The Best Pet Stain Removers (2023 Reviews)

If you have an indoor pet then they will keep leaving their marks like urine odor, stains, paw marks, or vomit.

If you just want a quick solution to get rid of this pet stains from carpets or other places, then you HAVE to buy the perfect pet stain remover.

We have reviewed the pet stain removers which are not only popular for its effective formula but also healthy for the living and the animate objects as well.


At a Glance: Best Pet Stain Removers

Best Pet Stain Removers

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Have a look at our best picks of Pet Stain Remover and Odor Eliminator

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Rocco & Roxie Supply Professional
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Amaziing Solutions Pet Odor and Stain Remover
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Out! Advanced Severe Stain & Odor Remover
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What are Pet Stain Removers?

Pet stain remover is a cleansing liquid majorly made of the enzymatic ingredients. The enzymatic cleaning agents are useful for cleaning the organic stains from either the soft or hard surfaces.

Generally, these cleaners will successively suppress the stain elements with their enzyme elements. Hence, after applying the stain remover you will have to let it sit and dampen it a bit before finally letting it dry.

In addition to that, some brands use the aromatic essence as the deodorizers. It will further suppress the odor making the stain appear worse. Along with that, all the cleaner will neutralize the odor elements of the stain making the stain, as well as the odor, vanish completely.

Not to mention, the enzymatic cleaner does not only chemically act on the stain. These cleaner also biologically act on the stain to vanish it properly. However, you can learn about the cleaning action of the stain removers in the upcoming section in detail.

How Does a Pet Enzyme Cleaner Work?

As you have seen the types of stain removers, now you will learn about their working methods. Each of the cleaning agents will have a different acting method. To be precise, the process of choosing the cleaning agent shall vary depending upon the type of stain.

Moreover, the pet stain removers will have the enzymatic formulation. And, that cleaning action is more of a biochemical change which causes the disintegration of the organic stain.

How Does a Pet Enzyme Cleaner Work

When you spray or pour the best pet odor remover on a stain, the enzymes of the pet stain removers accumulates around the stain uniformly. These elements will penetrate the stain forming a layer over it. The cover over the stain pulls the stain molecules due to its cleaning agents.

In addition to that, the cleaning agents will extract the stain molecules. Thereafter the enzymes actively disintegrate the organic wastes. As the stain is basically the accumulation of organic waste.

In this manner, the cleaning liquid which has enzymes will tend to degrade the organic waste. Moreover, the enzymatic ingredients are laboratory synthesized to accelerate the degradation process.

Importance of Deodorized Pet Stain Remover

In fact, some of the cleaning liquids which do not have the aromatic treatment smell absurd. Because of the degradation process that occurs after pouring the stain remover. For that reason, you shall prefer getting deodorized pet stain removers. As it will not only clear the stains but also eliminate the odor.

However, you can find the stain removers which are not deodorized for a little cheaper rate. As the deodorized stain removers will cost more. Nevertheless, the deodorized pet stain and odor removers are nothing but the extra fragrance included in the cleaner.

As the matter of fact, all the enzyme-based cleaner have the tendency to neutralize the stinking elements. In this manner, the foul smell of organic waste will eventually seem to vanish as the degradation process continues.

Hence, you can experience a pungent smell coming out of the stained spot. Along with that, the degradation process can make it worse for an instance. Nevertheless, it will settle down to normal and odor-free spot as the disintegration process finishes.

Having said that, the cleaning action will also vary depending upon the type of cleaning agent you choose.

The 10 Best Pet Stain Removers of 2023

Go through the best dog urine odor remover reviews to find the best carpet pet stain remover that suits you the most.

1. Rocco & Roxie Supply Professional Stain & Odor Eliminator Sprayer

Starting with the best pet odor eliminator for carpet on our list, the Rocco and Roxie supply professional is the best pet enzyme cleaner on the market. In fact, the popular product of this brand has seen popularity like no other pet stain and odor remover has.

Rocco and Roxie Supply Professional


In addition to that, the apparent product receives an approval seal from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI). This certification makes this product a legit cleaner enzyme-powered liquid which is safe to use on the fabrics.

  • Suitability: All Surfaces
  • Intensity: Medium
  • Kids & Pets Safe: Yes
  • Deodorized: No

On the contrary, Rocco and Roxie is not an ideal pet stain and odor removers if you are expecting it to clean the old stain, especially from the carpet. Because the strong enzymatic formula will not only remove the stain to a great extent but also remove the original shade of the carpet.

