Finding A Pet Reptile That Suits You

Having a pet at home certainly adds happiness to the family. When pets grow and have stayed for years in the same household, it will eventually become much like a member of the family. This is the reason why one has to be careful about choosing the kind of animal to have as a pet.

It couldn’t just be part of an impulsive decision. The entire family has to be involved in the decision-making process when choosing what animal to have as a pet. If the whole family agrees to have a reptile for a pet, then several things have to be taken into consideration. If you are not yet sure what reptile pet to have, the following tips will prove to be helpful.

Tree Lizard


Check if you can provide the basic needs

When you are finding the pet reptile best-suiting for you, you must make sure that you are able to provide their basic needs.

Pet reptiles need proper care and appropriate handling. They need good space and ventilation. The environment must be clean. They must have a safe substrate. You also need to provide clean water and UV lighting, except for pet snakes. You must also give them enough vitamins and food supplements.

If you opt for a pet lizard, you should note that a bearded dragon care essential is quite unique. They require things like lighting, humidity and just the right temperature for their dwelling place. Some lizard species also require a specific place for basking. Preparing their basic necessities is a must when you decide to have a pet reptile.

Choose a reptile that fits your lifestyle

Reptiles are good pet alternatives for people who are allergic to furry pets. There are many reptiles that enjoy interacting with their human handlers, however not all of them. Some reptiles can’t adapt easily to being a pet and would tend to enjoy being alone. This is why it is vital to make sure that your pet reptile can suit your lifestyle.

You can research first about the reptile’s general care and assess if it can adjust easily. You may also seek some advice on other pet reptile handlers. You can even find some advice online by posting on social networking sites and group pages.

Consider a reptile’s natural behavior

Do you want a pet reptile that loves to climb on branches? Do you want one that likes to burrow? There are also reptiles that spend most of their time in the water, while others prefer to have flat surfaces where they can have a hiding place.

Some reptiles do not want to be disturbed while they’re hibernating or during their shedding period. So, if you want to own a reptile for a pet, make sure to consider their natural behavior and see if it is something that won’t cause you or your family any discomfort.

Reptile pet's natural behavior

Select a pet reptile that is born and bred in captivity

Getting to know your pet reptile’s origin is vital. You can inquire about the pet shop or breeder to ensure that your chosen pet was not taken out of their original habitat.

Wild reptiles are off-limits and to some countries, are considered illegal. Some of them, usually tend to have a low survival rate. Make sure to purchase your pet reptile that is born or bred in captivity. This is for you to ensure their legalities as well as the pet’s adaptability to their future home.

Think about who will take care of your pet

Before you decide on what reptile to have as a pet, ask yourself first who will take care of it. If you want your children to be in charge, they may still need the help of an adult. If you frequently travel, make sure you have someone else who would be willing to take care of your pet.

Remember that it can truly be challenging to look for a pet sitter if your pet is a reptile. This is because not everybody knows how to handle it. Besides, these reptiles need special care, a kind of care which many people may not be too familiar with.

Know the possible health risks

Housing a reptile may also bring with it some health risks. Some reptiles are known to carry with them a Salmonella bacteria which can cause illness in humans. This is why it is important that proper hygiene is observed when handling reptiles. Extra care must be taken especially when children touch their pets lest they face a greater risk for infection.

Having a pet at home entails serious responsibility. Once the pet is brought to your home, it immediately requires attention. So, make sure you have enough time to take good care of it.

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