How to Introduce Your Cat to a New Cat Bed

Is your cat avoiding to sleep in the bed you got for her? Is she preferring to sleep on a pile of laundry or your cozy blanket? No matter how comfortable and soft your cat’s new bed would be, some cats might take some time to get used to their new bed.

Introduce Your Cat to a New Cat Bed

Nevertheless, keep motivating your cat to use her new bed. You will have to notice where your cat likes to sleep and what kinda environment she looks for to rest. Keeping in mind her likes and dislikes, you need to position the bed for her to start using it.


How to Get Your Cat Used to Her New Bed?

Location is the chief aspect you should consider after you get the best cat bed for your pooch. Cats generally look for warm hidden places that provide them with a good view. Keep noticing where your cat usually likes to sleep and try placing the bed at the same place. Tempt her to use the new bed with the help of toys, treats, and pheromones. Moreover, consider the following aspects as well to make her use the new bed.

Your Cat Needs a Good View

Cats are predators at the same time prey for other animals. Hence, to keep themselves safe, cats like sleeping at places where they can have a good view but nobody can spot them while asleep. A partially covered bed would be something she may like.

Arrange the Bed in a Quiet Place

Prefer to arrange your cat’s new bed in areas with less traffic. A quiet room or a place somewhere below the table or behind a curtain might be her favorite places. Even a quiet corner with the least rush could be her choice.

Place the Bed at a Height

Cats like to stay at height as they feel themselves safe from predators when they are on tall structures. Therefore, try to place the bed over heightened furniture like a cupboard. You may also choose to make a cat tree for her. An elevated perch will also work well if your cat likes sleeping on your sofas, your bed or the chairs.

Cats Like Warm Environment

Prefer to place the bed on a heightened platform that is closer to a window. Cats can get ample warmth from the sun-rays. Moreover, it can keep her entertained watching things outside the window.

Use Pheromones on the New Bed

New beds mostly have the smell of a manufacturing unit and the shop. Before introducing your cat to the new bed, make the bed feel a little familiar to her.

Wrap up the bed in a bedsheet or a cloth that smells like you. Or apply some catnip to the bed so it smells like a cat and she doesn’t hesitate to use it.

Add Her Favorite Toys

Put your cat’s favorite soft toys on the bed, so your cat comes over and over again to play with the toys. A dangling toy will be an amazing option for her to play with.

Call and Give Her Treats

Your cat might have started using the bed till now, but in case she’s still sleeping on yours, then entice her with some treats. Call her towards her bed and reward her with treats when she comes. However, not too much is recommended. Leave her to sniff and play with the bed. Once she starts liking it, she might start sleeping over it.

Encourage Your Cat to Use Her New Bed

So basically you need to keep in your mind a few things while you introduce your cat to her new bed. Things like a secluded location, a familiar smell of the bed, a heightened place, and a warm environment are some of those to remember. Give your cat what she likes and she will learn to use it quickly.

If your cat is older, you can even warm up her bed lightly with the help of heating pads. This shall relieve her joint pain to quite an extent. You may choose to provide your cat with multiple options of beds like an elevated bed, a partially enclosed bed, and a normal cat bed.

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