Dog Nail Clipper Or Grinder – Which One Suits Your Dog?

Are you confused between Dog Nail Clipper Or Grinder? Still, Don’t know which one is suitable for your pup?

When was the last time you clipped or ground your nails? Confused? We are more used to the term nail cutting/nail cutters for instance. It is accompanied by a nail file that polishes and smoothens the nails after cutting. That’s the basic manicure and pedicure we human beings do.

But hey wait for Dogs, we have Nail Clippers and Grinders! How are these two different from each other? Which one’s better? You can select the best dog nail clipper or best dog nail grinder based on your needs.

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Dog Nail Clipper Or Grinder – Which One Suits Your Dog?

We do care about the dogs, their health and hygiene and as a pet owner you got to consider their grooming session too. Nail grooming is indeed crucial because in most of the cases we won’t actually know when to cut the dog nails.

This is why you have to keep checking the nails to prevent cracking and not wait too long for the nails to grow.

If you do so, the nails would start touching the ground and this added pressure will affect their walking and put pressure on the legs.

You can either get a dog nail clipper for home maintenance or even visit a pet-grooming specialist for all the ‘mani’ and ‘pedi’ done.

There are two Dog Nail trimming tools – Nail Grinders and Nail Clippers, which side are you?

Why are we Comparing Nail Clipper with a Nail Grinder?

So, welcome to the debate. Both the Nail Clipper and the Nail Grinder have their own dedicated jobs, then why is this comparison? For a complete nail grooming, you have to use both the tools together!


The thing your dog hates, and maybe even you.

Nail Clippers are the plier-shaped tools that are used for clipping and cutting your doggo’s nails. Most of the nail clippers come with a dog nail file for smoothening the nails.

Facts about Dog Nail Clipper

  • The Dog Nail Clippers gets you the nail work done in a quiet manner.
  • Get the work done in less time.
  • It doesn’t need the presence of electricity, just the manual power.
  • You may cut the quick portion of the nail if proper care is not taken.
  • A painful experience for your pet if you accidentally squeezed the quick while clipping.
  • Decently priced tool.
  • Sometimes, it may break the dog’s nail.
  • Clipping job requires more experience, therefore less recommended for the beginners.


Whereas grinders include a high-speed rotary tool which operates on battery or current. The dog’s nail is placed near to the grinder, and it is turned on. This will grind the nails instead of cutting them.

Facts about Dog Nail Grinder
  • The best solution for the dogs afraid of clipping.
  • Here the grinding can be compared to how sandpaper works on the wood.
  • A nail grinder is recommended for large, thick nails which are hard to clip.
  • As the tool runs on current, it is ought to make some noise. This may scare your pooch!
  • Grinding creates dust while working, so make use of a mask during the nail work.
  • Even if you hit the quick, you can stop in the middle and check where you have reached.
  • I won’t say Dog Nail Grinders are costly, but yes compared to the Nail Clippers, Grinders are expensive.

Final Call: Dog Nail Clipper or Dog Nail Grinder?

Frankly, both the tools are effective and performing in their own way. Nail Clippers, if you go by the reviews and get the best model – they will keep the dog nails trimmed and maintained. While Dog Nail Grinders are more powerful, electrically-driven tool which grinds the nail and does the trimming and smoothening work on the go. It’s difficult to choose any one among these two, when both of them are exceptionally brilliant.

You can read the facts listed above, and try to match them with your requirements. Surely, you will find your way out! Besides all this, you need to understand what your dog likes and how to grind/clip the nails in the right way.

Did I succeed in clearing your doubts? Questions and suggestions are always welcome. Follow for more pet know-hows!

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