Indoors or Outdoors – Where Should You Keep Your Dog?

Let’s say your Pup is all grown up and now you’re confused whether to keep him indoors or outdoors. This problem can typically arise if you have a house with a spacious outdoor place. Else maybe you’re having a dispute with your spouse whether to keep the dog in or not. Whatever reason there is, we need to take a decision that benefits our pet the most.

So here we are, to help you make the right decision with our well-curated article about possible benefits and drawbacks of keeping the dog indoors or outdoors.


Should You Keep the Dog Outdoors?

chaining dog outdoors

Before reaching a verdict, let us go through all the possible aspects of keeping the dog outdoors.

The History

Yes, it’s true that you’ve seen people keeping the dog outdoors in the earlier days. But those dogs were not kept as a homely pet. They were kept mostly as a guard dog or a cattle dog.

In rural areas, they need to have a dog to guard their cattle. But keep in mind that there are specific breeds of such guard dogs, not all the dogs like to spend their life living outside.

Is Keeping a Dog as a Guard a Good Idea?

Well, nowadays when technology is at its peak and a lot of security gadgets are available in the market, it is not advisable to keep a dog just to guard your property.

Moreover, keeping the dog in chains is brutal and should not be allowed. Dogs require affection and attention from their owners and cannot deliver any output if kept apart.

A Pack Animal

Dogs have always been pack animals. They live in a pack and have their own territory. If you keep the dog closer to you and your family, he will consider you as a part of his pack.

On the other hand, keeping the dog outside for most of the time will cause issues. He might refuse to get any command from you. Furthermore, if conditions are worse, he might think the outdoors as his own territory and might try to harm anyone he would think of as an intruder.

Behavioral Issues

Dogs love to have attention. If not given enough love and affection, they might suffer from separation anxiety and other mental issues. All these mental problems can erupt as behavioral issues such as refusing the owner’s commands, constant barking, being unfriendly towards strangers etc.

Such anger issues of your dog might make the guests and friends afraid to be at your house anymore. Also, people with kids are likely to refuse to be around such dogs.

Chance of Escaping

Dogs are curious creatures, they constantly sniff around their territory and even do possible things to increase its boundaries. A dog bounded in the outdoors of the house will possibly try to escape the walls.

Sometimes while chasing a squirrel or some odor can encourage the dog to follow them over the boundaries of your house. If this ever happens, it can cause problems for you and the people in the neighborhood.

Cause Trouble for Neighbourhood

A dog suffering from separation anxiety is likely to bark a lot. Many working people, who leave their dogs outside are not even aware that their dog barks a lot causing disturbance for the whole neighborhood. Well you do not want the neighbors to call the cops, do you?

Things to Keep in Mind

Regardless, if you decide to keep the dog outdoors, do keep these things in mind without fail.

  • Make sure to bathe your dog frequently, this will help the dog to stay clean and away from any infections.
  • Provide a source of water for him.
  • Do not chain the poor animal. Because in longer time this will result in behavior issues as discussed above.
  • Keep the fences as high as possible to keep him from escaping.
  • Make sure that you and other people interact with him frequently, this will keep him reminding that you are a part of his pack.
  • Take him for walks regularly.
  • Give him a shelter or dog house that can save him from all the bad weather conditions such as rains, cold, heat, storm etc.

Benefits of Keeping the Dog Indoors

Here are some interesting benefits of keeping the dog indoors.

Social Stimuli

people friendly dog indoors

Keeping the dog inside of the house means that he is interacting and bonding with all the people in the house. Considering them as a part of his pack, the dog will always protect them. In fact, keeping the dog close to your children can be helpful for your dog to be calm around any new person outside the house. The dog will build his own social skills of behaving around new people.

Protection from Germs

Being away from dusty environment means the dog will come around fewer germs and parasites. The clean environment inside the house will help your dog to be germ-free and be less prone to any diseases.

Cleaner Fur

Every time you take your dog out for a walk, how dirty does he come back? If you do not like the way he looks after nesting into dirt and mud, well, you do not want to keep him out. Keeping him outdoors means he will always be that dirty throughout the day. The dog that lives indoors will have cleaner fur and will cost less of your time to clean him up.

Joint Health

Being outdoors, the hard surface of the floor is going to make your dog more susceptible to joint and bone diseases. He might often get bruises on his body because of the friction from the rough surface.

Being indoors, the dog will not have to sleep on the rough surface and it will be less painful to his bones and joints.

Safety from Bad Weather

Being in the same environment as you, the dog will not have to suffer from bad weather and will be safe from any unwanted weather conditions. He will be safe from storms, rains, chilly winds, and harsh sun rays.


Keeping a pet, all you seek for is a good companionship between you two. Keeping him around you while you’re busy watching tv or socializing on your mobile phones, you will always be able to talk to him and take care of him regardless.

Looking After Your Dog’s Health

Having the dog close to you means you will be petting him very often. As a result, you will notice any skin disease or health problem sooner. Being chained outdoors, you are less likely to notice any change in his body or health.

Health Benefits for Yourself

Yes, keeping the dog close to you has its own benefits for you. Studies suggest that people that live with a pet indoors are less susceptible to infections.

Possible Drawbacks

dog on sofa indoors

  • You will always have to be the in charge of the dog, whether keeping him indoors or outdoors. Failing at this might make your dog behave more uncontrollably and not accepting your commands. A case that’s more often seen with people who sleep with their dog on the same bed.
  • Another drawback can be more dog furs and dirt in the house and drool on the sofa.
  • You will have to give proper toilet training to your dog. Maintain a habit of taking him for a walk at least two times a day you won’t face a problem.
  • Not giving the dog enough exercise can turn into destructive behavior.

Whether keeping the dog outside or inside completely depends on the preference of the guardian. Though the only thing to keep in mind is the comfort, safety, and health of your dog. Since your choice will directly affect the behavior and lifespan of your pet. Thus we strongly suggest you make a wise choice and give your canine the best life that he deserves.

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