How to Keep Your Betta Fish Healthy and Happy

Keeping your Betta fish healthy and happy is quite a feat. They are beautiful water denizens, and many people desire them as pets. However, they are also temperamental. If you get your fish in the wrong conditions in your aquarium, it won’t last long. But, don’t let it dissuade you from getting a Betta though. They are lovely fish and can be hearty in the right circumstances.

Orange Betta Fish


Tips To Keep Your Betta Happy and Healthy

Bettas have different behavioral characteristics and that makes them unique and demanding more attention. Following are a few suggestions on how to keep your Betta fish healthy and happy:

1. Don’t Get More Than One Betta at a Time

Bettas like isolation at times. Specifically, don’t put them with other Bettas. They will go head to head with another like-minded fish until their opponent dies. Because of the fact, these fish are also dubbed as Siamese Fighting Fish. If you don’t believe it, then watch what happens when the Betta sees another Betta in a bowl. Of course, buying two fish and putting them together to fight is not desirable. So prefer to get only one Betta at a time.

Even a male Betta can be aggressive towards a female Betta. So if you notice any such behavior do not put a male and female Betta together. Better leave the breeding job on the professionals.

2. Buy Proper Betta Food

A nice fed Betta is definitely a cheerful Betta. You should not give food to Betta that are meant for other types of fish. Bettas usually eat pellets or flakes made by fish, shrimp, dried krill, and a few other vitamins. Soybean or whole wheat flour are also used in other Betta food.

Betta are basically carnivores and they require a high protein diet. You can hence feed your Betta with mosquito larva, live brine shrimp or live worms too. But be additionally careful while feeding any live food. They can develop Dropsy, a disease caused by kidney failure probably because of eating live worms. Make sure the food is fresh and not rotten.

3. Get Friends for Your Betta Fish

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Bettas do absolutely well with other aquatic animals, only a specific breeds though. Other aqua-mates can make the existence of your Betta much more enjoyable. Similar to how amazing your life is with your friends. In fact, there are about 29 Betta tank mates which can get along well with your fish including mystery snails, ghost shrimp, and clown pleco.

4. Put the Betta in a Big Tank

Most importantly, ensure that the Betta tank is big enough. If it cannot contain at least 5 gallons of water, then it will not be very hospitable to any more than just your Betta. Your fish needs big space to breathe and swim around. An aquarium is better than a bowl. The Betta will also need some rocks and live foliage to hide behind. In general, try to maintain the environment the way your fish likes.

5. Maintain the Tank Temperature

Place a filter with a low current. A filter meant for smaller tanks with adjustable speed would be the best. Moreover, make sure to use a heater to maintain the water temperature between 76–84 °F (24–28 °C). Never place the water tank under direct sunlight. This can cause the water temperature to rise beyond the fish’s tolerance.

6. Notice If your Betta Looks Sick

Betta in a decorated fish tank

A Betta that is getting sick will not be a happy camper. Bettas are quite active and playful by nature, however, they will look inactive and dull if not doing well. You can look for the telltale signs of sickness.

You actually can get your fish medicine to make it better, after consulting a vet of course. Don’t let the fish suffer for too long without treatment. You might get it into a state where it will have a hard time getting better, or just die.

Talk to a veterinarian or an aquarium specialist. You can also look for ways to mercy your fish. There are ways to put your fish down that are painless. Flushing it down the toilet is not one of them.

7. Play With Your Betta

Many Betta like their owners talking to them. You might even find your Betta swimming more vigorously when you talk to the cutie. You can try moving your finger around on the glass while talking to your Betta.

Just be careful he does not jump out of the tank in excitement. Betta fish is very curious and might follow you in the room while you walk around.

If the fish gets scared of this action of you then leave her alone. He will slowly get comfortable with your hands as he adjusts into the environment. Do not tap or knock on the glass, it surely might fear him away.

8. Make Sure You Want to Own a Betta

betta in a tank

You must make sure that you’re ready to own a fish before you get one. Bettas cannot have a good life if you don’t know how to take care of one. There are some tips on raising a Betta you must read before owning one.

I would recommend you to learn more about Bettas to know them. There is thorough information available on the web.


Betta fish are wonderful little creatures. They fill the hearts of the owner with joy. It can be soothing and healing to keep one of these lively buggers around.

A disease can be cured, just be prepared to visit a vet or an aquarium genius at any signs of illness. Like any other pet, a Betta with minor problems can also be treated. Just learning some simple care instructions will help to ensure that you enjoy your years to come.

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