The 5 Best Indoor Dog Potty Systems of 2023 (Reviews)

Is your dog crapping on the carpet when you’re not home? Did the toilet training not turn out in your favor? Perhaps, you are doing it all wrong. All you need is to get your dog a place he can defecate at in case of an emergency. And therefore, Pet Loves Best brings you the Best Indoor Dog Potty Reviews of 2023.

An Indoor Dog Potty is a patch of grass(mostly) that your dog can pee and poop upon. It makes it for a desirable place as most dogs are already trained to poop in the parks.

Using an Indoor Potty for Dogs is perhaps the most convenient and easiest way to potty train your dog. Check out this review for more information regarding the Best Indoor Dog Potty Systems on the market.

Best Indoor Dog Potty

Editors’ Pick:

  • Comes with real grass
  • It absorbs the liquid waste and repels odor
  • Ideal product for those who lives in an apartment



At a Glance- Best Indoor Dog Potty for 2023

Editor's Picks
DoggieLawn Real Grass
Editor's Pick
Petmaker Puppy Potty Trainer
Budget Pick
Sonnyridge Easy Dog Potty Training System
Premium Potty System

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The 5 Best Indoor Dog Potties Reviews of 2023

Below are the reviews for the best Indoor Potty for Dogs. We have carefully selected the top 5 products on the market to serve you better.

1. DoggieLawn Real Grass Disposable Dog Potty

DoggieLawn is one of the most appreciated and best dog potties on the market because it is the most comfortable way to teach your dog to use an indoor toilet in case of an emergency. It comes with a patch of grass large enough for the dog to stand/sit on, which is made using a natural practice called hydroponic farming.

Best Indoor Dog Pottie DoggieLawn Real Grass


Hydroponic farming is a method of growing plants of grass without using any of the soil. The practice makes use of water with added minerals so that the plants can get enough nutrition from the water only, eliminating the need for soil. Here, DoggieLawn makes use of real grass using the same technology.

  • Grass Type: Real Hydroponic Grass
  • Odor Free: Yes
  • Reusable: No
  • Size: 24 x 20 inch, 24 x 16 inch

The grass used in this Indoor Dog Potty is odor-free thanks to the hydroponic farming. Having odorless grass is a boon as grass naturally does not have any noticeable odor. Therefore, your dog will instantly accept it as his everyday place of pooping.

The idea behind such a dog grass box is that most of the pet parents train their dog to poop in a garden, park, or their backyard where there is grass. Therefore, the dog naturally thinks of it as a defecating place. DoggieLawn disposable dog potty comes with natural grass and therefore, it will be easier for you to train your dog to use it. Here, it is important to understand that potty training a dog can be a tough task which is made easier by DoggieLawn.

Note: In case you need any help or support regarding training your dog to use the indoor dog potty, the guys at DoggieLawn are always happy to help you.

This indoor potty for dogs is not only odor-free but odor resistant as well. It comes with natural grass. And natural grass has the capabilities to absorb liquid as well as keep any odor away so that you do not have to worry about any foul smell spreading towards your guests’ nose!

The only downside of this indoor pee grass for dogs is that it cannot be reused. It comes in a cardboard box, which contains a large patch of grass. After a few weeks of use, the dog grass patch will get unusable due to the dirt and urine poured upon. You will also have to get rid of the solid feces of your dog to make it usable again and make sure that the dog does not get its paws filthy.

DoggieLawn is disposable and hence can be a little steep on your pocket. However, keep in mind that dog potties are just a mere alternative and are not meant for regular usage(However, you can use it regularly if you wish to). If this is not going to be the sole potty for your dog then it can be much more convenient on your pocket.

The unique design of this indoor dog potty allows the dogs to use it when you’re not home, at the night time, or during unpleasant weather when you cannot take it outdoors. In such cases, the DoggieLawn gives the dog a perfect place to defecate and relieve without dirtying your house or crapping on the carpet.

This Dog Indoor Potty System is large enough to contain bigger dog breeds and hence can be used as an indoor potty for large dogs. You can choose between 2 size variants, which are 24 x 20 inch and 24 x 16 inch.

