Great Ways on How to Travel with Your Furry Friends

Having your furry friend with you while traveling will definitely increase the fun. You will be able to enjoy your time without worrying about who will take care of them and feed them. However, there is a lot of work that needs to be done before taking your pet with you on the road or plane to ensure their safety and comfortability. Listed below are a few helpful tips on how to travel with your furry friends.

dog peeking out of the car window


How to travel with your furry friends

Here are some tips for you to travel with your furry friends safely and conveniently.

Buying a crate

If you’re willing to travel with your furry friends, then purchasing a crate is a must. There are a lot of affordable and efficient ones that you can get. Crates are great for puppies on the go and allow you to control its size according to your puppy’s height and weight. When your puppy grows, you’ll be able to resize it again without the need to buy a new one.

Crates are not only great while traveling but also as a bed for your puppy. However, before traveling, you should crate train your puppy and make sure that it’s comfortable in it. One way to do this is to leave the crate open in the house with treats in it, so your pet can explore it and familiarize itself with it.


Some pets do well on the road without any medications, but others may not be comfortable. If your furry friend doesn’t like being in a car for a long time, you can ask the veterinarian for a sedative. Before giving your pet any medication, make sure that it doesn’t have any side effects first, and never give them something that hasn’t been okayed by your vet.

Ways to ensure a safe and comfortable trip with your furry friends

Here are some of the ways to make sure your furry friend is happy and safe.


pet checkup before traveling

Once you decide that you’re going to take your pets with you on your next trip, you will need to do a check-up before traveling to guarantee that they’re in good shape to travel. A visit to the vet is required, preferably at a minimum of ten days before traveling, to make sure that your pet is up to date when it comes to vaccination and flea preventions. If you’re traveling by plane, then a health certificate will be needed. However, it’s preferable to have all the required documents with you even if you’re not traveling by plane to avoid any hassles.

Short drives

If you’re traveling by car, then you should make sure that your pet is totally comfortable with long rides and will not get sick. A few weeks before traveling, get your pet in the car, and drive with them for a while. Short drives are important before traveling as it familiarizes your pet with the car’s motion.

Taking your furry friends on your next trip can be a great experience for you and them, but before going, you’ll need to follow the tips we mentioned to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience and avoid any problems on the road. Just remember that some pets may not be comfortable in a crate or a carrier; that’s why it’s essential to introduce these to your pet a few weeks before traveling.

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