Heed Foods Dog Food Review of 2023 [Unbiased]

Does walking through the aisle of the pet food store bewilder you? Well, that’s quite a normal situation because there are numerous dog foods available to choose from; all with different combinations of ingredients, supplements, and nutrients.

Dog foods specially prepared for different age groups, breeds, and medical conditions add to the already confusing task of choosing the best dog food that helps. However, things get easier if you know what you want and lookup for that ahead.

Heed Foods Kibble Treats and Toppers

On that note, I’m going to help you by reviewing Heed Foods Prebiotic Dog Kibble today. My go-to dog product reviewer, Ollie, my sister’s Samoyed, devoured the Heed Foods Kibble when the parcel arrived.

Ollie used to be underweight and I’d tried different foods including personalized kibbles that are tailored specifically for your pooch considering age, activity level, breed, weight, etc. His problem vanished eventually and since then he accompanies me on reviewing high-quality dog foods I come across.

Before we go into the nitty-gritty of this dog food, I must admit that Heed Foods has changed my view about the nutritiousness of kibble.


Heed Foods Dog Premium Kibble Review

Ollie is a picky eater and doesn’t gobble down food hastily. When I gave him Heed Foods kibble, he seemed dubious at first due to a sudden change in his meal. But he devoured it and now really enjoys his ‘Fresh Chicken and Ancient Grains’ kibbles, especially with Turkey, Apple, and Beans Topper it comes with.

There are two variants of Heed Foods kibble available: Fresh Chicken and Ancient Grains, and Fresh Salmon and Quinoa Kibble. My buddy loves chicken so I decided to order the former one. If you’re not sure how much to feed your dog, you can use the Calorie Calculator they have on their website. Also, you can choose any two toppers from three options available at checkout.

The food isn’t available on Amazon and Chewy yet but you can easily purchase this food along with toppers and treats from their official website. Let’s now see its ingredients, nutritiousness, and overall quality.

Recipes And Ingredients

The ingredients used in Heed Foods are all-natural and most of them are sourced from the USA. This is one of those premium dog foods that exceed the AAFCO requirements of nutrition in pet food.

Heed foods is premium dog food having great value for money and doesn’t have anything that can potentially harm your pup.


The ingredients used are natural, non-GMO, and fresh. In addition, it has seven more ingredients which are highly beneficial to your pup’s gut health and immunity:

  • Chicory roots and sugarbeet (natural source of good bacteria)
  • Yeast extract (stops pathogen growth in intestines and stimulates mucin for healthy flora)
  • Kelp (provides prebiotic fibers and antioxidant)
  • Sunflower Lecithin (improves digestion)
  • Thyme Extract (maintains pH level in intestines and stool firmness, kills bad bacteria)
  • Organic Acids (aids in the colonization of good bacteria and maintains pH)

All in all the food packs high-quality ingredients and has added benefits of prebiotics and superfoods and formulated by microbiome experts. The products are made in Pawnee City, Nebraska at their facility.

Chicken & Ancient GrainsSalmon & Quinoa
Crude Protein (Min)31.0%31.0%
Crude Fat (Max)16.0%15.0%
Crude Fiber (Max)5.0%5.0%
Moisture (Max)10.0%10.0%
Calcium (Min)1.7%1.6%
Phosphorus (Min)1.0%1.1%
Taurine (Min)0.19%0.2%
*Omega-6 fatty acids2.9%1.6%
*Omega-3 fatty acids1.3%3.4%

*Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles.

Metabolizable energy: Chicken and Ancient Grains-384 calories/cup; Salmon and Quinoa- 364 calories/cup

AAFCO statement – This product has been formulated to meet the AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles for all life stages except for large breed puppies (70lb or more as an adult).

Fresh Chicken And Ancient Grains Kibble Recipe

Fresh Chicken And Ancient Grains Kibble Recipe

This recipe is loaded with as much as 31 percent of minimum crude protein. Fresh, non-GMO deboned chicken, chicken meal, liver, and chicken fat make up 52 percent of the ingredients; which is great.

It has oat groats,pearl barley, brown rice, and sun-dried miscanthus grass instead of some cheap fillers. As healthy fats, it packs flaxseeds, chicken fats, and salmon oil. The freeze-dried human grade toppers add zest to each bowl of your dog’ meal.

Talking about veggies and fruits, it contains kelp, dehydrated blueberries, carrots, and spinach. It has been formulated the way it tastes so well to even finicky eaters.

Nevertheless, if you aren’t sure that your dog will like this recipe, you can order their sample kit which is limited to one unit per customer. The kit contains one cupful of Fresh Chicken and Ancient Grains Kibble and one cupful of Fresh Salmon and Quinoa Kibble in separate bags along with three different freeze-dried toppers. Check out their website to see the entire list of ingredients.

Fresh Salmon and Quinoa Kibble Recipe

Fresh Salmon And Quinoa Kibble Recipe

Their second recipe of kibbles is Fresh Salmon and Quinoa. The name itself represents the primary source of protein. Both Salmon and Quinoa are rich in protein. However, Quinoa is a superfood and has many other nutrients in higher amounts.

The 52 percent of the formula consists of Salmon, Herring meal, and Whitefish meal. This is just the same as with another recipe where chicken and its other parts were 52 percent of the whole formula.

It packs quinoa, brown rice, oat groats, pearled barley, and sun-dried miscanthus grass as superhealthy wholesome grains. These grains and grass are 30% of the formula which is again great because of their nutritiousness.

The fresh salmon and quinoa recipe contains dried blueberries, carrots, spinach, and kelp as the essential veggies and fruits.

Both kibbles are of perfect size and dogs with dental issues will be able to chew it without any pain. Check out the label for an entire list of ingredients on their website.

Is Heed Foods Dog Kibble Worth Your Money?

The short answer is ‘Yes’. As I’ve mentioned earlier, it has great value for money. But here’s the catch, it’s a premium kibble with a high price. The point I want to make is it might not fit in everyone’s budget because not all can afford a 5lb bag of kibble for $31.49.

Now let’s see the benefits of this high-quality dog food. Considering no harmful substances and fresh, natural, non-GMO, wholesome ingredients, supplements, and superfoods; it’s going to aid in improving and preventing medical conditions.


Better intestinal health aids in immunity and boosts overall health. Moreover, nor harmful chemicals, cheap fillers, or artificial ingredients will keep food-related allergies away.

We are what we eat and the same goes for dogs; eating clean will improve your dog’s health, they will naturally thrive and will save you on your vet-bills for sure.

If Heeds Food fit in your budget, you should definitely give it a shot and switch to it. And if not, don’t worry, check out some more dog foods on our website that can fit your budget and are quite good. After all, giving your pooch the best that fits in your budget is all that matters.


If you’re looking for more natural and wholesome kibble for your pet, you would want to try Heed Foods kibble. Both recipes, treats, and toppers are formulated by microbiome experts and are palatable.

Even if you’re not actively want to switch to a new food, you should order a sample kit and give it a try because of the potential value it can add to your buddy’s life.

The delivery service is also fine. They deliver with Fedx and you can expect the delivery in 1-5 business days. Heed Foods also provide free returns on kibbles if you don’t find it worthy. Well, if you have any questions or your dogs are already on Heed Foods kibble diet and want to share your experience with it, please let us know about it in the comment section below.

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