All in all, DoggieLawn Real Grass Dog Indoor Potty System is the Best Indoor Dog Potty System on the market due to the amazing design, real grass, odor-resistant function, and most importantly, being desirable to dogs. Although it can be a little steep, if you’re willing to spend a few bucks every 2-3 weeks for the good of your dog, there is no Indoor Potty for Dogs better than this one.

  • Odor-resistant design
  • Comfortable feeling
  • Made using real grass
  • The disposable design makes it easy to use
  • Decent customer service
  • Lasts for about 2 to 3 weeks
  • Great indoor potty for large dogs
  • Commendable feedback on DoggieLawn reviews of Amazon
  • Pretty expensive
  • Cannot be reused

2. Blyss Pets Klean Paws Indoor Dog Potty

The design of Klean Paws by Blyss Pets is pretty simple. It comes with a 3-layer design. The topmost layer is a plastic grate, below it, is a pad that absorbs the urine, and lastly at the bottom is the dog pee tray that keeps everything in place.

Klean Paws by Blyss Pets Indoor Dog Potty


The top green plastic grate easily transfers the urinal waste to the padding which absorbs it. However, you’ll need to collect solid waste manually to prevent it from dirtying the dog’s paws the next time. You can even use a newspaper instead of the padding. However, the padding would last longer before having to be replaced.

  • Grass Type: No grass
  • Odor Free: Yes (depends on the padding used at the bottom)
  • Reusable: Yes
  • Size: 21.5 inches x 16.5 inches

The only downside of this product is that it has to be cleaned manually for physical dirt. However, grate’s design makes the job easier. Moreover, this Indoor Puppy Potty does not ask for much and can be reused over and over. The only recurring charges are of absorbing padding which can also be skipped if you use some other alternative.

Another small flaw is that this Indoor Puppy Potty does not come with real grass which means that it can be a little tougher to train your dog compared to the grass ones. However, we do have a solution for that – just put a little real grass atop the indoor dog potty when you’re training the dog and it should work fine!

Tip: Just lay a little grass on top of the indoor dog potty system if your dog refuses to use it.

Lastly, this indoor dog potty is cheap and more importantly has less recurring charges than our top pick, making it our second best choice and the best cheap alternative for indoor dog potty systems too.

All in all, this dog potty system is reliable and pet parents on a tight budget should surely go for it.

  • Comes with rubberized padding at the bottom to prevent slipping
  • Easy to clean design
  • Comfortable grate to stand upon
  • The most convenient indoor dog potty system
  • A long-lasting investment without much recurring charge
  • Can also be used as an outdoor doggy potty
  • No grass
  • Can be a little tougher to train the dog compared to the grass ones
  • Have to be cleaned
  • Not great for large dogs

3. Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Toilet

It can be tough for people living in a condo or an apartment to constantly get downstairs every time the dog has to take a loo. Moreover, it gets worse in the night time. Therefore, this Fresh Patch disposable indoor dog potty comes with functionality for you to eliminate the need for running all the time. This product was also featured on ABC’s Shark Tank!

Fresh Patch Indoor Dog Potty System with Real Grass


The product is pretty similar to the DoggieLawn and comes with a similar patch of real hydroponic grass. This indoor dog potty area is meant to be used in a patio or balcony or even indoors. It has odor-nutrient qualities and is a perfect fit for anyone tired of emergency outdoor bathroom breaks.

  • Grass Type: Real Hydroponic Grass
  • Odor Free: Yes
  • Reusable: No
  • Size: 16 inches x 24inches (for dogs up to 25 lbs)

However, this indoor potty for dogs has received pretty critical reviews from users in recent times. There have been complaints regarding this Dog Indoor Potty System arriving with bugs, the grass not lasting more than a week and more. Although it is pretty similar to DoggieLawn, Fresh Patch vs DoggieLawn facts suggest that the latter is a much better product.

Note: If you really consider getting this grass patch for dogs, we suggest you purchase DoggieLawn which is a better product with similar functionalities.

