Harmful Effects of Intaking a Dog’s Hair – the Facts You Didn’t Know!

The dogs with a thick coat of fur are way more cute than even the small fur puppies. It is the major reason for many people to stress over a lot of grooming of those dogs. In fact, some people maintain the quality if the fur of their thin fur species dog.


Is Dog Hair Harmful If Swallowed?

cleaning the dog fur using robotic vacuum cleaner

Dogs are the shedding machines, some dog breeds are even worse. Although we love all the dogs especially the ones with longer fur it is the only thing we hate while cleaning. Despite taking utmost care of the dog right from brushing, grooming, and what not, shedding is just inevitable.

Instead of stopping the natural shedding, it is better to clean the fur waste. It will not only keep the house clean but also keep you from acquiring the diseases by the fur. Moreover, people who own a dog for years will experience some health issues we have mentioned in the next section.

Concerning Effects from Dogs’ Hair

Dogs produce dander which is a type of dead skin(flakes) wastes which the creatures with fur or feather have. Generally, the dander is a type of protein which can lead to allergic reactions in humans upon ingestion or inhaling.

Similar to dander, the dogs can even have the traces of protein of microscopic size in their saliva, urine, feces, etc. These traces of proteins can even be found in abundance in your house as it can spread through the air medium. In fact, fur that dog sheds also have these traces which makes things worse for humans.

Generally, people can start getting sick after inhaling the dog’s fur or dander have a runny nose, sneezing, and congestion. Along with that, the person can start feeling itchy, burning eyes with redness, etc.


Similar to the above section, some people with weak/sensitive respiratory tracts can easily develop asthma from dog’s fur. It can be an instant outcome after you get closer to the dog-atmosphere. Whereas sometimes people with mild sensitivities take a bit longer to develop asthma.


The dogs have a type of worm in its intestine called Echinococcus Granulosus (or dog tapeworm). Generally, the eggs of these worms flow out of the dog’s body via excreta.

In fact, this eggs can easily reach to the dogs’ fur without any intermediate carrier/subject. Hence, the dogs’ fur act as a potential worm carrier which will even infect others especially humans.

As the matter of fact, this eggs can infect the internal organs of humans which include lungs, liver, and brain. Humans act as the intermediate hosts which allow the growth of the eggs into larvae stage and even further. It is called Hydatid.

Therefore, deworming your dog plays an important role in controlling the spreading of viruses. Also, cleaning the house from fur is equally important. Not to mention, cleaning the cozy spots is necessary where dirt-bunnies stack the fur in abundance.

To help with cleaning the dog fur and deworming the house, we would suggest you get a sleek robot vacuum cleaner. Because it reaches the coziest spots in your house and cleans the fur and allergens.

On the other hand, if you have a huge house or condo then getting the manual vacuum cleaner is advisable. Because it comes with most rugged and powerful suction drives which the robot cleaner lack in the entry-level machines.

Who Are Prone to Such Diseases?

Now, we know that dander and dog’s fur are the real culprits posing major health risks to humans. In fact, to our surprise, you can easily keep yourself and safe from getting sick by only cleaning and deworming your house.

Apart from that, people with the weakened immune system are more prone to catching these diseases from dogs. People can easily suffer after inhaling the dander.

Therefore, people who are apparently suffering, have suffered, or are sensitive can suffer from these diseases along with the people who weak immune system.

The EndNote

Dogs are the best creatures humans have ever known and there no force separating us from them. Although dog’s fur poses a great risk yet cleaning the house and eliminating all the dog fur is the best solution for this problem.

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