Should You Get an Electric Cat Collar for Your Kitty? Probably Not.

Having a stubborn and ill-disciplined cat is way worse than notching your head. You will often watch your cat prowling on the kitchen deck or on your work desk. In fact, the cat will hit your nerves several times a day and not even bother when you yell at him. Still, do not consider using an electric cat collar on him for training or disciplining him. Because it will not only worsen the situation but also make your life regretful.


About Electric Cat Collar

cat collar

Some people use the electric cat collar in order to control the misbehaving cat. These people often correct the cat by giving the cat a little shrug or even a tight shivering kind of shock. Of course, the electric cat collar is meant for inculcating discipline in cats.

However, no one can be sure of the conditions the cats might be living in with different types of masters. Not everyone will resist playing it rough with the cat on an odd day. That too, when the cat is stubborn, notorious the situation can escalate from worse to pathetic at times.

The shock collars have a paired remote control which allows the master to operate the collar from afar. Generally, the cat parents should use this kind of punishment in uncontrollable situations. On the contrary, some might not be as patient as others, and hence, the cat can end up receiving a few more shocks for the misdeeds.

Adding to the fact, cats are not dogs who wish to please their people most of the times. In fact, the cat will tend to do his/her own wish even if you try to urge, train the cat. In the case of cats, the training phenomenon does not exist instead you understanding your cat and let go of something becomes more important.

Controversial Merits of Electric Cat Collar

Despite stating the above fact we shall consider a new perspective as a variable for this situation.

Training the cat through strict methods i.e. by using electric cat collar. Moreover, people who have used the shock collar will not agree with the proclaimed benefits of using shock collars.

Side Effects of Using Electric Cat Collar

Having said about the controversial merits of the benefits of using electric cat collar, now we shall see side-effects of the same.

Physical Suffering

electric cat collar

Electric shock is not a new phenomenon to the people who have used electric cat collar before. On the other hand, people who have not used such collar are unaware of such possibilities.

The electric shock from an electric cat collar of 100 to 600 volts can last for 11 long seconds. This much of an electric shock can easily disrupt the neurological and cardiovascular functioning of the cat. Additionally, it can lead to heartbeat palpitation and a series of panic attacks after the shock.


Cats’ fur which directly comes in contact with the electrodes of the shock collar is prone to get burnt during an elongated shock. Not to mention, even the skin, tissues are prone to such mishappening upon a severe shock situation.

Sometimes the internal burns lead to formation if ulcers upon the burnt region. It eventually makes the injury susceptible to infection.

External Injuries

Cats are energetic and we are aware of their lightning fast instincts. It is the reason where you cannot control a cat from jumping into hurting himself.

Generally, the cats tend to escape the situation when they experience a shock despite not knowing exactly collar to be the reason. Now, imagine a situation when your cat jumps onto a hot vessel, out of the window, or onto any sharp item. There are numerous possibilities where a cat could injure himself worse than the shock.

Stress Induction

stressed cat

You would expect the cat to become obedient after training him with the electric cat collar. On the contrary, the cat will stay quiet out of fear i.e. with the ongoing threat of getting a shock.

This punitive method will neither be helpful in a longer run nor the cat will become obedient. Hence, the e-collars for cats just prove to be the harsh training tool.

Feel Threatened of Your Presence

scared cats

You believe it or not, cats will figure one thing out of the whole scene of getting shocks. That is your presence often leads them to get shocks. Having said that, the cat will try to evade you for as long as possible. In fact, the situation can be so severe for you to feed them in your presence becomes impossible. This can eventually lead them to run away whenever possible.

The EndNote

We hope, now you better know about the agony of the cats who have experienced e-collar. It is advisable to use a humane alternative than using such punitive options for training.

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