Missing Cat: How to Find a Lost Cat Indoors | Time Saving Method

Cats act like ghosts at times, at an instance, the cat will be on the window sill ten feet away from you, yet the cat sits next to you at the other instance. Also, your cat with all that agility can even disappear once you saw right next to you.

In the same manner, cats usually get themselves trapped in the cozy spots where you can barely look properly. Hence, it becomes difficult to find a lost cat indoor when the cat does not respond to your calling.


How to Find a Lost Cat Indoor?

cute cat in the mat

Cats will hide in the cozy places where they feel utmost safety. Sometimes, a noisy environment can be the reason or the other times your cat like the warm, cozy, dark spot a little too much.

Moreover, cats try to reach the highest spots in your house which avail them the widest view and utmost safety. That is the reason we always see a cat resting on a tree or the porch roofs.

Generally, cats pass through the smallest openings at first and cannot return back to via the same path and get stuck.

However, you shall firstly understand the reasons which compel the cats to hide to safe spots. Generally, cats go by their instinctive behavior and seek safety even inside the house where no predatory animal will enter.

Why Do Cats Hide?

There are many reasons for the cats to stay hidden for a long time. It includes territorial aggression/stress, injury, ill health, safety, silence, etc.

Territorial Aggression/Stress

Feline pets do not exhibit severe territorial behavior like the stray ones. However, the pet cats sometimes will get aggressive as well as stress due to the presence of any unwanted creature.

The unwanted creatures do not necessarily mean feline animals but also humans, dogs, birds of prey, raccoons, etc. Hence, during that period cats will make rounds to each corner of the house to mark their boundary.

On the other hand, kitties can instantly succumb to the threat of dogs, birds or prey loitering around the house. In fact, that you lead them to reach the curtain poles or the depths of the walls in search of a safe spot.

Hence, cats will get stuck in cozy spots while marking their boundaries or hiding from other animals.

Stress Due to Noise

Noise is the only medium which can develop some stress in all the animals.

Cats too, get stressed due to noises. In fact, cats experience stress due to mild noises which exceed the stress levels in dogs for the same intensity of noise.

Moreover, cats try to avoid the noises by getting under closed objects i.e. vase, couch, blanket, drawers, etc.

Ill Health/Injury

Animals take shelter when they are healing from an injury or experiencing sickness. During that period, animals astonishingly become silent and stay hidden for days or even weeks. Also, these animals feel like prey during that period and avoid getting close to even their family.

Cats also will try to avoid getting in the open areas of the house and stay hidden if he is scared of becoming prey.

The threat your cat experiences can be some animal actually present close by or just imaginary.

Hence, your cat will not even meow when you call him only for the reason, he could become prey to some creature. In fact, it becomes tricky to find a lost cat indoor in such cases.

Places Where Cats Usually Get Stuck or Hide

Here are some spots where people have found their cats hiding or stuck after hours or even days. Therefore, these are the possible places where you will definitely find a lost cat indoor easily.

1. Beneath the Sofa, Couch, Reclining Chair

find a lost cat indoor

Agile cats are notorious for hiding inside the objects where you could hardly imagine. Sofa, couch, reclining chairs are examples of it.

Your kitty can tear up the lining material of these items from beneath and enter inside swiftly. Adding to the fact, due to coziness cats often fail to reach out stay stuck for hours inside.

Hence, look of torn lining material or holes on these items to find if the cat is present inside or not. Keenly listen for the meow while searching him at these spots.

2. Check Box Mattress 

Similar to the previous section, you shall look for the cat inside the box mattress or spring cushioned mattress.

Cats can crawl into the mattress like a snake and stay there for a good time.

3. Inside the Dresser or Almirah

Huge set of drawers are the favorite spot for the cats to mingle with your clothes, cosmetics, etc. and get lost inside.

Hence, open every drawer slowly because your cat might stick his head out or even get injured if opened hastily.

4. Look In the Kitchen

The kitchen is the best spot for the feline creatures where they will find food. In fact, most of the kitchens with heating appliances make a perfect hideout for the cats. Refrigerator, oven, water heater, etc.

