101 Dog Facts: Amazing and Bizarre Facts You Didn’t Know Before!


In love with dogs? See these interesting as well as bizarre facts related to dogs. We have gathered these 101 fun & amazing dog facts just for you!

So just sit down and enjoy!

Dog History Facts

Dog facts

1. Miacis is the first traceable ancestor of dogs, however, dogs are not the direct descendants of them. The evolution chain includes Cynodictis then Tomarctus after it comes Grey Wolf and then finally The Dog. This is the ancestral link of the dogs.

2. It is believed, dogs were the first animal kind that humans domesticated. Ancestor of dogs i.e. wolves, it was the first animal kind to be domesticated.

3. Dogs were used in a war right from 600 BC by Lydian kingdom against the Cimmerian army.

dog facts for kids

4. Romans during a war used the cross of ancient breed similar to that of Mastiff known as Molosser. Dogs wore armor and spiked collar during the battle.

5. Persians, Sarmatians, Greeks, Alans, Baganda, Britons, Romans, Egyptians used dogs for warfare during the ancient period.

Dog Facts and Information

6. America has the highest population of dogs in the world i.e. 89.7 million(in 2017) living as pets.

7. Most common breeds of dogs in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami are French Bulldog, Labrador Retriever, English Bulldog, German Shepherd respectively.

8. Most common names for dogs are Ollie, Stella, Mabel, Lucy, Winston.

9. Labrador, Golden Retriever, Poodle, Beagle, Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen are the friendliest breeds according to American Kennel Club.

10. According to New York Times, Scottsdale, Arizona is the most dog-friendly city of America. New York ranks 97th on the same list and Newark 100th.

prairie dog facts

11. Prairie dog facts: It is a rodent. They are called dogs because they use shorts barks to warn other prairie dogs. (Image above)

12. An adult dog has 42 teeth while a pup can have 28 teeth. (source)

dog facts for kids

13. Deciduous teeth of puppies completely shed till they grow 4 months old.

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14. Many Russian stray dogs commute on a Moscow metro and deboard at the stations where they have higher chances of getting food.

Interesting dog facts

15. Dogs can fly along with human passengers in a side compartment, its famous term is “Cuddle Class”. Delta offers a GPS tracker which shows the location and temperature of the surrounding. Furthermore, this service costs add to the base first class ticket price and a vet’s documentation/approval is necessary.

Pitbull Dog Facts

16. Dr. Brady Barr’s Bite Pressure Test show that domestic dogs can have more biting force i.e. 320 lbs than an African wild dog i.e. 300 lbs. (Domestic dogs included APBT, Rottweiler, German Shepherd)

17. Pitbull Terrier and Stafford Terrier are the most challenging dog to pet. Many insurance companies don’t cover for these dogs.

Fun Dog Facts

dog performance

18. Kirk Nurock conducted a musical piece at Carnegie Hall in 1980 named Sonata for piano and three dogs. Three dogs bark, howl, sing, growl during the piece. These three dogs were the finalists out of a total 32 dogs auditioned.

dog breed facts

19. One of the best friends of Mickey Mouse named Goofy is actually his nickname. Originally he was called Dippy Dawg in the 1930s.

amazing dog facts

20. Scooby, the Great Dane from Scooby-Doo, Huckleberry Hound from The Huckleberry Hound Show, Muttley from Dastard and Muttley in their Flying Machines were drawn by Iwao Takamoto.

fun dog facts for kids

21. The most expensive wedding of dogs accounted for $250,000. Coton de Tulear as the bride and Poodle groom.

blue eyed dog

22. Weimaraner puppies are born with bright blue eyes. After their six months of age, the eyes color changes to grey, greenish blue, gold.

police dog facts

23. Dogs have unique nose prints. Yes, the pattern on dog’s nose is a unique identity.

24. According to a research by Neitz, dogs have less vibrant color recognition than humans. They are red-green colorblind.

funny dogs facts

25. There is no definite answer to why dogs tilt their heads while listening. Assumptions(analytical conclusions with no solid proof) include taking a good look at the speaker’s face, showing curiosity, hearing keenly.

26. Muzzle punch is the term when a dog pokes his/her nose. It can mean one of these moods; excitement, warning, attention seeking. Some masters even get their nose bleeding due to punches.

muzzle punch

27. California, Virginia, Hawaii, Georgia, New York, Michigan have laws against dog consumption. Other than these regions have no specific rules for dog meat consumption.

28. Congress could implement strict laws regarding dog meat consumption anytime soon. Anyone held guilty will face a jail time and up to 2500 US dollar fine.

Interesting Dog Facts

29. Dogs mark their territory by peeing on trees, poles, etc but they hide their poop such that others do not find their presence. Dogs are more likely to pee nearby his territory and poop far away.

30. Pet Directed Speech(PDS) helps young dogs to interact and understand human intentions better. Women use PDS more often than men.

fun dog facts

31. Dogs chasing their tails can be due to sheer boredom. German Shepherd, Bull Terrier, Doberman, Australian Cattle dog have hereditary tendency to do so.

