Missing Cat: How to Find a Lost Cat Outdoors | Time Saving Method

Cats are hardly a subject certainty! Even if we consider three certainties with respect to the pet world, cats will be exceptional.

Generally, cats act lethargic when you are around but suddenly uses its energy when there is a chance of escape.

Hence, to find a lost cat outdoor becomes a challenging task because these feline creatures are unpredictable at times.

Moreover, cats tend to return back after a while as thirst and starvation play its role. On the other hand, the cat might not feel like returning if he is frightened of the enclosure(house). Otherwise, the cat can even stay hidden in a cozy place for shelter from other animals. Yes, you cat be frightened of some animals who might have chased him. Also, there can be numerous reasons that your cat escapes and does not return.

How to Find a Lost Cat Outdoors

find a lost cat outdoor

If you are lucky and very alert with your cat then you might get to watch the sight when the cat escapes. Because then you will sure about the lost cat to be in near proximity of your house. That too, you might find the cat that day itself.

The cat can escape through the door because the guest accidentally kept it open for a bit too long. Also, if ought, there are many ways for a determined cat to break out of your house.

On the other hand, you had to go out of the house and notice the missing cat after returning. This situation is worse than the previous one. Because in this case, you will have to consider many possibilities for searching the cat.

In fact, approaching a local patrolling police and even printing flyers becomes inevitable such that others can help you find your cat.

Hence, go through the time-effective methods to find a lost cat outdoor. It will not only save some valuable time but also increase the chances of making the cat return to you automatically.

When You See Your Cat Escaping

cute cat escaping from window

This is the best situation when you get to see the cat escape from the house. Sometimes, an open door for an instance can allow the cat to escape or even a small window opening.

If you ever face a similar situation then follow these steps to find a lost cat outdoor easily.

1. Try to Follow And Not Chase it Down

You shall follow your cat in a subtle manner when he makes his moves. Never try to chase him hastily or call him furiously. Because it will only scare him even more.

In fact, if the cat turns towards you while escaping consider it a chance to call him back. You can get on your knees and spread your hands wide open, call him in a sweet voice. Cats often return back when you try this method.

In addition to that, if you find the cat far away from your house when have reached outside then use treats or toys to tempt him. Bring his favorite toy or food/treats to his visibility and lay low till he returns.

Generally, the cats can pretend to resist toys or food but will fall for the trick eventually.

You can place a temporary cardboard home for the cat outside your house if the cat does not willingly return. In such situations, the cardboard will provide shelter below the porch or window sill.

2. Call Him in a Pleasant Tone

To find a lost cat outdoor means you are dealing with an unpredictable animal which is under some stress already. The vibrant smells, noises, vivid sights of objects, etc. are overwhelming for the runaway cat.

In that case, your screams can further intimidate the cat and keep him from coming back to you.

Hence, try to play it nice patiently even if your kitty takes a while.

3. Listen Keenly if Your Cat Meows Back

Having said about using a pleasant tone, you shall also listen for the response from the cat. Although the frightened cat stays silent there is a possibility that your cat will meow you back.

Feline pets can reach to the unimaginable spots and even squeeze themselves to the places half their body size.

In that situation, only you can help the cat revive. In fact, your cat will call you for the same.

Hence, try to listen for any kind of calling from your cat. Because the cat will call you for help upon hearing your voice.

4. Carry Canned Food/Treat, His Favorite Toy

Sometimes, cats will hide somewhere near your house till you get searching for him. Therefore, try to carry the cat food can or his sound-making toy. It is not necessary for the cat to be in front of your sight. Just keep making the rattling sound from the food can or from the toy to find a lost cat outdoor.

The cat will hear that sound immediately and might even come in front of you in a jiffy. This method is very useful during the dark or late nights because the sound can travel far in the silence.

When You Find Your Cat Missing After Returning Home

This is another situation the pet parent finds the cat missing after returning home from work, shopping, or other tasks. At times, people return home after a couple of days just to find that the cat never came back through the cat door even though there was ample amount of food available indoor.

In this case, you need to follow these searching steps to find your cat as soon as possible.

1. Search the Cat Indoors To make sure if It’s Really Lost

cat hiding inside the house

Firstly, search your house thoroughly before concluding of his absence. Because you will be wasting your time and efforts searching for the outside if he is actually stuck inside.

