10 Best Dog Water Fountains of 2023 (KEEP hydrated)

Is the fact that your dog isn’t drinking enough water worrying you? The easy answer to your worries is the best dog water fountain. Fountains provide fresh and filtered watered throughout the day so that your pup never has to go thirsty.

Dogs often drink more from fountains than from a bowl that has stagnant water. This is because they associate flowing water with freshness and hygiene. Using the fountain will motivate your pup to keep himself hydrated and stay free of kidney-related and other urinary tract diseases. Most models also come with filters to make the water taste better and remove any unpleasant odors.


The 10 Best Dog Water Fountain of 2023 (Reviews)

Best Dog Water Fountain


Editor’s Pick: Drinkwell Platinum Automatic Water Fountain for Dogs

The Drinkwell Platinum is marketed as a waterfall of health because it is easy to clean in a dishwasher, has a submersible silent pump for operation and a charcoal filtration system to get rid of odors and improve the taste. The 168 oz capacity of the dog water dispenser means it is just right for pets of all sizes and also for multiple pet households.

In this section, we have reviewed ten best dog water fountains in great detail along with their pros and cons so that our readers are able to fully understand the nuances about which product to buy. The products have been ranked from 1 to 10 on the basis of several parameters such as the material of construction, how quiet it is while operating, capacity and filtration system.

1. Drinkwell Platinum Automatic Water Fountain for Dogs

Drinkwell Platinum Automatic Water Fountain for Dogs


The Drinkwell Platinum is a waterfall of health for your pet canines. The reservoir of the water dispenser is dishwasher safe, it has a submersible but silent pump, and a charcoal filtration system to remove bad odors and tastes.

The low voltage 12 V system has an inline disconnect for easy removal. The cord can be tucked away in the system to remain out of sight and safe.

The specially designed spout reduces “Braiding” of the water to prevent splashing and noise. After the water falls, it also lands on the receiving ramp to further reduce the noise.

  • BPA-free plastic components are top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Carbon and foam dual filtration
  • The steady stream promotes fresh taste, movement, and aeration
  • Holds 168 oz in the reservoir
  • Suitable also for cats
  • The pump cleaning kit is sold separately and not included with purchase
  • Can be used indoors only

2. PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda Automatic Dog Water Fountain

PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda Automatic Dog Water Fountain


The Petsafe Drinkwell Pagoda is on this list because it is made from extremely safe and hygienic ceramic material. The non-porous surface of the water dispenser for dogs makes it very easy to clean and sanitize.

What makes this product a bit unique is that there are two platforms from which the pets can drink. Taller dogs can drink from the top layer whereas smaller dogs and puppies can satisfy their thirst drinking at the bottom layer.

Either platform provides clean and fresh water to drink as the Pagoda is fitted with a carbon filter which can be replaced if it accumulates a lot of dirt and debris. The filter ensures that the water your doggies drink is good to taste and free from odors.

The capacity of this fountain is only 70 oz though and it may not be an ideal solution for households with multiple pets. The free-falling nature of the water can help to oxygenate the drink and kill susceptible bacteria by introducing oxygen into the mix, making the water of your pooch a lot safer.

  • Made from an extremely hygienic ceramic material
  • Two platforms for pets from which they can drink
  • Carbon filter ensures that water is tasteless and odorless
  • Free-falling nature of the water keeps it fresh for a longer duration
  • 70 oz capacity may not support multiple pets

3. Petmate Replendish Gravity Water Dispenser for Dogs

Petmate Replendish Gravity Water Dispenser for Dogs


This pet water dispenser is a gravity waterer and developed by Petmate, a big name in pet care products. It has four sizes: 0.5 gallons, 1 gallon, 2.5 gallons, and 4 gallons. Thus, dogs and cats of any size can enjoy drinking from this auto fill pet water bowl. It is also possible to choose the color of the bowl to match your home decor.