All in all, although pretty impactful at first, currently, we don’t see this Indoor Potty for Dogs as a good investment.

  • Odor-resistant design of this balcony grass for dogs
  • Comes with real hydroponic grass
  • Easy to use
  • Decent customer service
  • Multiple products can be connected for large dogs
  • Lasts for about 1 to 2 weeks
  • Complaints about infested dog potty mats

4. Petmaker Puppy Potty Trainer

Petmaker porch potty is a fine Indoor Potty for Dogs that does not make use of real grass. The whole thing comes in 3 pieces. The first part is the top synthetic grass, below it, is the plastic grate that allows the liquid waste to drain to the bottommost tray.

Petmaker Puppy Potty Trainer with Fake Grass Patch


The design is pretty simple and effective. Due to the design, PetMaker indoor dog potty can be reused over and over. However, the biggest issue with this Indoor Puppy Potty is that it is not odor-proof even if they say so, which prevents you from using this indoor pet potty for more than a month.

  • Grass Type: Synthetic
  • Odor Free: No
  • Reusable: Yes (for about month)
  • Size: 20 x 25 x 1.25 inches (medium), 16 x 20 x 1.25 inches (small)

The users have reviewed that the smells fades a little but does not go away after a wash. Increasing the smell day after day. Therefore, if you wash the Indoor Potty for Dogs once a week, it should work finely for a month. Afterward, you’ll have to purchase another one. Nevertheless, it is appreciable that this fake grass dog potty outlasts pretty much all the real grass potty trainers on our list, which is a great thing.

Note: This Indoor Puppy Potty outlasts all the real grass products on our list.

The Indoor Potty for Dogs comes in 2 sizes, the small one for small dogs or puppies and the medium one for dogs such as a lab. The area of the smaller one is about 16 x 20 inches while the medium one has the dimension of 20 x 25 inches. You can even join two of them to form a bigger one.

All in all, this is not a permenant solution. However, as it works for a month with the same price as the other products, it is a viable choice!

  • Easy to clean
  • Can be reused over the period of a month
  • Comes in 2 sizes
  • Splendid 2 layer design including synthetic grass
  • Lasts for about a month
  • Not real grass
  • Does not absorb liquid as real grass does
  • Odor won’t go away completely even after a wash
  • Grass may come off itself or if chewed

5. Sonnyridge Easy Dog Potty Training System

Sonnyridge is pretty similar to Petmaker patio potty. It comes with artificial grass and a 3 layer design including a porous tray to let go of the urinal waste to the bottom tray. It is ideal for patio, balcony in an apartment, condo, or even a house.

Sonnyridge Easy dog potty grass


This indoor dog potty system comes with artificial grass that easily falls apart. Moreover, the length of the grass is not sufficient as well. Consequently, a lot of dogs refuse the product just because of the feel of it. Moreover, as soon as they realize that it is not the real grass they refuse to use it. However, we do need to mention that this might not be the case for all the dogs.

  • Grass Type: Synthetic
  • Odor Free: No
  • Reusable: Yes
  • Size: 26 inches x 16 inches

This indoor dog potty system can be washed using soap, all three layers. However, similar to the PetMaker indoor grass for dogs, here, the top synthetic grass layer can be tough to clean due to falling apart grass. Consequently, it won’t lose all the filthy smell.

Tip: For a cheaper, similar, and better artificial grass for dog potty, check out PetMaker Indoor Potty System.

The customer service of the brand is negligible and does not add to the value of this product. Moreover, the price is also steeper than most of the products on the market. Therefore, we do not recommend this Indoor Puppy Potty to our readers. If you really wish to go with a similar Indoor Potty for Dogs, go with the PetMaker Potty System.

  • Decent 3 layer design
  • Heavy duty tray
  • Tough to clean
  • Grass prices fall off
  • Dogs refuse the feel of it
  • Steep price tag

Buyers’ Guide

What is a Dog Indoor Potty System?

Dogs are loyal and obedient but if not provided with a place to defecate at when nature calls, it can be messy, especially your carpet!

