Embark Dog DNA Test Review [2023]

Does the ill behavior of your pet Fido worry you about him being a mutt although the breeder claims him to be a purebred one? Similarly, do you want to know how much weight and size the young pup will gain in his adulthood? Moreover, all of us are intrigued by the idea to know as much as possible about our pet dogs. Then the best advice for it would be going for the Embark Dog DNA test kit.

You can easily get to know about the quality of the product when you go through the Embark DNA reviews on Amazon. Because of its versatile and effective testing methods, the results we obtain are to the point and accurate.


About Embark Dog DNA Test

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Coming to the product and everything that comes with it, the Embark DNA dog test kit is undoubtedly one of the best on the market. Moreover, this product has dominated the market with its DNA test kit for more than one reasons.

The reason range from the quality of the product to even delivering the reports with utmost graphical representation. The Embark dog DNA test kit has worked for many pet parent and probably will satisfy your curiosity at its best.

In the same manner, the test process has three steps that you need to perform to get the reports after buying the test kit. Firstly, you would buy the Embark dog DNA which comes with a swab and a prepaid mailing container. Then you have to collect the sample of dog’s inner cheek skin cells by the rubbing the swab over it gently.

This sample will show the actual results once you mail it to the laboratory for testing. As the matter of fact, the lab experts even depict the gene pool, disease vulnerability, drug sensitivity, etc. All these information is more than sufficient to give your dog an environment and life better.

Furthermore, the Embark DNA tests describe not only about your existing pooch but also about his generation tree up to four levels. The DNA test will produce accurate results about the great-grandparents of your pooch.

Not to mention, the best factor of using the Embark dog DNA test kit is that Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine is the research partner of the Embark vet brand.

Moreover, it gives this product the best of advancements as well as foolproof testing methods.

In addition to that, the Embark dog DNA test kit will surprise you with its detailed report on the sample. The lab experts will consume a few weeks before producing the reports which might be the worst part to deal with.

The reports will describe many things along with the four level of generation tree of your pooch. Along with that, the reports will shed light on the possibilities of acquiring the diseases. Also, you can know about the drug that dog can be sensitive to.

All these information is difficult to obtain that too from a single pack of DNA test kit! Moreover, people prefer having this test for their furbabies for knowing them better. In fact, in this manner, the pet parent will have all the information about the needs of their pets to nurture them in a better way.

Not to mention, the test results can tell you that your estimated weight your pup will have during his adulthood. In addition to that, the size of your pooch, the color of the fur, texture and shedding level of his fur becomes clear.

There are many reasons to use the Embark dog DNA test kit despite its expensive price. You will see exactly the factors making the Embark dog DNA the best in its segment later in the Embark DNA reviews.

Process for Taking the Embark Dog DNA Test

This section contains everything you need to know about the Embark dog DNA test. You will find the Embark DNA Test reviews in this section. We have given the review collecting several user experiences about Embark online, testimonials, quality of the product, details of the reports, etc. in this section.

To say the least, you have to thoroughly go through the topics below to know about the Embark dog DNA test kit completely.

Taking the Sample

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Starting with the first step of collecting the test sample using the Embark test kit. You have to use the swab. The test kit contains a swab which is the tool for collecting the sample.

The cotton swab has the sterilized cotton buds with sufficient length of the swab. Hence, it becomes easy to rub the cotton buds on the inner cheek of your pooch for collecting skin cells. Although the cotton buds are soft and highly absorbent you have to rub the swab neither too gently nor aggressively.

You can leave the swab to air-dry for a few minutes to prepare the sample for mailing. The moisture in the swab buds can compromise the quality and integrity of the specimen. Also, moisture content has more chances to hinder the embark genetic testing results. Hence, air drying the swab becomes very important.

In the end, after you have taken the samples on the swab and let it air-dry completely then you can proceed. The next step is also as simple as this step which you will get to know in the next sub-section.