32. Hugging a dog can increase his stress level. Lowered ears, licking the lips, licking a hugger’s face are are the signs of anxiety.

27. It is legal in Canada to kill and eat the companion pet dog. However, there is a law which says that killing should be painless for animal i.e. instantly and shall face distress.

boxer dog facts

34. Whiskers have many sensory nerves which signal dog’s brain about characteristics of objects(similar to human finger/touch). Tempering the whiskers by cutting, surgically removing can confuse the dog and decrease the spatial awareness.

35. Puppies can sense their mother by heat receptors in their nose. It helps them to locate their mother when they cannot see or hear anything.

36. Mother sometimes disown the pup if given back to her after cleaning. Litter birthed by C-section also cause this problem. Very young or the infected mother can behave similarly.

37. Lactating females may feed on her own litter. Mother use this tendency to eliminate unhealthy ones from the litter.

38. According to a research conducted by Girden in which 8 out of 11 dogs readily ate raw flesh of a dog.

Bizzare Dog Facts

39. Grooming place can be more stressful for dogs than the treatment itself. A car ride to the place may play a role in increasing stress in dogs.

weird hot dog facts

40. Niyozov banned dogs in Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan. According to him, dogs have “unappealing odor”.

41. An Indian bride weds a dog to get rid of an evil spell. The villagers believe the ill-luck passes to the pooch from the bride by a marriage. And the man that the apparent bride marries next will have a longer life.

amazing dog facts

42. Dogs will recognize the moving things instantly and get confused while looking at a stationary object.

43. It is unlawful allowing a dog to pursue a bear or a bobcat at any time.

44. A Dog can scavenge his master’s dead body. Several cases where the dogs ate their master had dog food accessible.

45. A dog named Cruella is allergic to humans, the reason is human dander.

Service/Guide Dog Facts

dog fighting facts

46. Smokey, an abandoned Yorkshire terrier was the first therapy dog found in the World War II by an American soldier. He took her(Smoky) to camp where she received her name. She bears the honor of twelve combat missions and eight battle stars.

smokey war dog facts

47. Sergeant Stubby is the most decorated war dog of World War I. He was of an unknown breed which had resemblances to that of Boston terrier, American bull terrier.

service dog facts

48. Chips was the war hero dog of World War II. He is German Shepherd Husky cross.

49. There were about 2500 war dogs in service of army and 700 serving overseas at any given time during of the year in 2015.

50. US army gets its 85% of war dogs from Germany and Netherland. (source)

dog facts texts

51. The entire squad honors when a war dog dies, reading the poem ‘Guardian of the Night’ and symbolically placing the food dishes upside down.

52. Many a times loss of either a handler or a dog is mourned by the other who is alive. After that, the dog might be agitated to take orders from the new handler.

53. Every guide dog has to go through ten step Canine Good Citizen(CGC) test for the approval from American Kennel Club(AKC).

54. Prior to a dog taking the CGC test, the master has to sign a pledge to take the responsibility of the dog’s health, needs, quality of life and not allowing the dog to break rights of other.

Cute/Funny Dog Facts

55. Dance competitions are common these days where the master dances with a dog. Judges asses them on factors i.e. the content of dance, execution, accuracy, sync, interpretation to give them a score.

dog facts and information

56. Toy breed to medium breed dogs do handstand/leg raise while peeing. This will happen more often when a dog urinates away from home. Puppies cannot control this movement when they get excited.

57. Dogs love snow as much humans do, they can even hunt eats and vole hiding under the snow bed. Dogs depend on their hearing and sniffing capability for hunting. You might find it funny when a dog jumps and forcefully intrudes his face in the snow to hunt.


cool dog facts

58. First living being to orbit the Earth was a dog named Laika, a stray dog from Moscow. Laika had no life signs after 5-7 hours of launch and the shuttle Sputnik 2 had orbited Earth 2570 times before burning. (source).

tallest dog great dane facts

59. Freddy from the UK is the tallest living dog on the Earth, measuring 1.035 m tall.
Keon, an Irish Wolfhound from Westerlo, Belgium holds a Guinness World Record for the longest tail; measuring 76.8 cm long.

fast dog facts

60. Greyhound is the fastest dog breed which can run up to 45 mph.

step in dog harness facts

61. Jiffy is the fastest pomeranian dog on two legs. He has two Guinness World Records, one for completing 10 meters on hind legs in 6.56 seconds and another for completing 5 meters on forelegs in 7.76 seconds.

Random Dog Facts – Dog Fun Facts

62. Statistics from Statista reveals interesting dog food facts, people bought pet eatables worth of a total of $ 311 million in 2017. (Constituting individually, Pet supply store sales = $127.38 m; Walmart sales = $70.89 m; Online shopping sales = $113.23 m).

63. Also, the statistics show the value of pet food market to be $ 24.6 billion in 2016 and the estimate states the value to be $ 30.01 billion in 2022.

64. There are luxury hotels which have a special arrangement for guests with dogs. They have spaw(it’s the term they use) for fur coloring, facial, aromatherapy, pawdicure. An article describes the premium hotel Pooch Palace with such amenities.

