Cat Got its Own Tongue Stuck in the Collar | Funniest Video

Cats are clowns, no doubt about that! The little felines are way funnier than dogs, dancing squirrels, or chirpy birds. Adding to the fact, these cats do not even try to act silly purposefully like dogs to please their people. Instead, all the kitty communities show the same stupidity, curiosity, playfulness, and especially, their cute dancing or panicking skills.

Silly, Funny Cat!

Here, we will see one funny incident taking place with a cat. The cat is trying to lick the fur of the neck and licks the collar in the process. Initially, the act appears to be nothing but normal feline routines.

However, with an instance, the owner of the cat manages to shoot the process where the cat sticks his tongue into the collar accidentally. Further, the cat hardly manages to get the tongue off the collar after a few awkward funny movements and purrs.

The cat mom breaks into laughter while filming while the cat tries to get the tongue free from the collar. While incident spans about ten seconds before the cat frees the tongue after a few efforts.

How the Cat Stuck its Tongue in the Collar?

You will observe a cat sticking its tongue in some porous surface, or fabric. It happens because of the cat’s brush-like tongue. The brush-like tongue helps a cat clean the animal to the bones on which it feeds.

The thorny structure is inclined to the inside of the mouth, which is the reason for the tongue sticking to the collar. These thorny structures are named as papillae, which is normal keratin(similar to human nails).

The EndNote

Papillae are common in predatory animals especially the ones belonging from cat family. However, for the pet cats, it is merely a source of adding fun to our lives.

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