Dog DNA Test Accuracy | Cases When DNA Tests Can Be Inaccurate

The breeders use their sales skills and make us believe the puppy we get is a pure-bred. However, being novice judging the dogs’ breed, we cannot figure perfectly if the pupper is pedigree or a mutt. In this case, we often rely on the DNA test. In fact, even many of use prefer taking going for this test in order to know our pet better. On the other hand, have you ever thought of dog DNA test accuracy? Because you will be surprised that these DNA kits can show inaccurate results in rare cases!

We will describe the reasons and causes of the results of the dog DNA test leading to inaccuracies. Keep reading further and learn to avoid making such mistakes in order to have accurate results.


About Dog DNA Test Accuracy

The dog DNA test is becoming popular day by day similar to the human DNA test. Although, there are some differences between both of these tests the results have many similarities.

Generally, we take the human DNA tests to understand ur traces right from the origin or at least for a few generations. Whereas, we put our dogs for a DNA test to know their trace, medical well-being, and much other information.

The lab experts have thrived for years to make the DNA test process for dogs to be as accurate as possible. Having said that, the experts have now succeeded in that direction.

In fact, many companies have availed a commercial product to let the pet parents know about the results just by mailing the specimen to the lab rather than bringing their pet to the lab.

Coming to the test, firstly, you have to collect the DNA of the dog using the swab from the DNA test kit. The saliva and epithelial cells(skin cells in our case) present in the mouth of the dog are sufficient to run the DNA tests. Hence, all you have to do is roll the swab in the dog’s mouth and pack it after letting it air-dry.

The laboratory process starts with isolating the DNA markers from the specimen and identifying its association with other samples. Generally, the ancestry-inference companies have their own database with a minimum of 250 breed data samples. They use it for verifying the specimen by matching the chromosome types available with them.

Furthermore, the labs keep updating their database for delivering accurate results as far as possible.

Results of DNA Tests

The results of a DNA test can include many things apart from the generation tree of the specimen. However, the major element of the DNA test it’s generation tree whereas the other details are derived after that.

Moreover, the DNA test will also point out if the specimen dog has a vulnerability to any diseases or drug sensitivity. For example, the reports from Wisdom Panel 3.0 and Wisdom Panel Health dog DNA test kits will display these details respectively along with the generation tree.

Not to mention, these results can even display the details if the specimen belongs from the wolf or coyote family.

Results of Intricate Specimen

Now that we have learned the usefulness of the dog DNA tests, it is the time for us to study the inaccuracies of the tests. Generally, the results will remain accurate as far as the gene pool of the dog in pedigree(pure).

dog DNA test

As the matter of fact, determination of a mix can be pretty easy because it has only a handful of dog breed involvement. On the other hand, determining the mutt can become difficult because it has numerous parent and grandparent breeds playing a role.

wisdom panel 4.0

Moreover, all the DNA tests will remain inaccurate if the specimen is a mutt of many species. Whereas the tests can easily point out the accurate results that too, with the mention of the percentage of involvement from various breeds in the specimen.

Chances of Results Being Inaccurate

As we mentioned, the higher density of the gene pool the chances results to be inaccurate will increase. However, there are other factors which can be responsible for the same.

  • Improperly Collected Sample
  • Contamination
  • Inaccurate Labs

To eliminate the last point, we would suggest you go for Embark dog DNA test kit for accurate results.

The EndNote

To cut a long story short, you can depend on the DNA test product for many reasons we described in this article. Finally, the results will be accurate for the pure or mildly heterogeneous gene pool. Whereas, the dog DNA test results will get inaccurate if the specimen breed has a densely branched heterogeneous gene pool.

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