GPS and your Dog’s Health: Keeping its Medical Records

There are plenty of fantastic health monitoring devices out there for us that facilitate with amazing features and aid in better health. But have you ever wondered using those devices for your pet and try to take care of their health and well-being like you do for yours?

You, of course, know your pet’s likes and dislike when it comes to food, where he merrily wants to walk, and what his favorite toys are. But you don’t know much about their current health condition. His daily activities have a larger impact on their health and an unhealthy lifestyle can put their health in danger and invite future medical conditions for them. Using the right devices, you can keep a track of your pet’s sleep, physical activity, and can also see his real-time location, for instance, GPS for cats and dogs.

Let’s find out more about why you should keep track of your pet’s activity and medical records.


Why Should You Monitor Your Pet?

Putting a monitoring device on your pet allows you to keep a close eye on its real-time activity.

These devices come with a sleep monitor, exercise monitor, and a GPS tracker. In addition, the device can also keep timely records of your beloved pet’s sleep duration as well as its running, walking, and sitting around timing.

Apart from this information, the pet tracker will monitor and document your pet’s movement and also shows its real-time location.

Problems with Physical Health

While you can keep track of your pet’s physical activity more accurately using the device, using an activity monitor can help your pet to stay fit.

a running toy breed dog

This is especially helpful when your cat or dog has gained weight and should shed those extra pounds. The device will help you to provide a calculated physical activity that you can gradually increase in the future. This way your pet will easily be able to adapt new exercise routines without any risks of injuries.

Moreover, these devices even come with other features like vibrations or a bell. You can use them for correcting or reinforcing your pet’s behavior.

Problems with Mental Health

Mental stimulation is as crucial as your pet’s physical activity and is associated with its happiness.

When your pets behave weirdly, seem lethargic, and are less interested in playing, that may indicate any problem with your pet. That being said, the physical activity of a pet is linked to its mental health.

Since the monitoring device can show you the history of your pet’s activity, you can use it to see any change in its patterns. If you start to notice a sudden decrease in its playfulness, then you might take the right steps to address it.

Tracking things like this can help you keep your pet happier and healthier. Also, it can allow you to see if there is a need for professional help.

Keep Track of Its Rest

If your pet has recently been injured, went through surgery, or the vet simply recommended some rest, then a monitoring device can help you with that as well.

sleeping cat

Since you already know that it records the activity levels of your pet, it can tell you how much rest it’s getting. The tracker can also tell the duration of deep sleep when your pet’s relaxing.

With an excellent monitoring device on your pet, following doctor’s orders can be much more accessible.

Gather General Data

These pet monitoring devices can allow you to see what’s going on when you are not around.

For instance, you want a pet sitter and walker to walk your dog for at least an hour, you can check real-time data or check that later. This way you can ensure the pet walker is not just taking your dog to a park and rest while he should be walking your pooch.

This way, you can make sure your pet is properly being taken care of even when you are not around.

Collect Medical Data

The top-shelf monitoring devices gather accurate data that can be incredibly useful to detect subtle changes over weeks or months.

Without the device, it’s impossible to find out what is going on with your pet. You might be able to see the significant changes, but the small ones are harder to notice.

The accurate data collected by these devices can be used to diagnose, evaluate, or even treat your pet’s condition. Your pet monitoring device can also send alerts if it notices a downwards trend in your pet’s activity and other levels.

But to ensure your pet’s health, you need to keep plenty of medical records. It will be useful that you keep them in digital forms as well as paper because the digital can be useful when you urgently need them.

How Much Does A Monitoring Device Cost?

While you can always go higher or lower, you can get a perfectly good monitoring device for around $50 to $60. Within this range, you can have it all. You can monitor your pet’s activity, sleep, and location, along with many other things.

But if you go lower than $50, then you might not get advanced features and will have to compromise with accuracy and precision.

What Features Does It Need to Have?

Here’s the list of features you need to primarily focus on.

  • Waterproof

Your dog or cat probably doesn’t care about getting a little wet every now and then, which is why you should make sure the device you get is water-resistant.

  • Runaway Alerts

Many pets get lost every year, and while some of them are found, most never make it to home back. That is why you need to have a device that lets you set a virtual perimeter in the app. If your pet ever crosses the line, then the device should alert you immediately.

  • Battery Life

It would be best if your monitoring device lasts for at least 2 or 3 days on a single charge. Also, it would be helpful if the device gave a low battery alert to make sure you don’t forget to charge it.

  • GPS Strength

The device that you pick needs to have a fantastic GPS reception. You see, most GPS signals get blocked in the wilderness, on rough terrains, or between tall buildings. But what’s the use of the device if the GPS signals are always disturbed or blocked? That’s why you need to make sure before your purchase that its GPS reception is good enough so that it also functions well under suboptimal circumstances.

a retriever dog in lawn

All in all, getting an activity tracker for a pet is always a good idea. We have mentioned how it can help you with keeping a close eye on your pet even when you’re not around. These devices can meticulously record tiny, yet, crucial details that can be helpful for the diagnosis and treatment of different medical conditions. And at the end, we have included what you should look for in an activity tracker device. Let us know your questions in the comment section below.

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