To prevent the generation of stain and odor-causing bacteria in the water bottle, this gravity dispenser features Microban Anti-microbial Product Protection. A charcoal filter is also included to prolong the duration between refills. Additional filters can be purchased separately.

It is also possible to use it without a filter but then you will need to refill it more frequently. When you want to refill, you just have to unscrew it, wipe it clean by hand, and fill it with water. You just need to be careful not to spray water all over the place when screwing the bottle back on.

The great thing about this gravity dispenser is that it can be used outdoors when your tired pets feel thirsty after their playtime because there are no electric components. The bottle is made of BPA-free plastic, which doesn’t harm your pets.

  • Comes with a charcoal filter and Microban protection
  • Can be used outside because it doesn’t have electric components
  • It can be hard to refill as manual efforts are required to do so

4. Veken Automatic Dog Water Fountain with 3 Replacement Filters

Veken Automatic Dog Water Fountain with 3 Replacement Filters


While most dog fountains feature some or the other form of filtration system, the Veken Automatic is unique in offering three-stages of filtration. The first stage uses cotton to filter the water, in the second stage, charcoal is used to make the water free of taste and odor, and the third stage is ion exchange resin to soften the water in case it is too hard for consumption.

This fountain also allows you to customize the form of flow, with bubble, waterfall and stream modes to select from. You can check out the different modes and select the one that most excites your pet canine.

The Veken Automatic can hold 84 oz and runs silently. Users add that the flower-like design is appealing to the eyes and a delight for the pets. But the most important thing is that there is no reason to worry about the quality of their pet’s drinking water when users are away from home.

  • Triple filtration
  • Possible to customize flow between bubble, waterfall and stream modes
  • Runs silently
  • Capacity is only 84 oz so may not be suitable for households with multiple pets

5. Mespro Dog Water Fountain with 2 Replacement Filters

Mespro Dog Water Fountain with 2 Replacement Filters


If you are looking for a dog water fountain but also for something that will not require you to live with a continuous background noise of pump-related gurgling, then the Mespro Dog Water Fountain is just for you.

The submersible pump is designed to work as quietly as possible so that it will not disturb you or your pet while functioning. The pump is also low consumption and can operate for 10,000 hours.

It allows to customize flow between three settings, and comes with activated carbon filter and has a capacity of 65 oz. The Mespro is easy to assemble and relatively quieter than many other water dispensers for dogs.

Apart from bothering resident humans, the pump noise can be irritating for pets who may get discouraged to drink from the fountain because of it. If pump noise is your single-biggest issue, then this product is just for you.

  • The pump is quiet while operating
  • Can be operated for 10,000 hours
  • Relatively easy to assemble
  • Capacity is only 65 oz, which may not be adequate for multiple pet households

6. Pioneer Pet Raindrop Stainless Steel Pet Drinking Fountain for Dogs

Pioneer Pet Raindrop Stainless Steel Pet Drinking Fountain for Dogs


Some dogs are choosy and will not drink from plastic bowls. This also works well for you because plastic doesn’t complement modern home decor too much. Bringing home the stainless steel dog water dispenser from Pioneer Pet will kill two birds with one stone. Costing just a tad more than the Drinkwell, you can bring home this pet water dispenser that is same performance-wise.

It is also dishwasher safe, which means it is easy to clean. It is available in two sizes: 60 oz and 96 oz. This model also uses a three-stage filtration. Replacement pumps are also available if the current one were to burn out.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Charcoal filter
  • Dishwasher safe
  • No splash design
  • The pump could be faulty on some units
  • Parts may rattle if not assembled properly
  • Filtration area may require regular cleaning
  • The pump may be louder compared to other models

7. Wonder Creature Lotus Dog Water Fountain with Dual Filters

Wonder Creature Lotus Dog Water Fountain with Dual Filters


The sound of the water falling from this dispenser is almost whisper-quiet and is below 40 decibels when operating. It uses a submersible pump for quiet and safe operation.  The premium low voltage pump is sturdy and reliable.

