Perfect Career Choices For Pet Lovers

Have you ever heard the saying, “If you do what you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life?” What if the thing you love are pets? Contrary to popular belief, there is an abundance of career options out there where you can work with cute and furry animals all day long. Whether you just like their biology or are a bit of an artist, you’ll find that you can combine your love for these beloved creatures and your hobbies in a rewarding and fun profession.

career choices in pet industry

Here are some career choices and ideas for all you pet lovers out there.


A Veterinarian

This is perhaps the most obvious career choice out there for animal lovers. If biology interests you and you don’t mind doing occasional medical procedures, then this job is for you. It requires some intensive studying, but if you’re a science fan, you’ll probably find it enjoyable. Choosing a career as a vet assistant will give you all the necessary experience if you want to become a veterinarian later on. This job is a stepping stone and earns you an average salary of about $27,000 annually. (Plus of course, you get to pet all kinds of doggies all day!)

veterinarian as a career option


If the entirety of the animal kingdom and wildlife fascinates you, then a job as a zoologist would be a dream! You will work on doing research on different animals in zoos or in a lab. The average salary for this job is $45,700. And who knows, maybe one day you’ll make a remarkable discovery!

Pet Photographer

Combine your love for your furry pals and the art of photography in a career where you can hang out with photogenic pets all day. You may need to spend some money on quality equipment, but you’d get a rewarding average salary of about $42,000 and all the puppy love your heart can handle.

Dog groomer

This is a perfect career option for any beauty enthusiast. Imagine a job where you doll up tens of doggies each day and get them all glammed up. This is a career option that is guaranteed to warm your heart on a daily basis if you genuinely adore all puppies. Plus, the money is great, with an average salary of $29,000

Animal shelter worker

For this one, you get to work with a variety of adorable animals who are craving some love and affection. You’ll care for homeless pets and make sure they’re cleaned and well-fed regularly until they’re adopted, and they can move on to their permanent homes. It’s also a rewarding career option financially with an average salary of $35,000.

Benefits of working with animals:

As with any career, working with animals holds a number of benefits. Besides the fun-loving aspect of working with furry animals, you’re bound to feel you’re fulfilling a purpose. Here are other benefits that might interest you:


You’ll very quickly find that working with animals is quite rewarding. Perhaps the most rewarding part is the feeling you would get if you help an animal in need. So, if you choose to be a veterinarian or a Veterinary nurse, seeing those gratitude looks from the animals and of course, the relief of their owners is guaranteed to fill you with joy.


Working in a career that involves animals is often very flexible and would give you the opportunity to do some side-work or freelance. You may even consider starting your own business!


Animal charities and shelters are in particularly high demand nowadays. If you choose to work in that sector, you’ll find that there is huge room for you to grow as a professional and develop your skills. You’d be able to grow your career quickly and steadily which is a rarity in a lot of other professions.


There’s a fantastic sociable side to a career with animals. Not only do you work with adorable animals every day, but you can also meet and engage with a variety of different people. It’s a fun and exciting career where no two days are ever the same.

Highly skillful

The professional training scope of working with animals is also tremendous. If you want to work in the research and science aspects of this career, you’ll find that it engages your brain hugely and fulfills your career ambitions.

Whichever career preference you have, whether you want to be a vet or a pet groomer, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the most loving and innocent creatures. There are tons of options out there for you, and many animal companions to choose from. So, make sure you do lots of research into any path you want to take as there is always something for everyone.

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