DIY Flea Spray for Dogs | Natural & Effective Homemade Recipes

It is an unpleasant sight when our lovely furbabies catch the flea, tick infestation. Moreover, we come to know about the flea infestation at the moment when the fleas have already formed colonies and even laid their off-springs.

Hence, is it possible to save our dogs from the parasites which we hardly can see them coming?

Yes, flea prevention for dogs as well as flea and tick repellent sprays make it possible. In fact, people use the flea spray for dogs as a preventative method prominently.


DIY Flea Spray for Dogs

As we mentioned, protecting our dogs from the infestation which we barely see coming is next to impossible. Because we do not want to dose our fur-babies with medicines all the time. Although the flea spray for dogs on the market contain natural ingredients some of our pooches avoid its aroma.

Therefore, we have another solution ranging closer to the flea spray for dogs yet it will not have strong smells which pooches dislike. We are talking about the DIY flea spray for dogs. The homemade flea repellent has some substantial ingredients. In fact, there are few types flea sprays which you can prepare using different ingredients suitable for your pet.

As the matter of fact, we have described different types of homemade flea sprays for dogs. You can go for any of those recipes which suit your dog the most. Therefore, you can easily put the repellent flea spray on your dog to save him from catching any infestation.

Methods of Preparing Homemade Flea Prevention for Dogs

We have described a few methods to prepare the homemade which will be useful as tick and flea preventatives.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

best flea and tick prevention for dogs

Diatomaceous Earth is the mixture of diatomic remains(fossilized) and variety of water plants like algae combined. It is a prominent method of getting rid of the flea infestation from lawns or garden.

In addition to that, you will easily get diatomaceous earth from any botanical garden store or garden supplies mart. Not to mention, you shall go for the edible or food grade DE and not the filter grade(used in the industrial applications). It appears similar to that of the fine talcum powder.

In contrast to it, you need to take utmost care while using the Diatomaceous Earth. The Diatomaceous Earth contains the silica along with silicon dioxide. Silica is very dangerous for animals as well as human when inhaled, it can even lead to severe lung disease.

In fact, silicosis is the major occupational illness globally. In addition to that, most of the health benefits that we have been watching these days are yet to reach proper scientific proof. None of the claims have legit laboratory testings or experiments to back this hypothesis.

Hence, if you prefer using DE in your yard then make sure you use a face mask, and hand gloves to cover yourself completely.


flea prevention for dogs

Here we have another method, using garlic as the flea spray for dogs. You can easily pour boiling water on the garlic cloves or heads according to your requirement. However, we suggest you use 5 to 8 garlic heads per gallon of water. After you pour the boiling water on garlic, leave that vessel as it is overnight before you spray it on your lawn.

Generally, the fleas stay away from the garlic essence. However, sprinkle a mild jet of garlic flea sprays for dogs in your garden.

Because garlic can eliminate other vital bacteria as well from the garden which maintains the fertility of the soil.

In addition to that, using the garlic flea spray for dogs will possible for outdoor purposes only. You will want to spray your carpets, couch, sofa with the peaky garlic aroma which gets pungent without proper air ventilation.

Therefore, this is a useful method for outdoor flea control.

Apple Cider Vinegar

flea spray for dogs

Coming to our last flea spray recipe, the apple cider vinegar is very common name when you search for homemade flea spray. You shall keep the water warm while mixing the ACV into it keeping 2:3 proportion of warm water to ACV. Along with that, you can add 5 tablespoons of common salt for every gallon of ACV.

Then you can sprinkle the ACV flea spray for dogs in your home as well as in your yard. In fact, you shall spray it on your dog keeping his eyes and open injuries isolated.

Generally, the vinegar increases the acidity of the dog’s coat and skin whereas balances alkalinity of the body. And fleas cannot withstand acidic environments.

The EndNote

In the end, you can make any of the fleas spray for dogs at your home by following these recipes. However, you shall not always rely on homemade recipes to take care of everything in serious cases of flea infestation. Because by the time you will expect the homemade recipes to work, the natural flea spray for dogs from the market would have dealt with the problem.

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