10 Funny Cat Collar Tags you Can Consider for your Kitty

People have named their cats like anything, surprisingly all of those weren’t single-word names. This is the story every cat parent who care, nurture, accompany their feline companions. Yet, these parents have received some backlashes, a little frustration, and wild giggles in their lives. You shall find all of these emotions looking at the ten funny cat collar tags their masters have given to their cats.

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10 Funny Cat Collar Tags

Go through the tags to have some funny name-tag ideas for your cat too!

1. Call My Agent, I Don’t Talk to Hooman-Nibbas Directly

best cat name

The owner of this cat might have performed some serious search-jobs to get Dixie back. Also, he is sure of out the unexpected escape plans that he will have to bear.

However, the owner seems to be a cat person who has managed to put his affection on one of the funny cat collar tags we have seen.

2. Bad is Just My Counterpart, I am a Runner Otherwise

scary cat name tag

I may look like a thug and I might not have any feelings for humans but I am not bad! (Pun intended)

Rumpole – I am a bad cat, is the cat collar tag the master has put to keep a track on the escaping cat.

3. I am a Swinger but Already Taken!

cat name and contact tag

The owner of this cat puts his words loud and clear because the owner doesn’t want others to steal Burls. You can pick any idea from the funny cat collar tags like this one. Because people would know that your cat is not abandoned at least.

4. Not all who Wander are Lost

collar tag for cat

Here we have a serious satirical collar tag. The current tag is also similar to the previous one. However, the cat parent has used a great line from the depths of human perspective to explain about JACK-the wandering cat.

5. You Better Get Going and Leave Me Alone

best cat collar tags

This golden furball does not need anyone bothering him. The whole scene gets a comic escalation pretty neat, assume a person finding the tag and reads this.

6. I am Worth It

feed my cat

Coming to one of the best requests you can get from a cat. Imagine, if a cute furball meowing at short intervals and looking his sparkling eyes. Suddenly tries to befriend you to satisfy the hunger.

In addition to that, despite of reading many funny cat collar tags before this one will be a heart-melting sight. Petting a kitten whose collar tag describes the very motive is beyond happiness.

7. My Mom Looks Ugly Crying!

cool name for a cat

You will suddenly feel the need of calling the cat mom upon finding this cat. This collar tag will cut off a lot of time people spend playing(innocently) with a newly found cat before actually calling the owner.

8. Is that a Threat?

cute cat name

This tag read you are going to lick me instead of KILL me! Or maybe the cat is a peace lover and…and a licker, right?

9. Why Don’t We Let Humans Do the Talking?

funny cat name

The cats like make friends as much as humans do. Also, calling their parents isn’t the task at the top of their priority if their stomach is filled. You know right, the cats don’t do the talking on a phone call!

10. Other than Smokey Humans Call Me…

funny cat collar tags

Here, we have the last of the funny cat collar tags. In fact, it is the story of every pet parent who owns either a dog or a cat.

It has become a procedural introduction for the pet parents in front of their friends and family. Moreover, the pet will receive a legit name for himself and the name to use in front of others i.e. Meet our pet, he is ‘why we can’t have nice things’.

The EndNote

We hope you have chosen a name for your cat from the list or got even a better idea for the same. Share a funny cat collar idea if you have something of the kind on your mind right now.

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