Best Self Cleaning Fish Tank & Aquarium Reviews of 2023

Maintenance of tank requires a whole lot of efforts. It will be great if the efforts can be reduced, won’t it? The answer to such question is a Self Cleaning Fish Tank.

A fish aquarium is beautiful serene to anyone’s house. This aquarium of yours is a home for your loved tank mates. It is rather a duty of the owner to keep the tank clean. The living style of the people has changed over the years.

As the name implies, a self-cleaning aquarium is a maintenance free aquarium. This kind of aquarium is small in stature and is also known as office fish tank. Thus, it is easy to look after compared to the larger ones.

This article on Self Cleaning Aquarium enlists the easy clean aquariums and will help you to choose the perfect one according to your preference.


Best Self Cleaning Fish Tank Reviews

A self-cleaning fishbowl can be a boon to the user’s who are lazy at their hands. So what if we say that you could have such aquarium at your place. All lazy hands will be happy as a clan, Well you should!

Here are some of the best Self Sustaining Fish tank in the article that you can go for.

Editor's Picks
1. BioOrb: Flow 30Best Overall
2. My Fun Self Cleaning Fish TankBest Budget self cleaning fish tank
3. Aquasprout Self Cleaning Fish TankBest with Low Price

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1. EcoQubeC Aquarium: Self Cleaning Betta Tanks

On the first glimpse, the name might look interesting, yes it is so. This Self Cleaning Fish Tank is based on the idea of aquaponics, in which the fish in the aquarium generate waste material. The plant absorbs this material and grows. It is really a nice choice to keep your betta fish. EcoQubeC is small in size and is best for your office desk.

EcoQubeC Aquarium Self Cleaning Betta Tanks


The Self Cleaning Fish Tank comes with a comprehensive kit that includes- basil seeds, LED light, a remote to control the led’s, aquarium sand, mountain stone, 3- cord plugin wire, acrylic container, and lastly an aquaponic filter. In addition to that, the user can also download phone application to control the aquarium.

The setup is quite easy for this self-cleaning aquarium. The steps include:

  • Place the acrylic container on a flat surface.
  • Take out the aquarium sand and place it at the bottom of the container.
  • Mountain stone goes on top of the sand.
  • You can use some of the plants, that you like.
  • Pour the basil seed in a small container, which looks like ‘V’ in shape.
  • Attach the cords of the pump and LED and connect to a suitable power source.

Do not place your tank mate right away. Wait for the plant to grow about 2-3 inch tall. It will not take more than 2 weeks on tops. This self-cleaning betta tank can hold up to a single betta fish and few small ones.

One of the best things is, the user can decorate the tank as per their liking. Feed your fish 6 times a week, and you can see it thrive in the small container on your table.

  • Firstly, small in stature so it can fit anywhere.
  • Secondly, self Cleaning Tank.
  • Thirdly, the pump is not too loud.
  • Comes with different LED lights.
  • Lastly, customizable interface.
  • Cost is high in accordance with its size.
  • The aquarium can have 3-4 fish at tops.
  • Does not support larger breeds.

All in all this self-cleaning tank can be very useful for those who like the blend of nature and technology.

2. My Fun Self Cleaning Fish Tank

My Fun Self Cleaning Fish Tank


To begin with, every family one wish is a fish. But, when it comes to cleaning, it becomes a tedious task. There is a solution to the problem, ‘My Fun Fish Tank’. This tank is self-cleaning tank which works on the principle of gravity. When you pour fresh water into the tank the dirty water comes out from a pipe, which will flow out through the tap.

This type of Self Cleaning Fish Tank is best suitable for children. Moreover, one can use it in any part of the house. You can provide your fish with a suitable home without any further use of electricity, noisy pumps, or filters.

The tank reflects a cylindrical jar. It comes with a lid at the top, a Led light, river bed stones, in addition to that aquatic plant also comes with the tank. The tank can store up to half a  gallon of water and is suitable for a single fish. The Led light comes in three color, red, blue, and the default white color. Once charged it lasts for 13 hrs.