Make sure you look every narrow channel of heating ducts which are present in the kitchen. Exhaust chimney, water heater room, heater vents, etc. are examples of heating ducts.

5. Keenly Check Window Sills

Cats can camouflage when they are calmly sitting on the window sills due to the screen covers.

Many times, people miss noticing the cat even after searching the whole house.

6. Look Inside-Out of Furniture

Generally, people will look on the table tops, cabinets, bookshelf, or other furniture in the room but never look inside it. Feline animals are very particular about finding a dark spot even if it is inside the furniture.

7. In the Shoe-Rack 

kitten stuck in shoe

If you have a kitten that is missing then you might need to check the shoe rack properly. Kittens and small cats can easily accommodate themselves inside a shoe.

8. Trees At Your Backyard

In case, if you have to consider your courtyard for finding the cat then look on trees.

Cats usually reach to the top of the trees chasing small creatures or birds and get stuck.

9. Sewer Drainages

If your house has a sewer passage that your cat can open and reach there by himself then search there too. Also, put a weight on such openings where a cat can reach the sewer to avoid any mishaps in future.

10. Look Thoroughly in the Garage

cat stuck in the car engine

Your garage is next place where your cat will find peace and darkness.

In fact, that is the place where the cat will find warmth under the engine compartment of the car. Hence, look inside the car, in the engine compartment and in the trunk of the car. Also, you should search lost pets in other hiding spots in the garage as well.

11. On the Suspended Ceiling 

kitten climbed to the dropped ceiling

Many of our houses have suspended ceilings which becomes a place for the cat to hide. You can check the suspended ceilings after removing one lid of the ceiling standing on the ladder.

12. Check the Bunker if You Have One

If you happen to live in a house which has a bunker then you shall check it thoroughly. Your cat probably knows a secret way to enter the bunker even if you lock the door. Also, a basement is the silent and dark place for the cats which is desirable for them.

13. Check the Walls

wall smashed to find the cat

If your house has the hollow walls then you need to consider searching your cat there.

There have been instances where people have found their cats stuck between the hollow walls.

14. Lift Room of the Apartment

Liftroom of your apartment is the last option you need to look to find a lost cat indoor. However, there are scarce chances of finding your cat in a liftroom unless your cat knows a way into that room.

Follow These Steps to Find a Lost Cat Indoor

Previous to this section, you saw the places where you will find a lost cat indoor. Here we have listed the methods to find a lost cat without wasting valuable time on unnecessary errands.

1. Carry a Torch Light 

shining cat's eyes

First things first, you need to have a flashlight which will be helpful while searching dark spots.

You only need to look for the reflection of flashlight from your cat’s eyes.

It becomes very easy to spot your cat even in the coziest spots of your house.

2. Call His Name in a Mild Tone

As we mentioned earlier, cats hide from the threat of becoming prey. At that time, you can startle your feline pet if you shout for him. He will be stressed and even scared to death at some point in time.

Hence, call him subtly and just let him hear your calming voice until he dares to come out himself.

Pets i.e. dogs and cats experience stress when they observe your anxiety. So, play it cool and motivate your cat to come out himself. This method helps you to find a lost cat indoor easily.

3. Listen For the Meow

In addition to the above sections, you need to listen for meows of your cat. Because your cat might call you for help by meowing at you. If the cat is stuck deep somewhere then meow-crying can be at a very low volume.

4. Tempt Him With a Treat Packet Sound

This is the best way to get your get out from hiding by himself. All you need to do is take a food can and make a popping sound while opening it.

You will even find the recording of can-opening sounds from Youtube.

On the other hand, you can take some kibble in a bowl and rattle it every minute to find a lost cat indoor.

The EndNote

Concluding the topic here with a final piece of advice i.e. take care of your cat before it gets lost. Seal every spot where your notorious cat can break out or even hide indoors. Because we all know how delicate the situation become when we have to find a lost cat indoor or outdoor.

If you have found your cat in a different way than the ones we have listed here then share your method in the comment section. It will be helpful for people who are still searching for their lost cats indoor.

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