The Lotus Dog Fountain is easy to set up and takes only a few minutes. Disassembling for cleaning and maintenance is also relatively easy. Cleaning brushes for the intake tube and the motor cavity are included in the purchase.

The dual filtration system uses a charcoal filter to remove any taste or odors, while the foam filter hair, dirt and food debris from the water. The LED light will decorate the room in the evening. It is possible to switch off the LED light with the help of a switch on the power cord.

360° multi-directional stream aerates the water for more amount of oxygen and keeps the water fresh. The source of running water will make the pet drink more than still water. Better hydrated pet means lesser chances of kidney and urinary tract diseases. It has a capacity of 85 oz that is sufficient enough for longer use without the need to refilling.

  • Whisper-quiet pump
  • Assembly takes only a few minutes
  • Cleaning is easy and cleaning kit included in the purchase
  • Dual filtration system
  • Users have reported issues with durability

8. PetSafe Drinkwell MultiLevel Plastic Dog Water Fountain

PetSafe Drinkwell MultiLevel Plastic Dog Water Fountain


The Drinkwell Multitier Dog Fountain is a large capacity dog drinking fountain with multiple platforms, allowing pets to drink from elevated as well as lower levels.

It is primarily aimed at multiple dog households so that dogs of different sizes can quench their thirst at any tier depending on their height/size.

It can hold 100 oz making it ideal for medium to large-sized dogs. The multi-layered drinking surfaces allow dogs to drink from the lower as well as the elevated levels. Drinking from elevated levels is useful for the elderly, arthritic dogs who cannot bend down to drink.

This fountain uses a replaceable charcoal filter to keep the water clean and free of any taste or odors. The flow can be adjusted for the preference of the pet. The fountain can be disassembled and can easily be cleaned inside a dishwasher.

  • The motor is quiet and flow can be adjusted as per pet’s preferences
  • Multiple tiers allow several pets to drink at once
  • Some users have complained that once the drinking fountain goes low on water, it starts making considerable noise

9. Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain for Dogs

Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain for Dogs


This dog water fountain has a capacity of 128 oz, making it ideal for pets of all sizes or even for multiple pets.

There is an option to customize 1-5 free-falling streams to encourage pets to drink more and keep them well hydrated. The rubber feet at the bottom prevents the fountain from sliding on the floor and the submersible pump ensures quiet operation.

This has a carbon filter included making water tasteless and free of odors to keep it fresh for a longer time. It is possible to customize the number of free-falling streams with the help of flow control caps.

Drinkwell 360 is perfect for multiple pet households. It is made from BPA-free plastic and is dishwasher safe.

  • 128 oz capacity means it is suited for pets of all sizes and for multiple pets
  • Number of free-falling streams can be customized with the help of flow control caps
  • A submersible pump used for silent operation
  • Carbon filter makes water tasteless and odorless
  • The quiet pump may get clogged easily
  • The free-falling design may lead to some splashing
  • Large footprint
  • The pump could be faulty on some units

10. Trio Gato Step-on Outdoor Dog Water Fountain

Trio Gato Step-on Outdoor Dog Water Fountain


This outdoor water fountain acts as a sprinkler when your dog steps on the pedal. With a paw design on the pedal, your pooch can be easily trained to use this water fountain quickly.

Made from heavy-duty steel, this fountain is very durable. The leak-proof copper valve and the rubber friction pad prevents the dog water dispenser from moving when it is in use.

It is the easiest water fountain to set up. You just need to connect the hose pipe and it is ready to function.

Whether you have a small, medium or large-sized dog, the flow can be adjusted by controlling the valve. Unlike other fountains, it doesn’t need to be refilled or cleaned. It also doesn’t need the power supply or batteries.

Not only is this a water fountain, but a toy for your pet in the broader sense.

