How to Get Rid of a Dog’s Cold? – Home Remedies

Do you often hear your dog coughing or sniffling? If yes, then DO NOT take it lightly! Your pooch might have caught a cold. Yes, just same as humans, dogs can catch a cold too. Therefore it is really essential to take care of your furry little dog’s cold when he/she’s sick. It is important that you see a vet, though if the symptoms are mild then you can look after your pup with these Home Remedies we have listed up for you.


Home Remedies to Get Rid of your Dog’s Cold

Here, we present you 10 Home Remedies to Get Rid of your Dog’s Cold:

1. Warm him up


It sounds too obvious. But it is one of the most overlooked facts since you might already be following some remedies. It is crucial to keep your pup in a nice warm and dry environment while he’s sick. Curl him up in a warm blanket and keep him away from wet places for a few days. You might also use one of your old sweaters and socks to make him feel comfortable while the little fellow is feeling troubled.

2. Sleep like a baby

You might be a fitness freak and would have been taking your dog for a long run every evening. But for a few days, take it easy champ! While your dog’s cold improves, it is pretty necessary to give him a little rest until he revives.  Let him sleep a day or two off in a comfy bed. If you do, then surely your dog will recover quickly in a few days.

How about a Heated Bed?

Yes, you read it right. The innovation has taken a rise and they have come up with this really cool invention to spoil your pet. Keeping the jokes apart, have you given it a thought that your pet dog’s cold can be due to the cold floor on which he dozes off often. It might be the time for you to get a comfy heated bed for your pup. A heated bed will provide insulation and heat just right enough to take care of that puny cold symptoms. And surprisingly it’s available for a very cheap rate on the web-stores.

3. A healthy diet

Yes, you might be feeding your dog just right when he is healthy, but a dog’s immune system is at a low when he is sick. Thus, feed your doggy a healthy and balanced diet to boost up the recovery. Feed your pet ample amount of food throughout the day. You may also see a veterinarian, to come up with a full proof diet plan. It will surely amplify your dog’s recovery.


4. Scare away your dog’s cold with chicken soup

Remember that hot bowl of soup your grandma used to make you whenever you got sick in your childhood!? Same as humans, a warm bowl of chicken soup can be beneficial for your dog. Bowl of soup with some veggies and brown rice will give your dog considerable amount of energy to fight off the cold. In addition, it is easier to eat and will keep him hydrated as well.

5. Keep him hydrated

A bowl of chicken soup may help the pup be hydrated, but not enough. When a dog is sick, he loses a large amount of water to fight the symptoms. Thus, keeping him hydrated is necessary. Unlike humans, dogs do not require juice or other fancy fluids, just plain water works fine. Make sure your pooch is drinking plenty of water all day along.

6. Using herbs


Herbs have always been one of the greatest natural resources to cure many diseases. Some herbs are also believed to be helpful in getting rid of dog’s cold. Some of them can found in our homes as well. i.e Honey.

Honey is proven to be useful to fight the common cold. A spoonful of honey with each meal will surely help. You may add honey to his drinking water if you want to. Vets have always been recommending honey to soothe up the cold and get rid of that stuffy nose!

Products like ‘Homeopet Nose Relief’ have also received an amazing response on websites like Amazon.

7. Inhaling steam for dogs

Same as humans, steam treatment can be helpful to the dogs as well.  Fill up your bathroom with steam and let your dog stay in for a while. You can also do this when you get out from a hot shower. Steam will be helpful and ease


up your pup’s chest and let him breathe easier.

Or a Humidifier

When your pooch is suffering from cold, it can be tough for him to breathe easily and have stuffiness. This is due to the congestion in the chest. But well, a humidifier can help him up to lose this congestion. Keep humidifier near your dog’s place where he takes his daily naps.

A humidifier increases humidity in the room, and as a result helps to breathe easily, reduce a cough and clear clogged airways.

If the Symptoms Worsen…

dog cold care veterinarian

Yes, we had promised you to help you up right from your home. But these remedies will not be enough if the dog is facing something which is not the common cold. Even after following these remedies, if the symptoms worsen, see a veterinarian ASAP. Let’s see our furry friends running and jumping same as earlier!

These were the home remedies to get rid of your dog’s cold from petlovesbest. We hope these remedies be helpful to you and your furry little partner! After all, what we need is to see our canine companions healthy and pleasant.

Comment below if you find these remedies helpful, we would very much appreciate it 🙂

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