How Does Seresto Flea Collar Work? | What Are Its Active Ingredients?

We all know about the popular Seresto flea collar for dogs but what makes it so reliable for the flea and tick control? Also, How would the Seresto collar dog product work?

Let’s see, how exactly it works!

About Bayer Seresto Flea Collar for Dogs

working of seresto flea control dog collar

Seresto dog flea collar from Bayer is the most popular flea control method pet parents have preferred. The Seresto flea collar is not only the best flea controlling method but also the best in its category(flea collar).

As the matter of fact, the Seresto collars are actually a reservoir of the flea killing formula. And, the formula diffuses in the dog’s skin layer after coming in contact with it i.e. when you put it on the dog’s neck. The collar has the abundance of flea killing solution which will last for 8 months long.

This working pattern makes the Seresto flea collar similar to the topical flea treatments. The topical flea control method rather focuses more on the severe infestations. In fact, using it on the skin sensitive pooches can result in serious flare-ups for short periods.

On the contrary, the apparent product is the safest option you can choose to control the infestation in dogs. In fact, you will get to know that this collar is just like any regular collar in the Seresto reviews. Because it will act like a regular collar for the dog and kills the infestation effectively.

Variants of the Seresto Dog Flea Collar

First things first, the Seresto contains the flea and tick killing formula in predetermined dosage suitable for all the dogs. In fact, the maker of the Seresto provides two different variants focusing on the different size/life stages of the dog. And, both of them will have different dosages of the active ingredient.

The Seresto small dog flea collar will suit the pooches weighing under 18 pounds. Whereas the Seresto large dog suits the pooches weighing over 18 pounds.

Apart from that, some parents ask if the maker produces collars to match different neck sizes of the dog? Then the answer will be a ‘no’ because the collars will measure more than enough to fit on any neck size. Rather only its dose of the collar changes in both the variants.

Working Mechanisms/Method of Seresto

The Seresto dog flea collar is unlike any regular collar on which you can put the leash. This collar is just neckpiece with a collar-like appearance. Because the Seresto dog collar contains the active ingredient which kills the infestations namely imidacloprid and flumethrin.

working of seresto dog collar

Furthermore, the collar works like a reservoir of the active ingredients. Similarly, the collar releases that ingredients when the collar gets in contact with the dog’s skin. Not to mention, the dog receives the dose in very small amounts which eventually spread throughout his body via the neck.

The formula of the collar will reach the furthest spot of the coat within a few hours and starts killing the infestations. As the matter of fact, the Seresto flea collar will completely wash off the flea infestation within a day’s time. Also, it will clear the tick infestation within 48 hours.

As we mentioned, the active ingredients spread on the dog’s skin i.e. the lipid layer. In addition to that, the infestation killing formula affects the fleas and tick when they come in contact with it. Hence, the parasites will repel or die without even biting the dog.

The best part of the Seresto dog collar is that it lasts for eight long months because of its waterproof formula. Although the effects of the collar will start fading if you bathe your pooch more than once a month.

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The EndNote

Now, you will have a clear picture of the working of the Seresto flea collar. However, you can leave a comment if you want to know something in specific about the Seresto flea collars.

4 thoughts on “How Does Seresto Flea Collar Work? | What Are Its Active Ingredients?”

  1. Got my dog the seresto flea collar under 18 pounds, gave him a good bath, dried him, put the collar on and a week later he still has just as many fleas if not more. my dog only goes outside to bathroom then back in the house because of the fleas. I took his pillow and blanket he sleeps on and washed them. I also have hardwood floors, no carpet for fleas to live in , what am I doing wrong with this collar???

  2. I have the same issue. I have two dogs, got two Seresto collars, washed their beds several times and spray flea killer on carpets and furniture along with vaccuming. I have found fleas on them both every day since putting the collars on. I have actually found fleas under the collar itself alive and well! I don’t think they work at all. What a very expensive mistake to choose these over topicals. At my wit’s end- have an appointment to get Nexgard for them.

  3. I have been using Seresto collars for the last couple of years with very good results until the last collar I bought it has done nothing to stop the fleas do these collars have a shelf life while still In the tin can

  4. We bathed in Dawn and then put on a Seresto collar. We also sprayed the area rug and couches and cat tree. However, we still have a few larvae under the rug, and I have found 2 live fleas. One in the rug, one on the cat. He was treated over a week ago. Should we wait it out or keep treating the house? Should I dawn bathe him again?


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