  • Easiest to assemble
  • Easy to train the pet for using
  • Doesn’t need to be refilled or cleaned
  • Water pressure can be adjusted for dog size by controlling the valve
  • No power supply or electrical components/batteries used in this product
  • Since this is meant for outdoor use, the metal construction means it heats up and cannot be touched in very hot parts of the country

Our Buyer’s Guide on Dog Water Fountains

This section will cover aspects such as who should be interested in dog water fountains, what parameters should one consider to evaluate dog fountains and a few FAQs towards the end. There is also a section on how to clean and maintain dog water fountains.

Who should buy a dog water fountain?

As a pet parent, you want to provide the best possible care for your pet canine. The dog needs a lot of water to stay hydrated and healthy. Serving water in a bowl may put him off because water becomes stale after some time and loses freshness and the taste. It can also be a bit difficult for you to empty the water bowl and clean it regularly.

Dog water fountains provide your pets with continuous water that is fresh and cool all the time, motivating them to drink more and keep themselves healthy. These fountains have carbon filters that clean the water of dirt and debris and also remove any unpleasant odors. They are also often made of materials that are not easy for bacteria to breed.

Most dog water dispensers have large capacities, prolonging the time between refills. They are also easy to clean and maintain and you won’t need to clean them as frequently as other dog bowls. Dog water fountains can be designed for indoor as well as outdoor use and outdoor ones can be attached to a faucet or a hose, making it a potential pet toy in the yard apart from a dog fountain. Indoor dog water fountains can have elegant designs that can look nice in the home.

How to choose a dog water fountain?

Choosing a dog water fountain can be sometimes tough, but knowing all the important features and specifications can make your task easy. The following are the important features that you should consider before making a purchase decision:


Electric water dispensers are the most common and they keep the water circulating all the time but they will consume electricity. Gravity fountains help to flow the water into the bowl as your canine drinks but don’t provide the same level of circulation as electric ones do. I suggest going with an electric fountain. Step-on fountains that require the pet to press on the pedal to be able to self-serve water.

Water Capacity

Dog fountain capacities vary from 50 oz capacity to 500 + oz. The greater the capacity, the less you will need to refill the dog fountain. If you’ve got a large dog breed or multiple pets, it is essential to buy a water fountain with a large capacity.


As we have mentioned earlier, not all dog fountains have a filter. If you want your pooch to drink cleaner water, see that the dog fountain has a carbon filter that can remove small particles. The downside of having a filter is that they need to be maintained and replaced regularly.


Even though dog water dispensers keep water flowing regularly, they need to be cleaned though less regularly than dog bowls. Some fountains are a bit complex and need a lot of time to be cleaned, which means they aren’t used for long. The best dog drinking fountains are easy to clean, take apart and even have dishwasher safe components.

Water Flow

Some models will allow you to set the speed, or adjust the amount of water released by the fountain. This is a useful option for small and nervous dogs. It is also important to check the height of the water flow because a small puppy is obviously not going to be comfortable drinking at the same height as a Great Dane.


Loud dog water fountains will not be tolerated by humans for long. Some fountains also tend to get louder as the water level goes down because the pump starts to burn out. So make sure that before purchasing one you consider checking the amount of sound it makes while in operation.


The most common material for a fountain is plastic, ceramic or stainless steel. Ceramic and steel bowls look great but are expensive as well.

Physical Appearance

A dog fountain will be on display at your home so it is advisable that you consider its looks. Some fountains have a design adequate for it to function whereas some others made from ceramic and stainless steel are very elegant. Remember to check the cord length and the physical dimensions before buying. Even battery-operated fountains are available for those interested in cordless models.

Indoors or Outdoors

All water fountains can be operated indoors but if you want your pet to have access to clean drinking water in the garden or the backyard, ensure that the fountain is weather-resistant and safe to be used outdoors.


Many dog water dispensers come with a warranty, but the length and other details vary a great deal. While buying from online stores, check that the model is still covered by the warranty.