Nevertheless, this is the best pet odor eliminator for cleaning the stains and removing odor. If this product fails at cleaning the stain properly then none of the pet stain removers are capable either.

Strong enzyme dose makes it easy to clean the toughest stains and odors.

  • Strong enzyme formula makes cleaning easy.
  • The spray bottle is very convenient to use.
  • Enzyme formula easily beaks the stains molecules and odors.
  • This formula is safe for the kids.
  • The enzymatic liquid has a pleasing aroma which stays for a long time.
  • You will have to rinse the stain with warm water before spraying this liquid.
  • A strong formula can remove the dye of the fabric of the stain is old and dry.

2. Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator

Coming to the best carpet deodorizer for pets on our review, here we have the industrial grade stain remover. Moreover, this product can not only clean the stains from your home but also the industrial stains.

Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator


Further, this pet stain and odor remover is even useful for poultry, kennels, feedlots, rendering plants, etc. It is capable of cleaning the tough stains and the unbearable odors effectively. Because of the oily extracts from the orange peel as an ingredient, this product easily cleans the citrous odors too.

  • Suitability: Hard Floor
  • Intensity: Extreme
  • Kids & Pets Safe: Little Risky for Pets
  • Deodorized: Yes

In contrast to the strength of this out pet stain remover, this product leaves a strong smell too. Moreover, people who have sued this product have found that their pets do not use the same spot again for urinating or so.

The industrial grade citrous odor remover is the best dog urine cleaner.

  • Very strong pet enzyme cleaner.
  • Useful for cleaning tough stains and odors.
  • Suitable for both domestic and industrial purpose.
  • The oily extracts of orange peel removes citrous odor.
  • The strong smell will not only deter the pets but also you.
  • Not very pleasant smelling.

3. Bissell 2X Pet Stain Removers

Coming to our best pet odor eliminator for carpet on this review, the Bissell 2X cleaner is the subtle variant. This cleaner focuses on not only cleaning the tough stains but also keeping the color of the object as good as the original.

Bissell 2X Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator


The Bissell, however, comes with different variants if you wish to buy that in combination. It means Bissell produces stronger pet stain removers which are useful for cleaning the tough stains too. However, its strong pet stain and odor removers will hardly keep your carpet intact from losing its original dye.

  • Suitability: All Surfaces
  • Intensity: Mild
  • Kids & Pets Safe: Yes
  • Deodorized: No

Not to mention, you can choose the appropriate product of either 16 or 32-ounce pet stain removers volume. Additionally, you can get the perfect pet stain cleaning kit at your home. It will help you get the cleaning tasks done without any hassle.

Bissell produces all kinds of cleaners from subtle to strong for cleaning all kinds of stains and odors.

  • Subtle cleaning action cleans the stains and is harmless to the fabrics.
  • The cleaner focuses on cleaning the fabrics from the stains.
  • Getting a stronger cleaner will ease cleaning the tough stains.
  • Smells great for long time even after cleaning it.
  • Not suitable for cleaning the tough stains.
  • You will have to get another Bissell for this task.

4. Simple Solution 3X Pet Stain & Odor Remover

Coming to the best pet urine odor remover which even allows you to spray foam. This cleaner removes every little spot from the wooden surface floors, carpet, hard floors. It strong enzyme formula makes it the best pet stain remover on the market.

Simple Solution 3X Pet Stain & Odor Remover


Additionally, the spray head of this pet stain and odor remover has three spray patterns. Moreover, the first two sprays are commonly available in all the spray heads i.e. the stream and mist. On the other hand, this spray head comes with one more pattern i.e. the foam. You can spray the soft foam of the pet stain removers because of this spray head.

  • Suitability: All Surfaces
  • Intensity: Extreme
  • Kids & Pets Safe: Yes
  • Deodorized: Yes

Lastly, you might have to spray this liquid a few times in each of the spray patterns for better results from the best enzyme cleaner for dog urine. Firstly, dampen the stain before applying the pet enzyme cleaner. Thereafter, you will have to start with the mist, then the jet, and lastly, the foam.

The spray head of the Simple Solution sprays in three different patterns.