Moreover, people face a few problems while taking the swab test. Generally, the pooch will understand everything you take out from a pack will be a treat for him. It raises his excitement with his false anticipation. However, the pooch can wait patiently till you hold the swab in your hand.

Not to mention, the dog will try to sniff profusely or lick the swab before you put it in his mouth. This will only increase some efforts for taking the sample perfectly. In the same manner, while you put the swab inside his mouth the dog will go restless.

Moreover, the pooches try to lick the cotton buds out of their instinctive behavior. Hence, you have to make sure that the pooch does not lick clean the sample or contaminate it if there is something on his tongue at that moment.

Sending the Specimen

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Here comes the second part of the process, mailing the sample to the laboratory. As we mentioned, the Embark mail options are simple to perform. Generally, many dog DNA testing comes with the prepaid mailing container in the kit. Hence, you just have to pack the swab inside the container and mail it to the lab address which the Embark Boston pre-written on it.

Hence, this process does not require a lot of efforts or care like we had to do while taking the swab samples. In the same manner, you do not have to worry about the sample getting misplaced in the shipment. Neither the parcel will reach after a delay nor you have to pay for it.

As the matter of fact, you actually pay for the mailing feature while you pay for the Embark dog DNA test kit. That is the reason the Embark has such a huge price tag, its detailed and accurate reports. Along with that, you pay for the mailing service while you are getting the DNA test kit.

In addition to that, you shall not worry about the time consignment will take to reach the lab. Because the people from Embark Boston are confident about the lab workings and its accuracies. They promise of the results reaching to you within the two to four weeks of time.

However, the waiting period won’t be the best experience either, the curiosity of knowing your dog will be at its peak. Nevertheless, the less you think about adversities or extremities the better you can cope up with that time.

Results from the Laboratory

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Coming to the last portion of the test procedure, there is a lot of fun information. Along with that, you will get a ton load of information vital for your dog’s care. Moreover, people take this test for their pooches while they have bought them young. Because the pooches can have better treatment of any diseases, sensitivity or better nurturing.

Apparently, you will not understand everything that you are reading here. You will get one of such reports in your hands, only then you will know better. In fact, the Embark dog DNA test is similar to that of the human DNA test getting renown at a fast pace.

First things first, people generally believe that they are taking the DNA test for knowing the gene pool of their dog. On the contrary, there more information you get your hands on. It includes right from the weight and size of the dog to the color of his fur and characteristics traits.

These are the major information that you will acquire about your dog. Firstly, you will a clear idea of who your pet is, or if he belongs from a coyote or wolf gene pool. Yes, the Embark can even detect if the mutt has any gene connection with the wolves or coyotes.

Moreover, the rescued dogs from the prairie lands or city outskirts can exhibit these characteristics. Because they are exposed to the wilderness which the dogs in the street hardly experience.

Coming back to the details of the report, not only you can know about the gene pool of your dog but also about his great-grandparents. The Embark dog DNA test shows a pictorial representation of the four-level generation tree of your Fido.

This results will be accurate depending upon the density of the gene pool of your pooch. The results will be accurate for the dog which is pure-bred or has only mutt involvement from either maternal or paternal sides. Because then the DNA characteristics will have a clear indication of the breed involvement.

On the other hand, the results will show details for about six to seven dog breed involvement with substantial accuracy.

Only until then the lab tests can clearly identify the gene pool. Thereafter you will see the reports getting general or showing vague results.

Therefore, if you are taking this test for a rescued mutt then you are about to get a printed report affirming the gene pool as dense but without further details.

Furthermore, the reports of the Embark will shed some light on the disease topic. You can know if your dog has more vulnerability towards some diseases. In fact, the test results can specify if your dog can have any disease out of more than 160 disease patterns.