  • Firstly, it is easy to set up this easy clean fish tank.
  • Secondly, the price is low.
  • Lastly, one can feel the vibe of the underwater world at any place.
  • The Led light battery duration is very low.
  • One may need conditioned water for the Self Cleaning Fish Tank.
  • It can accommodate only small fish.

All things considered, if you need a tank with really low maintenance then you can go for My Fun Self Cleaning Fish Tank.

BiOrb Series

In this section, we will look at some of the products that BiOrb has to offer. BiOrb is considered as one of the best in the field of a self-cleaning tank. This is because of its innovative design and a wide range of products that come in different shapes and size.

3. BiOrb Classic: Baby biOrb

BiOrb Classic Baby biOrb


This self-cleaning aquarium is a basic model of BiOrb series. If you do not have any hands-on experience, this classic orb is the best option for you. It is easy to set up the aquarium and does not require a level of expertise to handle.

The classic Self Cleaning Fish Tank comes with an old-fashioned yet fancy dome. The packing also contains biological filtration that is placed at the bottom of the filter. Any fancy decorative item can slide over to the central column. BiOrb dome is made of acrylic and in addition, it comes up with mounted led lamp

The user can choose between two versions,  the first being the standard and the latter being the moonlight version. The later Self Cleaning Fish Tank is more advanced as it can detect the change in environment and can turn off/on automatically. It can contain 4 gallons of water.

  • Easy to use the tank.
  • The material used is of high quality.
  • Comes up with a mounted led lamp.
  • The price could be an issue, it is a bit high.
  • For small fish, this is not an ideal dome.
  • Filter do not last long they have to be replaced every month.

4. BiOrb Life: bioOrb life 45


This orb comes under the ‘Life‘ category of biOrb. This series is the more advanced version of the previous series. It comes in 4 options of 15, 30, 45, and 60 Liter. In addition, it is available in 3 color variant; black, white, red.

As it a 45 L tank, thus the user can fill it up with a variety of fishes. It comes with a clay media that will be responsible for the filtration of the water. This media will settle down at the bottom of the Self Cleaning Fish Tank. The size of this self-cleaning aquarium makes it possible for the user to decorate bottom part of the aquarium with a variety of stuff.

MCR the acronym of multi-colored Self Cleaning Fish Tank lightning is present in this orb. The light is controlled by a wireless button. Smart and automatic setting ensures that the light color gets changed in a specific time duration.

The user can choose from 8, 10, 12 hr light setting. Without a doubt, this feature of orb makes it stand out from all.

One might wonder that such aquarium will create noise, right? To your surprise, the filtration system and light run on low voltage and comes with a 1-year guarantee.

The classic Self Cleaning Fish Tank comes with an old-fashioned yet fancy dome. The packing also contains biological filtration that is placed at the bottom of the filter. Any fancy decorative item can slide over to the central column. BiOrb dome is made of acrylic and in addition, it comes up with mounted led lamp

The user can choose between two versions,  the first being the standard and the latter being the moonlight version. The later one is more advanced as it can detect the change in environment and can turn off/on automatically. It can contain 4 gallons of water.

  • Easy-to-use Self Cleaning Fish Tank.
  • The material used is of high quality.
  • Comes up with a mounted led lamp.
  • Can accommodate more amount of fishes.
  • Maintenance of the tank is easy.
  • Replacement of filter is easy.
  • It is not for beginners.
  • It is somewhat expensive for a small tank.
  • Lastly, the stature makes it difficult to keep.

5. BioOrb: Flow 30

BioOrb Flow 30


Flow 30 is the next model we will review about. The ‘flow 30’ seems to be the complete package one might be looking for. From elegant design to compact structure it has all the feature one can ask for.

The biOrb is made up of acrylic, like the other ones in its family. The material used is better and harder than glass. Which makes it resistant to water pressure from inside. Flow 30 has a sleek design, the first sight of it can make a lasting impression on people’s mind.

Flow 30 comes with a 12 v led light. This light is not as good if compared to others in the same category. It is Self Cleaning Fish Tank and is angular in shape and can be a center of attraction for anyone in the home.