  • Three different spraying patterns are useful cleaning technique.
  • Useful for cleaning the tough stains without harming the fabrics and hard floors.
  • This cleaner is safe for the young ones in the house too.
  • You shall get the scented variant as the basic has an unpleasant smell.

5. Amaziing Solutions Pet Odor and Stain Remover

Moving forward from the regular rugs and carpet cleaner, here we have the cleaner which effectively cleans the floors too. However, you will have to be utmost careful using this pet enzyme cleaner. Because its strong formula can even take the original shade of the fabric leaving a faded spot.

Amaziing Solutions Pet Odor and Stain Remover


This pet stain and odor remover is suitable for the hard floors especially the wooden surfaced. As this liquid is gentle yet strong enough to remove the tough stain as well as the odor.

  • Suitability: All Surfaces
  • Intensity: Medium
  • Kids & Pets Safe: Yes
  • Deodorized: Yes

Surprisingly, this product has the best pet urine odor remover formula which acts lightening fast. The Amaziing pet enzyme cleaner will immediately suppress the odor of the urinated spot by neutralizing its tingy elements.

The stain removing liquid is the best pet enzyme cleaner for both fabrics and hard floors.

  • Useful for cleaning both carpets and hard floors.
  • It is an amalgamation of subtle and strong cleaning action.
  • Two variants available of different useful volumes.
  • Not really effective for cleaning the tough old stains on the rugs.

6. Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover for Dogs

Here, we have a natural pet stain and odor remover with a pleasing aroma and fast acting cleaning formula. Adding to the fact, Nature’s Miracle is one of the safest stain removers for the young ones. Hence, this product is suitable if you have young kids at your home.

Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover for Dogs


Although Nature’s Miracle has a sweet formula it lacks at removing the tough stains. This is a gentle formula which is useful for the carpets made of soft fabrics. In this manner, it will not be sufficient to clean the tough stains from the rugs and carpet.

  • Suitability: All Surfaces
  • Intensity: Medium
  • Kids & Pets Safe: Yes
  • Deodorized: Yes

Nonetheless, you can try rinsing the carpet with warm water if you are cleaning the fabrics. On the other hand, this pet enzyme cleaner can effectively clean the hard floors without a doubt.

Nature’s Miracle is the safest formula for kids which effectively cleans the stains and odors.

  • Nature’s Miracle pet stain removers are available in different volume options.
  • There are three options to choose i.e. spray, pour, and accushot.
  • The Nature’s Miracle removes the pheromones effectively.
  • Not effective for removing the tough stains from the fabrics.

7. Woolite Advanced Pet Stain & Odor Remover

The Woolite is the fast acting stain remover which gets most of the tinge in a minute. This product gets done with removing the stain before even some of the similar pet stain and odor removers start acting.

Woolite Advanced Pet Stain and Odor Remover


In addition to that, the Woolite stain remover has a unique feature in its formula that gets rid of the bacteria. Although all the pet stain removers on our review are capable of clearing the bacterial accumulation, yet Woolite is superior and also the best pet urine stain remover too.

  • Suitability: All Surfaces
  • Intensity: Mild
  • Kids & Pets Safe: Yes
  • Deodorized: No

In contrast to that, this product does not come close to the other pet stain removers for cleaning the stains. Hence, if you are expecting to clean the tough stains then you will have to repeat the cleaning process a couple of times before the stain fades away.

Woolite is the best dog urine odor eliminator & fastest acting stain remover.

  • Fastest acting stain and odor removing formula.
  • It neutralizes the odor as fast as it cleans the stains.
  • Useful for removing stains and odors from fabrics, rugs.
  • Formula is suitable for the easy stains only. Tough stains require a few repetitions.
  • Using pet stain removers without dampening the stain can bleach the base dye/color.

8. Pet Stain & Odor Remover Enzyme Cleaner

The pet stain remover which works on every type of surface. You can use this liquid to clean the stain from the hard floor, ceramic, upholstery, fabrics, wooden surfaces, etc. Its gentle formulation is not at all harsh to leave the faded marks.

Pet Stain & Odor Remover Enzyme Cleaner


In addition to that, using this product is easier than most other pet stain removers on our review. Because of its subtle composition, it does not harm the stained floor/surfaces.

  • Suitability: All Surfaces
  • Intensity: Mild
  • Kids & Pets Safe: Yes
  • Deodorized: No

In the same manner, this liquid has a pleasant smell which is desirable. It will not only neutralize the foul odors but also instill a pleasant essence in the stained spot.