As the matter of fact, the Embark dog DNA reports will show if your dog will acquire any kind of drug sensitivity or not. Also, you will know which drug sensitivities your pet has accurately. Hence, you can take better care of your dog from early in his life. Because the possibilities of diseases and drug sensitivity can guide you to choose the products suitable for him.

Generally, the pet parents give their pets some types of food and medicines which can be harmful to them in other ways. In this case, you can easily know about the things best for your dog. Having said that, hence, getting your pet through this test early in his life will be great.

You can easily avail a healthy lifestyle for your dog to live longer without any diseases.

In addition to that, the DNA test will even shed light on the physical characteristics of your pooch. Although you have gone through the test while your pup is toddling you can know how much he will weigh and grow in his adulthood. Also, the results can indicate accurately if your dog is a family friendly or kid-friendly. Similarly, you can get to know if your pooch has traits of the guard dog, family dog, hound, or herder dog.

Therefore, there are many reasons to use Embark test despite it having a huge price tag. However, you can still choose to go for the Embark coupon which avails a drastic discount for purchasing its products online.

Embark Dog DNA Breed Screening

This section describes everything about the product in brief which we have seen or missed in the previous section.

Results of Intricate Samples

You will get know about the products which provide the dog DNA will have accurate results if the sample is of a perfect pedigree. On the contrary, the results will start to deviate more and more if the samples are from the pooch with dense gene pool tree.

It becomes next to impossible to have accurate results for the pooches whose generation tree of origin has more branches. Nevertheless, the Embark dog DNA test kit provides with the most accurate results people have ever seen.

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In addition to that, you can use the Embark app to register your pooch’s identity and activate the code. Along with that, you can even refer the samples from their database to see which one matches the most to your pet.

Family Tree Information

The Embark DNA verification process provides a four-level generation tree. It shows the gene pool of your pooch, his parent, grandparents, and great-grandparents.

The graphical representation is attractive and even interestingly simple to understand. Furthermore, the tree will show the maternal part of the gene pool in the tree representation.

In addition to that, there will be data showing the proportion of various breeds in the percentage value. Hence, if you have a mutt which is a mix of Doberman and a Poodle then the results will show X% of Doberman and Y% of Poodle.

Merits and Demerits of Wisdom Dog DNA

You can see the merits and demerits of buying the Embark dog DNA product to test the DNA of your doggo.

  • Most accurate and detailed dog genetic analysis.
  • Projects accurate physical and psychological traits of the dog.
  • Description of drug sensitivity and vulnerability to diseases.
  • Report of the tests is designed ergonomically and with attractive graphics.
  • Easy to take sample on swab and mail it to lab in prepaid container.
  • Embark costs higer than most of the DNA test kits on teh market.
  • The results can get inaccurate if the gene pool has a densely branched generation tree.

Embark vs Wisdom Panel

You might have seen the best of products which provide the tested reports of the dog DNA. We bet you still have a confusion regarding the Wisdom Panel vs Embark dog DNA kits. Both the product are equivalent to each other in terms of the authenticity of the results.

To differentiate Embark and Wisdom Pane, there are a few features which will be helpful for the differentiation. Firstly, the Wisdom Panel has two different products which deliver the reports similar to the Embark’s. You will need Wisdom Panel 4.o or 3.0 for testing generation pool and multi-drug resistance mutation. And, the Wisdom Panel Health to find the vulnerability of diseases.

On the other hand, the Embark dog DNA kit will provide all of this information this kit itself.

Likewise, the Wisdom Panel has the online registration and learning lab privileges which describes the testing process. Whereas, the Embark online privileges are limited to knowing the breed samples via their profiles. In this case, Embark provides a commendable service but the Wisdom Panel learning lab is better.

The EndNote

We would recommend the Embark dog DNA kit for many reasons, right from detailed information to accuracy. The Embark is one ideal product that you can buy from the market for genetic analysis of your dog. As you have seen the features and information this product deliver is just commendable. Lastly, there no such downside apart from its worthy yet expensive price tag.

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