This series comes with some handy accessories. So that user can use to transform the ecosystem in accordance to warm water fish.

  • Firstly, the design is very sleek and attractive.
  • Secondly, filter performance is good.
  • Thirdly, low maintenance Self Cleaning Fish Tank.
  • Lastly, with this features and design, the price is affordable.
  • Led ligths are not of good quality.

6. BiOrb Halo 60 Self Cleaning Fish Tank

BiOrb Halo 60 Self Cleaning Fish Tank


The last product of biOrb that we will review about is Halo 60. This Self Cleaning Fish Tank is again from biOrb family. BiOrb is consistently changing its design and brings new technology to the aquarium domain. Halo is a dome-shaped low maintenance tank.

The Halo series has 3 variant of 15, 30, 60 liters. The 15-liter variant comes with MCR option. We will be taking a look at the 60-liter version of Halo series. On a first look the halo looks amazing, beautifully carved design, flawless technology makes it a competitor to the rest of its series.

The outer body consists of plastic and combination of acrylic. The material is very strong and durable and can bear resistance. As a user, utmost care should be taken in order to prevent scratches on the acrylic material.

The one thing that is really special about Halo series is its lightning. Apart from 15 l version, the lights are installed on the rim of the lid. Moreover, it is backed by the biOrb lightning technology. Thus, it changes its color as it senses the night time. It reflects the same filters as the others in its group.

The maintenance of this Self Cleaning Fish Tank is not a difficult task. Replace the filter in every 6 weeks of use. Also, the pump technology is engineered to keep to noise at its minimal level.

  • Best tank in 8-gallon category.
  • Lights are really beautiful.
  • Pump noise is very low.
  • Some what expensive.
  • The lid diameter is less, thus it makes it difficult to carry out filtration.
  • The filter sometimes releases, waste material in the water.

All in all, the biOrb series (classic, life, flow, halo, tube) provides a user with different options to choose one. Moreover, every Self Cleaning Fish Tank is unique in itself making it different from others. Also, every product has its own advantage which makes the horizon even larger for the user.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for a perfect combination of design with technology, then biOrb is the way to go.

7. ‘Garden Setup’: Aquasprout Self Cleaning Fish Tank

Garden Setup Aquasprout Self Cleaning Fish Tank


So readers, have you ever thought to set up a garden at home? I know it is messy activity. You have to sow and scatter the seeds at the top, water the plant regularly, the soil is to be renewed after a certain time, right? What if I say there is a way, through which you can enjoy flora at home without any fuss or muss.

Aquasprout is the return to your questions. It is an ecosystem to learn, grow, and develop all in one place- ‘your home’. The Aqussprout Self Cleaning Fish Tank can be used at Aquarius, which has a capacity of 10 gallons. With Aquasprout, anyone can create their own garden and develop an ecosystem as per their liking.

It is basically a kit that provides a platform for your plants to grow. It works on the principle of ‘AQUAPONICS’. Aquasprout comes with a kit that consists of: a grow bed, a light bar, also consists of pump and timer, and a growing media.

The light bars are used as a unit to fix on the top of the aquarium. A grow bed goes with the light bars and works as a base for plants and growing media. Moreover, the pump carries the waste to the plants. The pump is attached to the timer, the timer is used to control overflow and drain cycle.

The range to grow plants is immense, a user can grow a variety of plants: sprouts, leafy plants, flowers, herbs etc.

  • Firstly, the design of this Self Cleaning Fish Tank is very attractive.
  • Secondly easy to maintain.
  • Thirdly, growth media is very reliable.
  • According to its feature, its price is very low.
  • The pumps make a lot of noise.
  • Lastly, beginners or small children cannot set up as the setup manual is little confusing.

All things considered, aquasprout can be a great deal to go for. The price is really low and also you get to create your own ecosystem without any difficulties.