Cats are notorious for hiding in the cozy spots and heightened spots. Hence, keenly look for the cat’s eye reflection using a flash/Torchlight. Moreover, cats tend to squeeze themselves into the smallest places. It includes table corners, furniture-top, below the sofa, inside the recliner, etc.

Adding to the fact, if the weather stays cold at the place you live then you might even want to check all the heat producing sources around your house. Because many times people have found their cats from the heat vents around the chimney, engine compartments of the vehicle, sewer drainages, etc.

Hence, search the whole house to find if the cat is present. In fact, turn the things upside down to locate the hidden cat.

Finally, you shall search for the cat outside after confirming the absence of a cat from the house.

2. Look Adjacent Spots to Your House

Feline pets mostly dwell near the safe-house i.e. your home in this case. You cat will only travel far from your home only if there was another animal chasing him that far.

You shall carry a cat food/treat pack to make a sound that your cat loves. It will attract your cat if he this sound this audible to him. Also, call his name with a pleasant tone as mentioned earlier.

3. Check Shelter Homes & Craigslist

finding the lost pet

Going to the streets is a hectic task and seldom yields the expected outcomes. Hence, checking the easy and obvious places for your cat will save you some time and narrow down your search which is desirable.

You should post about your missing cat and advertise about the reward for the one who finds him. It will get more people involved in the searching task. Additionally, you can approach the pet finder to do the task for you if your kitty is out for several days.

Pet shelters list out lost and found cats based on the areas they were lost and/or found. Checking them out regularly is an easy way to find your feline pal. At last, you should try finding them on Facebook as there are many pages created to help owners. Your search query should be “Lost and Found cats [your city or state]”

4. Go for a Night Search with a Torchlight

finding lost cat

Night time is the best time to find a lost cat outdoor because of the feline creatures seldom lurks in the dark. It is their time to find the food or a safe place.

On the other hand, minute sounds reach to the farthest corners of the street during the silence of the dark. Hence, your cat might hear the rattling of the food can or noise making toy better during the night time.

Additionally, take a torchlight with you which is the best way to notice the presence of a cat in the dark. You can see the torchlight reflecting from cat’s eyes in the dark. Make sure, you don’t try to pet the first eye reflection coming from the dark. Because there are many cats out there on the streets.

Hence, call your cat by his name and approach him slowly after knowing that the cat is yours.

5. Take Help from Neighbors and Friends

Searching your cat can last for a few days and even weeks. Because your cat can be nearby your house yet stay hidden for weeks, these are just feline things!

Hence, try to communicate your problem with your friends, neighbors and ask them to help you. In that manner, you can not only cover more area quickly but also gain mental support.

6. Ask People from Neighborhood if They Have Seen Your Cat on Streets

You shall search the neighborhood thoroughly and then move to further areas if needed. However, you can ask people from the further localities if they have seen your cat. It will help you choose the area you need to look first.

Remember, you shall pass your contact number to the strangers willing to communicate you regarding your lost cat. Hence, they can contact you when they find your cat.

In addition to that, you shall ask them to calmly deal with your cat or call you immediately. Ask them to maintain a safe distance from your cat because who knows your that person could again scare off your kitty.

7. Print the Fliers

This is the last option to consider if your cat goes missing for weeks or months. You shall print fliers stating the name features of your kitty clearly and your contact details. Adding a suitable reward scheme can be very helpful in getting people’s attention.

In addition to that, you can put these fliers around your locality and even post one image of it on the pet finding websites/craigslist. Visit nearby shelters to distribute the fliers there.

8. Contact Police

This option is not completely obsolete but only least useful in our case. You can call cops to report about your missing cat. It covers all the grounds/methods of finding your cat.

However, cops engage in such cases only of the human-oriented cases provides them a relief. Hence, never rely completely on cops for finding a lost pet. On the other hand, you can always expect that they might find your cat before you.

The EndNote

To end the topic, we would like to add one important factor i.e. cats are unpredictable and some cats do not reach back to their masters’ doorstep. In such cases, you need to stay optimistic because there are many cat lovers who would take your cat and provide a better living for him.

However, it does not mean you have to stop searching for your cat after a few failed attempts. Patience and perseverance are the most required virtues during that point in time. Lastly, cats can adapt to streets faster than you can imagine, maybe your cat loves the streets more than your home.

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