10 Things to Consider When Adopting a Pup – The Dog Adoption Checklist

Owning a dog is a lot of fun especially when you get along with them more than humans(Pun intended)! Also, adopting a dog has now become a great option because it is economical as well as it saves dogs from the shelter life. However, adopting a pup from a shelter can bring in some extra challenges, especially if the dog has been the victim of abuse. Hence, you should consider these factors before adopting a pup.


The Necessity of Planning Prior to Adoption

adopting a pup

We want to take care of our dogs during the toughest situations. However, if you want to learn a trick which makes taking care of the dog even simpler than you can imagine.

The trick to that our valued readers, creating a foolproof plan before adopting a pup. We are suggesting you take a few brainstorming activities with your family or roommates. It would easily narrow down your choices before adopting a pup.

In addition to that, you can even go for the DNA test of the dog to find out his compatibility score for your lifestyle. Also, the DNA tests will let you know if the dog has vulnerability towards diseases or drug sensitivity. Along with that, you can know about the personality traits of the dogs and see if you can manage with him or not. The cuteness of a pup will not stay forever, hence, plan properly before adopting a pup.

Factors You Need to Consider While Adopting a Pup

Go through these factors and see if you are actually ready for adopting a pup or not.

Tests You Must Perform Beforehand

You have to go through these tests to have statistical backing from its results to determine which breed to go for and how to take care of that pet.

1. Dog Breed Selector

This tool will let you know which dog breed will suit you the best depending upon your current schedule and interests in other activities.

2. Dog DNA Test

This test will let you know the perfect methods of taking care for the pet you expect to adopt in near future. In addition to that, you can prefer the Embark dog DNA test kit or Wisdom Panel 3.0 for the most accurate results.

Financial Considerations

Keeping a pet will directly involve a lot of money flowing into things you didn’t expect.

3. Diet

Like humans, dogs will also require a perfect diet plan and it will burn a huge hole in your pocket. Hence, you shall find alternatives to buying expensive dog food i.e. homemade dog food but never alternative to getting quality food.

4. Health

Although you try to maintain a perfect diet plan for your pet, there are chances that your Fido will get sick due to other reasons. Thereafter, you shall have provisions to pay his vet’s bills and proper treatment.

5. Medicines

Having said about the treatments, medicines for dogs will cost you something that you can afford or not. However, you shall try to provide proper medication as much as you can depending on your affordability.

6. Vet Visits

You will have to take your dog to the vet for checkups once or twice a year. Moreover, many parents skip these check-ups if their pooch does not have any symptoms of illness. However, we would suggest you for these check-ups to eliminate casualties and avoid bigger expenditure for a cure.

7. Bed/Crate

Now, we are talking about the necessity of your dog – the bed or crate. You shall provide a sleeping area for your dog other than your own bed. Although you prefer to have your pooch sleep on your bed you shall provide his space too.

8. Collar & Leash

Along with the commodities, medical needs, dietary needs, you have to prepare to provide for dog accessories like a collar, leash, toys, robes, boots. etc.

Taking Full Responsibility 

This means you will take care of the pup appropriately.

9. Taking Complete Responsibility

You will have to be ready to deliver these demands from your dog.

  • Playing Time
  • Training
  • Feeding
  • Grooming

Dog’s Physical Consideration

Adopting a pup might not appear a big thing initially for people living in an apartment. But they might understand the seriousness once their Fido gets bigger than their space.

10. Physical Considerations

Always consider these factors before adopting a pup. In fact, use the DNA Test Reviews for deriving these factors.

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Characteristics
  • Shedding
  • Psychological Traits
  • Friendly Towards Kids 
  • Aggression

The EndNote

More or less these are all the factors that you shall thoroughly consider before adopting a pup. We hope you will choose to go for the best option and pet him/her till death. Because it hurts many of us to see parent abandoning their four-legged kids after experiencing little adversities.

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