8. Aquafarm Self Cleaning Fish Tank

Aquafarm Self Cleaning Fish Tank


We will look at Aqua Farm in our review. Two friends who invented ‘back to roots’, pioneer the AquaFarm. It is a small Self Cleaning Fish Tank. It can hold up to 3 gallons of water. This tank is also known as self cleaning betta fish tank. It is a beginner tank and does not require any special equipment.

The AquaFarm comes with a starter kit that almost has everything like: it comes with a 3-gallon tank, 2 pack of seeds, a sponge, pump, hose, staging area for the plants, artificial compost. Altogether, the kit comes with everything one needs to set up a farm at home.

It is best suited for 1-2 fish, so it cannot retain a large amount of fish. The farm works on the method of aquaponics, thus it makes the system totally natural which in a case is good for the small children.

The yield can be seen in a span of 10 days, the seeds grow in a mature plant. Which make the system effective. One of the problems that the user might face would be of cleaning the reservoir.  As the farm get exposed to light and because of nutrients the algae start to enter the habitat.

  • Firstly, this Self Cleaning Fish Tank is easy to set up.
  • Secondly, plants grow faster.
  • Thirdly, it is really a very good aquarium for beginners.
  • It is difficult to clean.
  • Sometimes the fish get stuck in the pump.

Summing up, an aqua farm is a good product for beginners. It costs about $60 which is a great deal to buy. The greens will produce over a period of time, so this could be the product you might be looking for.

9. Aquaponics: Brio 35 Self Cleaning Fish Tank

Aquaponics Brio 35 Self Cleaning Fish Tank


Let’s look at the urban ecosystem by Brio. This is all together in the domain of aquaponics. In other words, it changes the equation completely. Robin Plante, the name responsible for creating such efficient design.

You might be thinking what is the thing that makes it stand out from other products? We will discuss the Self Cleaning Fish Tank, at the end of this description. It will clear all the doubts of yours.

Influenced by the natural eco-system Brio has a dual vegetation cover. The plants grow in the tank as well as outside the tank. This feature provides the user with the maintenance of the aquarium from inside, and access to the outside garden Moreover, it provides a multitude of aquascaping possibilities.

Another feature of this Self Cleaning Fish Tank is its lighting. This aquaponics integrates a great spectrum of red and blue lights, making easy for plants to absorb and eventually helps them to grow.

Additionally, it also incorporates daylight bulbs of 6300 K. The difference between brio and other products is of the lighting fixtures. The user can rotate lights in different zones according to the use and can also pivot the light in a specific direction.

Oxygenation is the next feature of this system. Brio is one of its kind as it has a waterfall system. The waterfall helps to circulate water as well provides a regular supply of water to the garden plants. Thus, it makes it easy for the user to maintain the system.

As the waterfall manages the flood and drains cycle in the aquarium, which gives the proper nutrition to the plants and also prevents the bacteria to grow which breaks down the ammonia in the water.

The user can grow a variety of plants like mint, basil, parsley, coriander. As it is an aquaponics system there is no need to change water regularly, the waste of the fish purifies the water, and in turn, also provides a natural fertilizer to the plants. It also comes with a device that recycles the waste.

  • Very effective system.
  • No maintenance aquarium.
  • Provides with a good ambiance.
  • Incorporated lights are unique from others.
  • Provides a dual interface to the user.
  • The design of this Self Cleaning Fish Tank is very attractive and modern.
  • It is difficult to get the filters for this system,
  • Once installed it is really hard to get to the pump for cleaning.

In the final analysis, Brio 65 is one of its kind product and the features stated above makes it stand out from other products.

All in all, from lightning to water purification is incomparable in this product. Moreover, it also provides a good ambiance to the user. It is definitely a product that you would like to spend on.

The EndNote

Our article on “Best Self Cleaning Fish Tank” explains in brief and subtle details about the self-cleaning tank.

Low maintenance fish aquarium can be a boon to those who have less time for cleaning and maintenance. There are several options available for the user to choose from.

We, hope that this article will help you to choose one as it enlists all the possible technologies available in the market.

If you are a beginner, then you should opt for a basic version, i.e, My Fun Fish Tank. On the other hand, if you are looking for a product of more advanced level then a user can go for the BiOrb series.

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