How to Keep Your Cat Out of the Christmas Tree This Holiday?

Have you ever heard somebody refer to a person as a “curious cat”? If yes, then you must know the reason behind it. It has originated from the distinctive characteristic of cats. They are always interested in everything new, shiny, or something that makes a noise. One fine example of such an object is, you guessed it right, a brand new Christmas tree.

Keep Cats Out of the Christmas Tree

Holidays are around the corner, and people are eager to be showered with love and loads of presents. But for cat parents, it might feel like a challenge. Along with preparing for the holiday season, they need to find a cat-proof Christmas tree. They need to place and decorate it while keeping their feline pets in mind. Along with that, they also need to protect it. If this gets overwhelming for you every year, we assure you that the upcoming holidays won’t be the same with our useful tips.


Tips on How to Buy a Cat Proof Christmas Tree

1. Go for an artificial tree

You can ditch a real-tree and opt for a store-bought option. Real Christmas trees have pine needles that can cause a health hazard for your cat. You can also spray the artificial tree with some citronella spray as it is successful in repelling them.

2. Buy a Cat Christmas Tree

The best way to distract your cat from the actual Christmas tree is to buy them a smaller version of it. There are various tiny trees available in the market that do not cost a dime. You can decorate it with their shiny toys to make it look more appealing. Amazon has a huge variety of toy Christmas trees like the BOLUO Cat Christmas Tree Toy. Such a toy will successfully distract your cat from the actual tree and decorations.

BOLUO Cat Christmas Tree Toy

Tips on How to Set-up a Cat Proof Christmas Tree

1. Secure it firmly

Cats tend to jump on trees and branches, and this might bring your precious tree wobbling down in front of your guests. You can avoid this by securing it firmly at the top as well as the bottom. You can give it a reliable foundation with the help of a tree holder. If you have the liberty to drill holes on your floor, you can use plywood cardboard of the same width as your tree. Place the tree at the center and mark it. Drill the holes at those particular spots and secure the stand to the plywood floor.

You can also utilize a fishing pole to tie the top of the tree to the anchor on the wall.

2. Place it in an Open Area

Cats take no time in taking a long jump from a piece of furniture or table. To avoid such a flight landing directly on your Christmas tree, keep them away from such upholstery. You must place it in an open area as it reduces the possibilities of your cat pouncing on it.

Tips on How to Decorate a Cat Proof Christmas Tree

1. Decorate the top

As mentioned earlier, cats are attracted to sparkling things. If you place your ornaments at the bottom of the tree or the end of the branches, your cat is bound to jump and grab them. To avoid such a situation, focus on decorating the top half of the tree or the center.

2. Use durable and non-edible ornaments

It is better to use durable ornaments while decorating a Christmas tree while having a cat in the house. You must avoid using glass ornaments that can be broken down easily. Avoid using edible decorations like candy or oreo ornaments. They could result in becoming a choking hazard for your feline friends.

Instead of using pointed hangers or metal hooks, tie the ornaments to the branches. Such hooks can easily injure your cat, so it is better to steer away from using them.

3. Protect them from the lights

Adorning the Christmas tree with decorative lights is something that we look forward to the entire year. It is something that cannot be missed or avoided, so all we can do is protect our cats from those lights.

Place the lights at the top of the tree, basically away from your cat’s reach. Invest in a pet-proof cord protector to avoid your cat from chewing the wires. Do not forget to unplug the wires when your pet is alone at home.

Tips on How to Steer Your Cat Away from the Christmas Tree

After you have bought, set-up, and decorated your Christmas tree, the real challenge begins. It is crucial to keep your felines far away from it. The following tips can help you do so:

1. Spray the Tree

Invest in a store-bought cat deterrent that can repel the cats from coming near the tree. You can also prepare the same in your home by mixing water + orange, lemongrass, or citronella oil.

2. Make it less-decorative

No, we are not asking you to make a bland Christmas tree. But the least you can do is to avoid extra-shiny decorations like tinsels. They not only attract your cat but once swallowed, it can cause grave health issues to your pets. Avoid using poisonous decorations like mistletoe, chocolate, or certain flowers.

Cat Playing with Christmas Tree Lights

3. Cover it with Orange Peels

If you are unable to bear the smell of the deterrent spray, go for orange peels. Put them near the trunk of the tree and see how your cat will avoid going anywhere near it.

4. Aluminum Foil

You can also cover or wrap the trunk of the tree with aluminum foil or tin foil. You can also place the tree on a sheet of foil for maximum protection.

Why Should You Get A Cat Proof Christmas Tree

Cat and Christmas trees go together like Red Bull and milk. Yes, they should be kept miles away from each other. There are so many dangers lingering when cats are kept near a Christmas tree, like the following:

  1. Cats tend to jump on the Christmas trees to grab the branches. This can easily take a long turn and he/she can potentially fall and sustain injuries.
  2. Decorative ornaments like tinsels or sharp embellishments can prove to be a health hazard for your feline.
  3. As cats like to chew on wires, the lights on the tree can electrocute them.
  4. Chewing on tree or pine needles is not only unhealthy but can also cause cuts in the mouth and GI tract, leading to prolonged diseases.
  5. As the tree water has tonnes of pesticides and bacteria, your cat could suffer from digestive issues in case he/she drinks it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Proofing a Christmas Tree

Are Christmas trees toxic to cats?

Christmas trees can turn into a health hazard. As trees can leak sap into the water, it can contain bacteria and fertilizers. If the cat ends up drinking the tree water, it might lead to disastrous consequences.

The oils produced by real trees are mildly toxic. It can cause a minor infection to your feline’s mouth and stomach.

Are pine needles toxic for cats?

Pine needles are not as toxic and your cat would not even try to eat them. But if your cat ends up swallowing a needle, it can lodge itself in his/her intestines and cause irritation or a blockage. So, it is better to clean the floors and vacuum them thoroughly.

How to keep a cat from climbing a tree?

Cover the base of the tree with a foil. This will keep your cats at a distance as they are not fond of its feel. You can also try with human discouragements like clapping your hands loudly if they go near the tree.

How to anchor a Christmas tree?

To prevent your Christmas tree from falling, you must anchor it accurately. Place it in the corner and wrap a fishing line around the trunk. Secure each end with the hooks tied on the wall. In this way, even if your cat jumps on it, it won’t come crashing down.

How do I get my cat to stop eating the fake Christmas tree?

Spray some apple cider vinegar around the tree and on the branches and the trunk. If that doesn’t work, you can mix citronella oil and water and spray it. Such strong smells can easily stop your cats from eating them.

Summing Up

The holiday season is supposed to be about sharing happiness and quality time with your loved ones. Do not waste in getting stressed out about your Christmas tree or your cats. Adhere to the above-mentioned tips and enjoy the festival with your feline companions. Always remember to not shout or use negative techniques. They are a part of your family and treat them so.

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