It is essential to train your dog to behave itself when you’re not around. Now, there may be a lot of options to toilet train your dog, however, none of them are as effective as an Indoor Dog Potty.

An indoor dog potty system comes with a patch of grass, either made naturally or synthetically. There is not much rocket science behind these grass potty pads for dogs, the only thing is that some of them come with a layered technology so that the paws of your pet does not get dirty. Moreover, the systems with natural grass effectively absorb liquid and repel odor.

Types of Indoor Dog Potty Systems

There are multiple types of indoor potty systems for a dog, which we have mentioned below.

#1 Dog Litter Box

A dog litter box is pretty much similar to a cat litter box. It comes with a plastic crate and gravels. You need to replace the gravel or litter every once in a while.

Check out: Best Automatic Cat Litter Box of 2023

#2 Dog Pee Pad

Dog pee pads are usually used for puppies in order to toilet train them. It is much like a diaper that absorbs liquid, only in a different form. It can also be used for senior dogs that cannot go outdoors or climb the walls of a litter box.

#3 Dog Potty with Plastic Grate

These Dog potties come in a multi-layer design. The top layer is a plastic grate that can pass through the liquid waste.

#4 Dog Potty with Real Grass

These are the dog potties that come with real grass that can either come with soil or be made in a Hydroponic way. This is one of the best indoor dog bathroom solutions as it is effective and easy to train a dog for.

#5 Dog Potty with Synthetic Grass

This one is pretty much similar to the one with the real grass. However, it comes with synthetic grass, hence, cheaper. And it disguises the looks of real grass.

Why Choose a Dog Potty System?

There are a plethora of benefits of using a dog potty system. Some of them are listed below.

  • If not housetrained

Young puppies can be easily housetrained by this dog training grass until they get old enough for outdoors. Such a process will save your time in training them for parks too.

  • If you’re not home often

Home-alone dogs who do not have an assigned place to defecate at when their master is not home may find it difficult to hold the bladder when nature calls. And the consequences can be seen on your floor or carpet.

Therefore, it is vital that you provide your dog with an indoor dog potty so that they can relieve themselves when you’re not home.

  • If the dog is living with senior pet parents

Senior people may find it difficult to take their dog every time it has to defecate. Therefore, an indoor pooping system will help both the dog and the senior parents.

  • If the dog is having any medical conditions

If your dog has any medical condition due to which it cannot hold the bladder or poop for long, it is essential to give him an indoor dog potty. Moreover, dogs with arthritis can find it difficult to climb over the walls of a litter box, making a grass potty system the ideal choice.

  • In case of harsh weather conditions

Those who face freezing winters already know how frustrating it can be to take your dog for a loo. Often it is not even possible due to harsh weathers. Therefore, an indoor dog potty grass is an ideal alternative in such a situation.

  • Simply, to avoid any accidents

If there is no problem at all, a nature call can knock at the door any time, regardless of day or night! Therefore, keeping an indoor dog grass pad can save you from any accidents.


So these were our top picks for indoor dog potty systems on the market. We hope that you’ve found the best Indoor Dog Potty that you and your pet can rely on.

Make sure to leave a comment if you’ve got a query or suggestion. We’ll be happy to hear it.

Till then Happy pooping!

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  1. I bought one of these at a pet chain for rainy snowy days. I didn’t have to train my dog. I placed it in a corner. By the afternoon, I knew there was trouble.

    Yep, she popped right over and did 2-pieces of business. I didn’t know small dogs had that much fluid. I still cannot get them to utilize a pad. I’ve tried them all and they miss the mark every time, e.g., next to it, near the wall next to it, on the tip next to it. You get the drift.

    For easier clean up and to spare your floors, use a waterproof pad between the pan and the filter to catch the pool stream. Best used on tile or waterproof flooring.

    Clean up requires a blast with the outdoor hose, paper towels, and a spray cleaner. The faux grass needs to air dry or you can wipe it down with a towel or paper towels. Cheaper to let it air dry.


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