Furbo Dog Camera Review (2023) Pros, Cons & Verdict

Looking at your dog but not actually being around them all the time. Now, it is going to be a lot more fun to know the features of Furbo Dog Camera in this review. This a multi-utility dog product plus a recreational product for you to create a bond with your dog.


About Furbo Dog Camera with 160° Angle Lens

Furbo Dog Camera review

We are looking at the dog product made of lightweight material with a touch of elegance. It’s a bamboo lid on the top completes the arrangement of the product in order to keep the treat intact inside the Furbo.

Basically, it is useful for feeding treats to your dog while you are away for work, shopping, etc. You can either set the feeding timer to automatically feed your dog on time or manually feed him using a smartphone app.

This is not only useful to feed your dog while you are not in the house but also you can use it while being inside the house.

Features of the Furbo Camera

Furbo is definitely a popular product which has been featured in many pet-oriented shows.

furbo dog camera treat dispenser

In fact, the biggest moment for Furbo was when The Ellen DeGeneres Show vouched for the ultimate pet feeding experience that too, gifted one Furbo to every guest present in the studio.

Along with that, there are many other popular pet shows, entertainment shows which featured this product. These itself takes branding of Furbo to a new level because there are many people out there think very highly of this treat tosser. Not only the normal pet parents but also the pet experts have shared their experience using Furbo which is nothing but all positive.

With that note, we shall proceed with the features of this product. As we all know by now, Furbo is a dog camera unit that sits on a flat base containing treats and tossing it out for the dog. It contains a timer for scheduling the automatic feed time. Along with that, it contains a camera, speaker, and a bark detection sensor.

Dimension & Design

Starting with the structure, material, and design of Furbo, it is an elegant white colored dog treat feeder. In fact, it comes with a polished wooden lid on the top keeping the treats from contaminants/spoiling.

Furbo is shaped similar to a sand clock with one rugged base and a top opening to load the kibble or treats. Not to mention, the top opening has a wooden lid which enhances the appearance making it almost symbolic.

Generally, Furbo’s design seems to attract a lot of people because of its simple aesthetics and compact ergonomics. In fact, its design attracts us due to its rugged body with slightly polished texture and a mellow white color.

Having said that, it won’t the easiest job to place Furbo on a tabletop or the kitchen counter. Because of its lightweight body weighing about 2 pounds and diameter measuring about 5 inches can tip off on a jerk from a pooch. Hence, will a hectic task for you especially if you have an inquisitive climber dog.

It is necessary to place Furbo somewhere it wouldn’t fall easily.

Camera with a wide lens covering up to 160° angle

Furbo night vision camera

Coming to the heart of Furbo, the HD camera with a wide lens covering up to 160° angle. You might not worry if you have to stay late in the office or attend a late-night party, because Furbo camera comes with a night vision enhanced system.

Along with that, Furbo has the smart selfie capture mode which allows you to click your dog’s cute muzzle. Along with that, the recorded footage gets stored on the cloud and technical system of Furbo does it via RSA 2048 bit encryption(RSA private key).

Furthermore, Furbo clears all the recording every midnight to optimize the storage and system speed. Hence, you will have to manage to download the recordings by midnight if you feel like have some of your little doggie funny or cute moments.

Apart from that, its smartphone app namely Companion allows you to completely shut off the camera. It will neither be a useless feature completely nor it will be a very useful one.

Wifi Connectivity

barking alert by Furbo

Furbo does all the cool things and functions smoothly just because of the efficient Wifi connectivity. Yes, Furbo has never disappointed any of the users because it comes with strong wifi connectivity signals.

However, if the data availability hinders Furbo from storing the recordings online then you will see a purple light beneath Furbo. It shows that a wifi connection is lost or does not have data availability.


Ultimately, the feature which has made many dog parents its fans is the two-way voice transfer system. Furbo comes with a mic and a speaker, it means Furbo will transfer your voice via the companion app to your dog and your dog’s voice to you.

Hence, you can essentially talk with your dog through the Furbo app and get to hear how is your dog doing.

This feature may have a positive impact on most dogs but they will take some time to understand first. In fact, you will have to train them to be calm when they hear the voice-over Furbo.

Once, you are done teaching your pooch how to stay calm and talk using Furbo then this feature never make you feel helpless.

Bark Detector

Furbo Bark Detector

Bark detector is a soft feature Furbo uses to let you know if your dog is going mad. Furbo sends notification on your smartphone upon detecting the bark sounds.

This feature triggers the notification on your smartphone instantly even when your dog might have barked for a few seconds. As a matter of fact, you might even get this notification when there are other dogs barking(clearly audible) in the neighborhood.

Nonetheless, this feature is vital especially if you have an anxious pooch. It will get you to know about your dog’s condition instantaneously. On the other hand, you can even silent or block the notification on your smartphone app.

Battery Support

Lastly, we have the most concerning factor which makes us worry a bit about the dog feeding time. Furbo functions on a live power source using its USB cable and power adaptor.

It means Furbo will stop functioning during a power cut(which is often during severe weather conditions/natural calamities). During that time Furbo will not function like all other electrical appliances.

Furbo Components Pros & Cons

Furbo is feature loaded and one of the most technologically sound pet product on the market still we shall caution you with these drawbacks before you buy one for your champ.

  • Furbo has a rugged yet lightweight structure with mellow white color and bamboo wood lid on its top.
  • You can record full HD videos using its 160° wide-angle lens camera.
  • The 1080 pixels HD camera records footage during dark with its night vision.
  • Recordings are stored on the cloud using RSA private key encryption.
  • Furbo clears recordings every midnight to optimize storage and system speed.
  • The smartphone app allows you to shut off the camera.
  • Furbo sends notification on your phone upon detecting several barks.(Also allows you to block notification)
  • Its power adaptor and USB cable is inclusive in the deal.
  • Lightweight body can evetually fall if your dog is up to ravel it to get the treats out.
  • Furbo does not function on a battery but only live plug-in power source.
  • Treat tosser requires neither too small nor too large sized kibble. It will toss multiple treats if they are small or its outlet will choke if the treats are large.

Is Furbo Dog Camera Worth Your Money?

We know, Furbo dog camera is something very sufficient for the working parents who leave their dogs at home.

On the other hand, are we carried away by the features and functionality of Furbo? Because then, we might end up getting an expensive product we hardly need!

Hence, we have studied the situation where Furbo will be immensely helpful whereas the situations where it might be useless completely.

Situation 1

A situation where your fur is at home and you are at the workplace.

Yes, Furbo the only such product which helps you feed your dog from a remote place far away from your home.

Hence, Furbo is the best dog feeding product or the dog camera if you have to leave your dog at home and go to work. It may be work or some other reasons, if you happen to hire a pet sitter or take favors from your neighbors or friends to help you feed your dog then Furbo os the perfect choice for you.

Situation 2

Coming to the types of dog people who shall not buy Furbo.

If you live in a place where frequent power cuts are experienced then Furbo shall not be your choice.

Because Furbo does not work on a battery but only live power supply. Hence, you shall only purchase Furbo if you can avail power supply using an inverter or sustainable power sources even in the power cut conditions.


Furbo is definitely a fun pet product not only for the dogs but also for their owners. The Furbo dog camera allows dog parents to pursue their day to day activities by leaving the diet-responsibility on Furbo. This is not a foolproof dog feeding camera but it is the best on the market that we have ever seen or heard of.

Therefore, getting one for your dog will be a good decision.

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