How to be a Good Cat Owner

Cats are very affectionate and funny animals. They can bring plenty of happiness if you know how to take care of them properly. Although cats are relatively easy to handle, you may make mistakes as an owner while caring for them. By dealing in the right manner with her you can become an ideal owner of a cat.


Tips on How to Become a Good Cat Parent

Happy cat and a happy cat parent

If you want your cat happy then give her a cat-friendly environment. Unlike dogs who are scavengers, cats in the wild are solitary hunters. Cats are generally more independent than dogs. Also, they are not as obedient, loyal and submissive as dogs.

Hence do not expect a cat to be as faithful a companion as the dogs are. It’s not even easy to train a cat like a canine. So never force a cat to be like someone they can’t be. Let the cat be the cat. Read on to know what you should do to become an ideal parent for your furball.

#1. Be Determined

Whether you have cats or any other pet, they will demand a lifetime commitment from you. Cats need a lot of affection and a lot of attention too. Once you adopt a cat, she is no less than your child.

You have to take care of her –

  • Nutritional requirements
  • Well being
  • Hygiene
  • Mental health
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Natural urges like scratching, climbing, and heat

Never leave your cat all alone to face nothing but boredom. If she feels lonely because of your absence, she will try to escape to find entertainment outdoors. Such escaping behaviors can be fatal at times.

#2. Create a Bond With Your Cat

How to make friends with a cat

Creating an attachment with your cat is fundamental. And this is why the cat must feel that being with humans is something positive. She should associate your presence with good stimuli.

Playing regularly with the cats, petting them and rewarding them with tasty treats is a good way to begin. Any violence or force could result in a negative impact on your cat’s behavior towards you. Be gentle, patient and calm with your cat. Give unconditional love and care to earn her trust.

#3. Give Vaccinations to Your Cat

As a responsible cat parent, it’s a must to provide your cat with vaccinations to protect her from several diseases. No matter your cat is an indoor pet, she is still prone to contract diseases somehow. She can even get ticks or mites from other animals.

Vaccinations will help prevent common illnesses in cats. Moreover, if you want to travel with your cat abroad, you need a vaccination certificate for boarding. Therefore, you must get your cat vaccinated for any possible infectious diseases.

#4. Spay or Neuter Your Cat

Spaying or neutering the cat is one of the most important responsibilities of yours. Spaying the cat before her first heat is ideal.

A cat may suffer from too much pain and discomfort if she gets in the heat but cannot mate. But, a spayed cat will not go into heat and hence will stay healthy, both mentally and physically.

Also, if the cats are not spayed or neutered, they will get drawn towards a partner for mating. This could result in the increment of the overall pet population.

Moreover, mating can also lead to uterine diseases in female cats where they can develop infections or tumors (mostly cancerous). A male cat, if not neutered, may suffer from testicular cancer or prostate issues.

#5. Feed the Right Food

Ask a vet for the right food for your cat. Give her ample water to keep her hydrated. Accomplish her nutritional requirements. Give her wet canned food more than dry kibbles which will provide her with sufficient fluids.

Keep a Check on Your Cat’s Weight

Do not overfeed your cat. Serve little food 3 times a day, rather than giving huge amounts of food at once. Make sure you give your cat a lot of physical activities to burn the calories.

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#6. Don’t Declaw the Cat

cat standing on her hind legs

Never declaw a cat until it is a medical emergency. Cats cannot survive happily without claws. They feel a natural urge to scratch and climb with their claws, which is not possible after declawing. Cats feel immensely uneasy, irritated and stressful without their claws. The best alternative is to cut their nail tips regularly.

#7. Take Regular Vet Visits

Despite you think your cat is doing completely well, we recommend you to visit the vet regularly. They can examine the cat for any possible medical conditions before it is too late to treat.

Ear infections and mites are common in cats, which can be prevented or treated under the veterinarian’s guidance. Moreover, you may ask your vet about which food to feed or which ointments to use as a daily routine.

A monthly vet visit means a healthier and happier cat as ‘Prevention is always better than the cure’.

#8. Take Care of the Hygiene

Turn on the faucet for your cat once in a while to satisfy the underlying wild urge in them. Cats, just like other feline species, have the instinct to drink flowing water. They consider that flowing water is the safest to consume.

Therefore, they sometimes might avoid drinking water from the bowl, if you don’t change the water frequently. Make sure you clean her feeding bowls regularly and provide her only with fresh food & water every time.

Do not forget to keep the litter box clean. A cat will not use a dirty litter box and might start peeing elsewhere in the house. You can also find out about the best non tracking cat litter here.

Also, you may want to consider having some Innovet Pet Cbd Oil For Cat in the house at all times too. It’s an immune system booster, helps to keep worms at a minimum, balances the digestive tract and may help with hairballs. If your cat has any pain or aches from age or injury, it’s a great supplement for them too.

#9. Learn Cat Behaviors

white cat

Cats are mysterious creatures. They are independent but they also crave your attention. If you fail to understand them, you may even fail to fulfill their needs. To give your cats the best care you need to know them well.

Try to understand, do they like cuddling with you? Do they like when you are constantly around them? Notice other things about which toys or things they like most. Do they like trees or outdoors? Which are their favorite toys? Which behavior means they need food or water?

Try to figure out what signal your cat wants to give. For instance, a cat’s stomach is the most sensitive part of her body. She always keeps it hidden while sleeping. If your cat is exposing her belly to you, it means your cat trusts you and wants you to rub on her belly.

Final Suggestions

To become an ideal cat owner, just be friendly, caring and responsible towards your cat. Give her lots of love to gain her trust in return. Provide her a lot of amusement to keep the boredom at bay. Take her out on walks, play with her whenever possible, listen to music, or watch television together. Give her scratch posts, cat-trees, or a cat playground to make her feel best at home.

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