How To Show Your Pet You Love Them

Recent behavioral research took the world by shock when it showed that dogs don’t like hugs. While hugging is the most common way to show affection to another human being, pets feel threatened and overpowered when you take all their personal space with a hug. Feeding your furry friend nice things and keeping them healthy are also some of the ways people show their love to their beloved pets. However, these five tricks may express your love louder than words:


1. Pamper Your Pet Physically

Dogs may not like hugs, but they definitely enjoy the human touch. Just like human beings, pets interpret a gentle touch as love. Rubbing the top of their head and behind their ears makes them melt into a fury ball.

A boy pampering a pup

Cats and dogs often lean in on your legs when you are standing up to show affection. It would help if you reciprocated immediately by leaning in on them too, rubbing their head gently or squatting to pet them a little bit.

2. Get Them The Gadgets They Need

We are not talking about technology-based gadgets, but items your pet needs to stay safe and healthy. For instance, if you have a dog, get them a frisbee and play catch to keep them active and healthy. Having fun together is a sure way to show your pet that you love them.

Small mammals, on the other hand, will appreciate a large wheel in their cage, but they will also love a nice warm place to sleep. Most small mammals like hedgehogs are nocturnal, so sleeping in a cold cage is not the best option.

pet treat camera

Even on hot days, you must think about how cooling your house will affect your small mammal, so you don’t freeze your little buddy.

3. Invest In A Relationship-based Training

Training a pet is more than just giving commands and expecting a response. It’s a way to bond with your pet and become partners so you can effectively communicate.

While positive reinforcement training works just fine, a relationship-based practice cements the bond between the two of you. A trainer will help you train your pet in a way that you both enjoy and have fun.

4. Groom Them

Do you know how you feel when someone is taking care of your hair at the salon or giving you a pedicure? Pets enjoy some tender loving care just like you. Not only does grooming leave the pet clean and fresh, but it also allows the two of you to bond.

brush your cat

Instead of taking the pet to a salon every time, do the grooming yourself once in a while. Wash them gently, comb their hair, trim it, and spend some quality time getting clean.

the endnote

Every pet deserves and craves to be loved by its owner. However, they may not interpret some of your actions as love. Knowing what language of love your lovely pet understands is the best way to show them love. Besides these five tips, you can also watch the pet and see what makes them happy.

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