How to Stop Dog Barking at Neighbours? | Teach Your Fido in a Hassle-Free Way

Dogs like to bark at others! Maybe, because they want to communicate or warn them by barking. However, being territorial or protective of their owners is not a bad thing but barking at neighbors! So, how to stop dog barking at neighbors or people who we are familiar with?

Dogs Like to Bark!

We are aware of the vitality of the prevailing communication protocol every dog has to abide by using the repetitive calling in high to the low pitched voice we know as barking(Pun intended).

However, we need to train our dog to bark when the stranger intrudes our house and not when they are passing from the street. Dogs cannot learn by themselves and stop barking at other after some time. We, as the owners are responsible for training them.

As the matter of fact, the dogs can go off barking even when the strong wind blows off the leaves in the yard. Similarly, the dogs will start barking even at every passer-by and also the most familiar neighbors!

Moreover, the dogs will bark exhibiting their dominance for the territorial trait. In fact, they will bark at strangers thinking them to be potentially harmful creatures. This shows they are protective and territorial if they are barking at others.

On the other hand, it is not necessary that this trait is good all the time. You can train your dog to bark only at strangers and not other familiar people.

However, you cannot completely teach them to judge the person and then bark. Nonetheless, you can still control the barking tendency of your dog. Also, you can expect him to learn to be silent most of the time.

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How to Stop Dog Barking at Neighbors?

Training the dog to stop barking at others can be evenly difficult and tiring. In fact, training your dog can become frustrating if you try to dominate him for following their instincts.

Therefore, we have found a great way to deal with the dogs’ barking without even stressing too much. Moreover, your dog will learn to stay quiet if you use this method for a few days.

We are talking about getting our dog an anti-bark collar and see the difference in him. You will be surprised to watch your dog getting obedient without any strict training drill.

Adding to the fact, there are different types of anti-bark collars for dogs. It includes the vibrating dog collar, shock collar, and the spray collar. All these collars can be useful to stop dog barking immediately.

The vibrating dog collar will deliver a mild buzz which can alarm a dog all of a sudden. You can use that buzz every time when the dog barks until he learns he learns.

On the other hand, we have the electric shock collar for dogs. It will deliver an electric shock sting to the dog which will alarm your dog. However, you should keep the shock intensity to a minimum level all the time.

Lastly, we have the most useful anti-bark dog spray collar. It sprays citronella to the dogs face interrupting the dog while barking. It does not involve any harm to the dog which the shock collars can do accidentally.

In addition to that, we would suggest you go with the spray collar to control the barking and never with the other two types of collars. Because those collars are more useful during training and obedience drills.

Generally, spray collar will have a microphone which listens to the barking sound and triggers the spray via its sensing mechanism. Sometimes, the collar can trigger the spray even if other dog barks close to yours.

The EndNote

You saw three types of anti-bark collars out of which we suggest using the spray collar. Because that is the hassle-free method to stop dog barking at neighbors or even at others.

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