Are Dog Shock Collars Legal in US?

The dog shock collars are useful for many reasons but can lead to the punitive training. It is useless electrifying the dog for some reason that he probably will not understand! However, we have found that product to be useful while using it rarely throughout the day. But shall we reconsider this dog training method because we heard some news that US animal authorities have banned it?

About Dog Shock Collars Rules

Firstly, we will begin with the bans that exist in the regions other than the USA. Wales and Scottland were the two countries which initiated with banning the use of electric dog collars. The reason behind taking this step was the discouragement of using such punitive methods.

However, these two nations had banned the use of the electric collars way a long ago. Whereas the controversy struck between the animal activists and environmental department officials regarding the same. Initially, the officials supported the agitation of the activists but everything did not go as people had expected.

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Is It Legal in Us?

Apparently, there is no ban on using the electric shock collar for dog training. And, there are two types of collars namely anti-bark and training collars available on the markets. Moreover, the anti-bark collar can be of the spray type or shock. On the other hand, the training collar will have varying intensities of volts from brand to brand.

dog shock collars

If you are looking to get an electric collar for your inquisitive dog then take care of one thing. See that the dog shock collar has the adjustable shock intensities and an RC.

Because you will have to adjust the shock intensity depending upon the size of your Fido. Also, it means you can use the low intensities most of the time which gives a little buzz and not a shock.

As the matter of fact, the shock can make a dog feel from ticklish to heavy jolt. Not to mention, the dog collars can deliver the shock of intensities varying from 1500 to 6000 volts. Although these numbers reflect the severity the shock lasting for a split second will not cause much discomfort if used rarely.

Finally, to state the fact, using the dog shock collars in the USA is legal as The authoritative bodies did not find substantial evidence to support either the ban or diminishing the usage.

However, there are certain responsibilities of the pet owner to take care of.

Reasons for Banning Dog Shock Collars

humane method of dog training

As we mentioned, the dog shock collar controversy has been going on since the long span of time. Yet, there is no such ban came into action as of now. So, there is no ban from the officials but to study the reasons for banning the dog shock collars you can read further.

The electric shock collars for dogs can be useful for many but some dogs can have devastating results. The very reinforcement we would want it to work for the dogs can become punitive.

Training of the dog should be of positive reinforcement method and never punitive. Hence, the dog can get to learn which of his acts are either good or bad. In this case, the dog might not understand if he is getting shocks of hate or training. In fact, dogs might associate your presence with getting shocks and try to avoid you instinctively.

Hence, you might make the dog scared of doing anything at all and take that gesture as training mistakenly.

Additionally, the strong jolts from the electric shock collar can give a burn on the dog’s neck. Also, the electrodes protruding out of the collar can pierce through the skin on rare cases.

The EndNote

Using the electric dog shock collar means that you get to make the training process more fruitful and not a nightmare for the dog. Never use this device for punishing the dog. Because then you will be misusing the provision of legally using the dog shock collars.

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