All You Need to Know About Cat Litter – Natural Alternatives & More

Lately, Cat litters have been a topic of discussion among cat owners. The commercial cat litter may not be a very safe option for your cat or even the environment.


Harmful Effects of Commercial Cat Litter

Sodium bentonite in the cat litter can be inhaled by the cat while they dig into their litter. This may result in lung problems or even asthma in the cats. The cats may even ingest the litter which may prove fatal. The cat paws may even develop sores from contact with these chemicals.

Silica-based litter is another alternative which again is dangerous. It may cause lung problems the felines.

Besides the cats, the litter is dangerous for the environment as well. These type of litters are produced from strip milling which is a destructive process for the environment. This littler is not decomposable and thus used in landfills.

What Is the Ideal Cat Litter

While choosing an alternative for cat litter, it is important to keep a few points in mind. There are a few features which must be present in a good litter.


It involves combining the litter with cat urine to form hard lumps. This makes it easy to be cleaned and scooped out. Clumping can also decrease the amount of odor.


Controlling the odor should be the top priority of any cat owner. Even cats tend to stop using their litter boxes if there is an odor.


Dust is another issue which arises with cat litter. It gets tracked around the house with the cat’s paws and causes a mess.

Natural Cat Litter Alternatives

We do have some natural alternatives for cat litter which are easy to prepare and safe to use.


Wheat litter is a nice alternative as it is completely harmless. It is biodegradable which is great for the environment. It does not contain any chemicals and is safe for your cat as well. Processed wheat is used which forms clumps when its wet. It has a natural smell which is again a plus point.


Corn cat litter is another hit among cat owners who prefer natural litter. It clumps really well. However, there is more tracking with corn litter and it does not control odor. However, you can add pine to it for a natural fragrance.


Newspaper or simple paper is one of the easiest ways to make a natural cat litter. The newspaper will need to be shred in order to be used as litter. It is a great way of recycling paper as well. However, a paper may not be very good with clumping and odor control for the simple reason that it is only paper.


Walnut shells are another option which can be used as a natural litter. They aren’t toxic and clump really well. It controls the odor fairly well too. However, the issue with this type of littler is that it causes a lot of dust. Cat owners generally complain of dust getting everywhere around the house and in the cat’s paws as well.

The Endnote

Although, we came up with a few ways to make natural cat litters each has its pros and cons. The main issue with these is the dust which gets everywhere around the house. This, however, can be vacuumed and should not come in way of your natural litters.

The litters should be properly disposed and you should avoid flushing them as they can cause clogs and blockages in the sewer lines.

It is always a better option to switch to a natural litter and try a few and see which one works the best for your cat.

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