65. Performing owner of the dog at grooming competition needs months to prepare their dog fit for the competition. They dye the dog’s fur prior to the performance. If they lose the competition, some try consecutively in later years.

66. According to calculation, a birth rate of more than 300 in a year is a healthy sign for a breed. Less than 100 a year is critical and that breed will face the brink of extinction if not taken care.

Dog Facts Regarding Health

67. Dog’s teeth cannot regrow once the permanent teeth have fallen.

dog health facts

68. Dogs have sweat glands in their paw pads and on the nose, their primary mode of cooling the body is panting or vasodilation.

69. Neutered or spayed pooches tend to live longer than normal dogs.

70. Playing tug-of-war is a good form of exercising a dog. But avoid playing with aggressive ones.

71. We can estimate the dog’s age by looking at its teeth.

72. A rabid dog can infect others just by a nail scratch. Dogs have a tendency to lick its paws where saliva sticks to the nails. Thus a scratch from dog’s nail can transmit rabies.

dog food nutrition

73. CBD in Marijuana is helpful to dogs in pain, stress and for healing certain diseases. THC can prove to have adverse or fatal effects on dogs.

74. New York or California could be the first states to legalize the usage of Marijuana for dogs for medical purposes.

African Wild Dog Facts

dog barking facts

75. African wild dogs sometimes sneeze to communicate.

76. Lion hunters used Basenji an African Dog to lure lions out in the open from the den or cave. Basenji keenly depends on vision and sound for hunting.

77. Dog, wolf, jackal, coyote, fox are all canids, the dog family. These all are descendants of Miacis.

78. Hyena has a resemblance to dogs but they are actually from the Hyaenidae family and not Canid.

Dog Facts and Technology

dog facts and applications

79. Sony’s Aibo is a robotic dog aimed for developing an emotional relationship with owners. It can record its experience data, take photos and update new tricks from a cloud.

80. There are many smartphone applications that facilitate dog dating i.e. Tindog. Adding to it, an app for only dog owners to find their partners i.e. BarkHappy. App users have to see gender preferences for themselves and their dog too!

dog ghosts facts

81. Petnet and Pet Cube are the gadgets that allow you to feed your pet and talk with him respectively while you are away.

82. A drone manufacturer builds drones which can take a dog for a walk on predetermined GPS track.

Heart Breaking – Dog Abuse Facts

hound dog facts

83. 3.9 million dogs enter into shelter homes in the USA every year.

84. About 2.7 million dogs and cats get killed every year due to overpopulating shelters.

85. At Least, five puppies died during the movie shoot of Snow Buddies due to Parvovirus outbreak.

86. A dog in the hot car, facts state it die of panic and overheating. The apparent example supports the fact: A dog dies in the car and other two suffer severe injuries.

killer dogs

87. Seven dogs starved for two weeks before the master revisited the place after his holiday. Dogs were suspected of their master’s death. Skull of Andre(master) was on the kitchen and his body in the front yard.

88. At least, 600 million dogs are abandoned worldwide which are still alive.

Myth – Dog Facts

89. Many believe dogs cannot digest grains, which is a myth.

90. Many believe that Basenji can’t bark, which is not true. They do bark rarely but don’t regularly choose to bark.

91. Dogs are not colorblind, they can see colors more than just black, grey, and white.

dog bun facts

92. Not all bones are harmful to dogs, raw meat bone larger than the dog’s mouth is safe. Avoid pork or poultry bones, those break into small pieces while chewing.

Sniffer Dog Facts

93. Specially trained can diagnose prostate cancer by smelling urine of the patient, lung cancer by smelling breath, and skin cancer by smelling skin lesion. (In contrast to it, the precision is not yet achievable).

94. Some dogs can diagnose cancer in humans better than labs.

95. African forest rangers skydive along their sniffer dogs to reach the core forest. These dogs can warn rangers of the approaching poacher’s group from a kilometer away.

96. Dogs can sense pregnancy due to the hormone and behavior change in owners. Also, most dogs become protective of their owners during pregnancy.

97. Dogs are gifted with two noses; they have Jacobson’s organ in their main nasal chamber which can smell moisture borne odor particulates.

98. Dogs have 125 million to 300 million sensory cells which perform a smelling task. (Compared to humans have 5 – 10 million sensory cells).

Dog Parks and Clubs – Fun Dog Facts

dog park facts

99. West Village has an organization formed in 1992. Its title is, D.O.G.(Dog Owners Group, Inc.). It conducts a dog run on West 12th Street, which includes about 300 dogs. People of West Village started this concept to address needs of dog owners and dogs.

100. Hound Mound is a five-acre dog park in Flower Mound, Texas. It is the most loved dog park. In addition, it has separate areas for large and toy breeds, also there are many exercising platforms which increase a dog’s fitness.

The EndNote

These were the dog facts lesser known to many.

If you know some cool dog facts then let us know by leaving the comment. Show the audience interesting facts about dogs.


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