Different Ways of How a Cat Shows Affection – Secret Kitty Language!

Cats are often unpopular for being unaffectionate. Our little furry friends are accused of being aloof and a little unfriendly. Cats are just a little independent which makes people think that they don’t love their owners enough.


Different Ways of How a Cat Shows Affection

Well, cats do have their ways of showing love and affection if you listen to them. Here are some surprising ways your cat is telling you she loves you.

Nipping You

How a Cat Shows Affection

Cats always nip each other as a way of showing affection. When a cat gently nips at your fingers, she is just trying to show some love. This nip can sometimes be a little painful but kitties don’t understand that it might hurt your skin. So the next time your cat is nipping you, don’t get mad. Instead, just show your kitty some love back.


Different Ways of How a Cat Shows Affection

Next time you get annoyed at your cat for scratching at things, take a note if what she is scratching. It might get a little unpleasant when your cat starts to scratch things but it could be her way of showing love. Look out for what she’s scratching, if it’s something she associates with you, it could be a sign! At the same time, It is necessary to discipline your cat so that She doesn’t scratch your leather sofa.


Different Ways of How a Cat Shows Affection

This is one of the most common ways of your cat to show love. If a cat slowly purrs in your presence, It could mean that she really loves you. Although, purring is recognized as a sign of pain too. It is important to recognize the difference and understand what could possibly be the reason for her purring.

Head Butting

Cat Headbutting

Headbutting is another common yet loveable gesture a cat showcases to express love. When a cat rubs her head on your body it is a way to show affection and surrender. Also, it is super cute to watch your cat head-butt.

Spending Time with You!

Spending Time with You!

Cats are independent creatures who often love being on their own. But if your cat loves hanging out with you or spends a reasonable amount of time with you, it could be because she really likes you. A cat may like to take a nap where you are sleeping or just sit on your lap. Your cat may also tend to follow you around and just enjoy your company. If this is the case with you, your cat definitely loves you.

Rubbing Against Your Leg

Rubbing Against Your Leg

This is another behavior shown by cats, which is likely a sign of love. Cats show their love by rubbing against other creatures. When your kitty is rubbing against your leg, it is a sign that she is claiming you to be her own. It is nice to respond and let her do this.

Check out Her Eyes

cat rolling eyes

Cats often show their love through their eyes. You cat might stare at you and then slowly blink. It is a way of showing trust and love. These blinks are equivalent to a cat’s kiss and thus referred to as cat kisses.

Next time your cat blinks at you, feel really lucky, ‘you are loved, hooman!’

Notice the Tail

Notice the Tail

Tails accurately convey a cat’s emotions to the ones who understand. Observing a cat’s tail positioning may help in understanding as to what she is feeling at the moment.

Upright tails are used as a signal of love. If your cat approaches you in a similar posture, it is a sign of affection and love that she has for you. Kittens show a similar behavior with their mothers. Adult cats, thus continue this to show love to the people they really like.

A cat may also rest her tail on you or maybe twining her tail around you. Both of them are a sign of warm feelings, love, and attachment.


cat grooming

Cats are really into grooming. They spend a lot of time self-grooming. As a natural instinct, cats groom each other (the ones they are really close to). It displays mutual trust. Similarly, to express her love and trust in you, a cat may lick their human’s face in order to groom.

Playing or Rolling Over

cat rolling over affection

Cats aren’t very comfortable displaying their belly to just anyone. If your cat rolls over and shows your belly to you it could really mean that she trusts you. She feels protected and safe around you. It is their way of showing you their level of happiness to be around you.

Getting Gifts

 Cats tend to gift their prey

Cats are born with natural hunting instincts. Cats tend to gift their prey as a sign of love. This could be a mouse or even a little toy. It is time to feel really special if your cat brings you presents because this means that he really loves you.

The Endnote

It will be utterly wrong to say that cats do not show love. The key is understanding. Through proper cat communication, you can be the best friend of your little buddy. Cats have a variety of ways of showing affection and understanding your cat’s behavior is necessary to know what she is trying to tell you.

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