is similar to achieving Nirvana especially when you watch the small cardinals, sparrows, titmice, etc. cling upside-down. Moreover, these birds will find one or the other sources to feed on. However, with increasing loss of habitat, these birds apparently dwell around human civilizations. Not to mention, squirrels who steal all their food. Keep reading further to know about the squirrel nuisance and remedies.


Squirrel Nuisance

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platform bird feeder
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Every American is aware of the nuisance of squirrels and almost impossible to avoid squirrels in your backyard. Additionally, many of us have experienced the adversities because of little chipmunks, or squirrels.

Nuisance from Other Birds

Having said about the squirrel nuisance, there is a bit left to add regarding the bigger birds nuisance. The Jays, Orioles, Pigeons, Doves, etc. are the bully birds that always scatter off the tiny birds to eat their seeds. Hence, it becomes important to keep both of these unwanted diners away from the bird feeder.

Methods to Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Here are some of the effective methods to make the best squirrel proof bird feeder. On the contrary, going with the readymade bird feeder plans is advisable because of its reliability.

However, here are some of the brilliant ideas to make the bird feeder squirrel proof. Also, building a DIY bird feeder yourself will become easier.

Positioning the Feeder

This is the first method you can use to make it impossible for squirrels to get to the feeder. Generally, squirrels have an unparalleled agility and energy. However, there are limits to it too. Squirrels could not jump vertically more than 5 feet from ground/base. Additionally, they cannot cross more than 7 feet distance horizontally i.e. from one tree to another, etc. Finally, they would not free fall on to the feeder from more than ten feet above from the feeder.

Hence, you shall place the feeder in such a spot where the ground, horizontal spot, and over-head spot will be far from those mentioned.

Spinning Feeders

squirrel buster bird feeder

This is another method of keeping the squirrels away. The spinning feeders have a bottom rail on which the birds can cling and eat. Adding to the fact, this rail has an electrical motor which starts rotating if an overweight subject sits on it i.e. squirrel.

Generally, the feeder shuts the ports and starts spinning the rail pushing the squirrel to fall.

Cage Feeders

cardinal bird feeder

In this type of bird feeder, a wired cage will surround the bird feeder tube. In fact, the cage will have a small gap between its successive wires allowing only small birds to enter. There the bigger birds and squirrels can neither enter the cage nor feed on the seeds.

Dome/Inverted Cone Baffles

anti squirrel bird feeder
window bird feeder

This is the cheapest way to let the cone or done safeguard the bird feeder pole from chipmunks. Moreover, the cones/domes are made of a slippers-smooth material on which squirrels cannot maintain grip. It is the easiest method to squirrel proof bird feeder pole or the bird feeder hangers.

Using Slinky/Baffles

Slinky can do wonders if you put it on the platform bird feeder or any other feeder pole. The slinky is capable of driving the squirrel back to the ground from where it came. In fact, you can also go for the baffles.

Spices Keep Squirrels Away

Birds have very few taste buds compared to most mammals. Hence, there will be a negligible sensation upon eating spice food and sensing it hot for birds. Having said that, you can add pepper or other spices to the seeds which will make it impossible to squirrels to feed on.

The EndNote

These were the methods from our side which surely will keep squirrels away as well as the bigger birds. You can always reach out to us in case of any query by commenting your doubt.

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