How to Deal with Cat Hairballs – Simple Home Remedies

Hairballs are a major problem for cat owners. It is common to hear your cat gagging and trying to expel the hairball from his system. Excessive grooming by cats causes hairballs in their system. Cats ingest their own hair by grooming themselves and this and in turn, cause a problem with their digestion. The hair that is not passed in the stool is vomited up in form of dense hairballs.

While occasional hairballs are common, having them frequently can cause a problem by blocking the digestive tract. Proper hydration and a good diet are of prime importance to prevent hairballs. However, other steps must be taken to stop the hairballs from occurring frequently.

It is possible to stop these hairballs by using some simple solutions. There are quite a few remedies to deal with this problem. Some common home remedies to deal with cat hairballs are as follows.


Home Remedies for Cat Hairballs

Here are some homemade remedies that you can apply directly at home for the Cat Hairball Problems.

Regular Brushing

Brushing your cat’s coat every day will help in the reduction of hairballs. This is sure to help with long-haired cats who are at a higher risk of hairballs.

Using Wipes

Wet paper towels or baby wipes are great for picking up loose hair from a cat. Just make sure that the wipes are fragrance-free if you’re using them for your cats.

Olive Oil

You can add olive oil to your cat’s food to ease digestion. If your cat is struggling with hairballs, olive oil can do the trick and help ease digestion. It also helps with stomach aches caused due to hairballs. Mineral oil, corn oil or saffron oil can also do the trick.

Butter, instead of oil can also help and give the same benefits as the oil does.


Bathing your cat once in a while is helpful and will provide him with relief from hairballs. It will be helpful to bathe your cat every six weeks.

Hairball Remedy Products

Dealing with Cat Hairballs

There are plenty of hairball remedy products available in the market for treating hairballs in cats. These range from medicines to creams to gels. There are various laxatives which require a vet’s prescription, however, there are plenty of others which are available over-the-counter.

These products lubricate the cat’s digestive tract which helps him to pass hairballs through the system and not cough them up. Often these products are available in various flavors like Tuna, maple, chicken etc. These remedy products are made with mineral and vegetable oils.

The gels treat the hairballs by coating the swallowed hair and then allowing it to pass through the digestive system. They also keep the digestive system hydrated.

The waterless sprays reduce shedding and thus hairballs in cats. This would make the brushing sessions effective as the hair would stick to their tool better. Though your cat may not really like the spraying at first, it will get used to it with time.

Then, there are hairball control cat foods which are rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. It also limits the risk of food allergies in cats. These foods are great was they promote healthy and regular digestion which is an important factor in hairball control. Moreover, these foods are also supplemented with fiber and probiotics which ensures healthy digestion in cats.

Natural Remedies vs Remedy Products

While natural methods are chemical free and may sound convenient, they may not give really good long lasting results.

Whereas, the hairball remedy products have proven to be a big hit. Pet parents prefer them over natural remedies as they are much convenient and are sure to give good results. Also, these products are very famous among cat owners and are always handy.

The EndNote

Cat hairball is a common problem that can be dealt easily with any of the homemade or market remedies. However, if the condition gets severe, we recommend you to see a vet ASAP!

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