Apart from that, this pet enzyme cleaner does not thoroughly neutralize the odor elements. Although this stain remover is capable of removing the stains effectively it will not effectively neutralize the odor.

Nevertheless, its aroma will temporarily suppress the odors without a doubt.

The Sunny & Honey stain remover is a gentle cleaner suitable for all types of surfaces.

  • Gentle cleaning action is desirable for the soft surfaces.
  • It instills aroma at the stained spot while removing the stain.
  • Safe for the kids and pets.
  • This liquid does not sufficiently neutralizes the odor elements.
  • To clean the tough stains you’ll have to repeat the process a few times.

9. Nature’s Miracle Oxy Formula

Coming to the second best enzymatic cleaner entry from Nature’s Miracle, this pet stain and odor removers are even the stronger formulae than the previous one on this review. It even comes with the deodorized orange flavor which is pleasant for some.

Nature's Miracle Oxy Formula


In addition to that, the Oxy formula makes this stain remover is the best carpet cleaner solution for pets compared to the pet stain removers on this review. The strong and fast acting method cleans even the toughest of stains.

  • Suitability: All Surfaces
  • Intensity: Medium
  • Kids & Pets Safe: Yes
  • Deodorized: Yes

On the contrast, Nature’s Miracle pet stain removers are very effective which will leave the faded marks on the rug. Hence, you shall cautiously put this liquid on the soft fabric and wash it within a minute. In fact, you should dampen the stain with warm water before applying this liquid.

Strong cleaning formula can remove even the age-old stain.

  • A strong formula is useful for cleaning tough stains.
  • Safe to use in a house with kids.
  • Neutralizes the odor as fast as it cleans the stains.
  • A cleaning formula this strong can leave a faded spot like that of a bleach.
  • It does not have a pleasing smell.

10. Out! Advanced Severe Stain & Odor Remover

Coming to the last and the best pet odor eliminator on our review, this product is the economical solution you seek to solve the stain problems. You can get this pet enzyme cleaner for as much as a few dollars.

Out! Advanced Severe Stain and Odor Remover


This cleaning process will even neutralize the bad smelling elements. Also, clears the pheromones so that the cats will not re-soil the same spot again and again.

  • Suitability: All Surfaces
  • Intensity: Extreme
  • Kids & Pets Safe: Somewhat
  • Deodorized: No

In the end, the apparent pet stain and odor remover is useful for cleaning the tough stains on the hard floors and fabrics. However, this liquid is not suitable using on the wooden surfaces. The propellant elements of the pet stain removers may settle in the wooden surfaces or upholstery.

The cleaning liquid useful for removing the tough stains wihtout much effort.

  • A strong formula which can clean even the toughest stains.
  • Useful for cleaning the stains from the floor and rugs.
  • This is a strong formula which can leave a mark if not washed within a minute.
  • It emits an odor which will neither be pleasing for pet nor to you.

Buyer’s Guide

You can go through the guide to find the best dog urine odor eliminator neglecting the rest of them without wasting any time. This guide will be helpful for you if you are confused about getting the perfect product after going through the review.

Types of Pet Stain Removers

You can find the different types of stain removers which can help you to fight different types of stains.

We have prepared this section because a house with pets often experiences the urinated or pooped corner. Along with that, this house is prone to having other types of stains too. It includes muddy stains, greasy stains, water-based, etc.

Having said that, not a single type of cleaner can effectively clean all these types of stains. There are different types of cleaner given below.

1. Pet Enzyme Cleaner for Organic Stains

Pet Enzyme Cleaner for Organic Stains

The enzyme-powered stain remover can effectively clean the organic stains. generally, the houses which have the pets are prone to get organic waste. If you already know the types of stains we are talking about then it is the pee, poop, vomit, drools, injury blood, etc.

Enzyme powered stain remover and odor eliminator are more or less the eaters of the stains. Moreover, enzymes in our body help digestion by breaking the food and converting energy from it.

In the same manner, the process of enzymatic cleaner removing the stain is similar to our digestive process.

The stain remover will have the enzymes which accumulate over the stain forming a layer. Thereafter the cleaner will further degrade the organic substance of the stain.

However, you shall start applying the enzyme stain remover just after you dampen the stain with water. It will get the most of the dry substance of the stain softer. In fact, it will accelerate the degradation process and vital for the process.

2. Water Based Cleaner

Water Based Cleaner

Some stains are soluble in water, these stains will only require the proper quantity of solvent i.e. water to vanish. Hence, the basic cleaning will involve the water cleaner to remove the stains.

On the other hand, you cannot expect the oily stains to be removed with the water cleaners. These stains will require either the vinegar or alcohol-based cleaners.

Generally, common pet stain removers will have a fraction of alcohol content.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for the stain remover to clean the organic waste then the enzyme cleaner will be the best pet stain remover.

3. Oily Stains

Coming to the oily stains, these stains are neither going away from water nor the enzymes. The enzyme cleaner will take a while getting the oil stains out. Hence, cleaning oil stains will essentially require alcohol or hydrocarbon-based cleaners.

Usually, people use gasoline to clean oily spots on the hard floor. In this case, you cannot use the vinegar for polished hard stones as its acids will ruin the polish.

4. Emulsifiers

Moving from the hydrocarbon cleaners, we have the emulsifiers. Usually, the dishwashing soaps and floor cleaner have this cleaning agent.

Furthermore, the emulsifier actively forms a covering over the stains. Eventually, this cleaning agent will pull out the stain molecules. Not only the cleaning agents have the emulsifiers but also some cleaners have the surfactants along.

The surfactant ensures the water absorbing rate to the extent which enhances the cleaning process.

5. Oxidizing Stains

Lastly, we have the oxidizing agent which does not necessarily removes. This process will bleach the bright stain elements fading them to the point they do not attract attention.

However, this includes a range of whiteners which either bleach the stain color or cover the stain reflecting the oncoming light. In this manner, the oxidizing agents work to cover the stain with the substitute element. 

How to Choose the Best Carpet Cleaner Solution for Pets?

Start with looking for these factors in the pet stain and odor removers and rule out the pet stain removers which does not match your requirements. It will narrow down the search for the best pet urine remover essentially to the one matches your expectation the most.


Starting with the most important factor first, all the enzyme stain removers will have the stinking issue. This intensity of issue will vary from brand to brand and from type stain.

Hence, getting a scented or the deodorized stain remover is advisable. Because the stain remover with a scented flavor will cover the pungent smell temporarily till it neutralizes.

Nevertheless, the odor will neutralize as soon as the degradation of the stain completes. Hence, you will not even notice the mishap that took place.

Cleaning Intensity

Some of the brands produce the concentrated doses of the cleaning agents. You need to asses the need for cleaning at your home to select the pet stain removers of optimum intensity.

As the gentle stain remover and odor eliminator will not be sufficient if you usually expect the tough stains. On the other hand, you can gradually damage the base material beneath the stain if you keep using the intense stain remover.

Hence, prefer the gentle if you live in a place with a complete carpeted area or have rugs. On the contrary, go for the stain remover with extreme intensity if you want to clean the tough stains. However, prefer the medium intensity when in doubt.


In addition to the previous sub-section, you need to check the suitability also. Hence, you can easily get to know which pet stain and odor remover to choose to know from where you want to remove the stain.


Go through the answers of the questions user often have while using the stain remover.

Which Cleaning Agent/Type of Stain Remover Cleans the Best?

If you are looking for the wash clean the stains of the pee, poop of your pet then getting the enzyme-powered cleaner is the best pet urine remover. As it is suitable for use on any kind of surface. In fact, it will be useful for cleaning all types of stains apart from the organic ones.

Is It Necessary to Wash the Cleaner After a Specific Time?

No, it is not necessary to clean the enzyme cleaner after a specific time. Because it acts as a vulnerable element to the environment which will firstly degrade the organic stain molecules then vanish itself.

Note: All the stain removers have the complex composition of cleaning agents with major enzyme ingredient. Hence, it can even leave a mark at the stained spot removing the base color.

Hence, to avoid the faded spot especially on fabrics, you shall apply utmost water after a minute of cleaner application. In fact, some brand urge to use the wet vacuum cleaner to suck the damp portion for the best urine remover results.


Finally, you can now easily wash off the stains from your house. As the best enzyme cleaner on this review is potentially capable of cleaning the stains from light to tough. In the end, make sure you wash the stain remover with sufficient water to get the effective cleaning agents off your stained floor, rug, etc.

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