Benefits of Drinking Water From a Fountain

Besides the effortless way of keeping your pup hydrated all day long, there are also few other benefits of a drinking water fountain. Here are some of the main benefits that your pup along with you have from this product:

  1. Help to keep your dog hydrated
    Bubbling water is more attractive to thirsty dogs and they are likely to drink more. This helps to keep your dog hydrated. Though it is more important in hot weather conditions, drinking more water can benefit most of the dogs.
  2. Cleaner Water
    Many water dispensers have in-built filters or charcoal pads. These remove the impurities from water and enhance its taste.
  3. Reduced Bacteria
    Stagnant water is a breeding ground for bacteria, which can infect your pet with dangerous consequences. A fountain water dispenser keeps the fluid moving, which makes it difficult for the bacteria to breed and spread. Even fountains need to be cleaned but they are considered to be more hygienic.
  4. Large Water Containers
    Some large water dispensers can accommodate more than 400 oz of water. This means that they have to be refilled less frequently than dog bowls. Automatic fountains also don’t need to be cleaned as regularly.

How to Clean a Dog Water Fountain?

The first step is to unplug the fountain, discard the water and disassemble the fountain. The fountain is dishwasher safe except for the motor and the cord. Either wash them in the top-rack of your dishwasher or hand-wash them. If your dishwasher runs too hot then we recommend hand washing. While hand washing, use a bottle brush, an aquarium brush, soft sponge or brushes that are included in the fountain cleaning kit and dish soap.

Remove the motor from the dispenser. Lift the impeller out of the motor. The impeller could have a faceplate cover that can be lifted with the help of a coin or fingernail. Wash the impeller in soapy water to remove hair and other gunk that has collected around it.

Pour soapy water in the fountain’s motor cavity and clean with a small round brush like the one provided in the fountain cleaning kit. A cotton swab or small toothbrush may work well too or anything that can enter the cavity and clean it. Rinse all parts well before re-assembling the fountain. Replace the filter and pre-filter as and when necessary.

Place the fountain where desired. Fill it with tap water and re-plug in the fountain.

FAQs on Dog Water Fountains

What are dog fountains and how do they function?

A water dispenser is a way of providing clean, circulating water to your canine pal. A regular dog water bowl is not attractive for drinking even if the water in it is changed regularly. The water in the bowl is also stagnant, which is a message to the dog to stay away from it.

Water fountains come in a variety of designs and complexity. But they all basically have a top and basin with a water pump that pushes water from the top to the basin. After the water falls into the basin, the mechanism repeats. This means that water is circulating continuously and thus the fountain keeps it fresh.

Fountains also contain filters to catch anything that falls in the water to keep it pure. The speed of the flow can be adjusted to suit the needs of your pet. Some water fountains make soft gurgling noises, while some others are completely silent. A wide range of choices is available to dog parents.

Does a dog water fountain have to be attached to a hose?

There are two types of dog water fountains: the reservoir water fountain and the automatic fountain. In contrast to the reservoir water fountains, the automatic dog fountains are refilled automatically. These are generally meant for outdoor use and the dog fountain outdoors is connected to a pipe or a tap such as a dog water faucet.

In such cases, the dog fountains automatically refill themselves using the natural flow of a water base. Such water fountains are an important accessory in households with many dogs or with big drinkers.

How much water does a water fountain hold?

Dog water dispensers available on the market have capacities that vary between 50 oz to 500 + oz. The larger the capacity of the water fountain, the less frequently would you need to refill it. It is important to buy a dog water fountain with a sufficiently large capacity if you have multiple dogs or a single dog that is very large in size.

Can I directly use tap water in the dog water fountain?

No, it is not safe for the pet to directly drink tap water. However, if you are using a water fountain for your pet, it very likely features a filter that will purify the tap water from dust, debris, and other foul odors. The water in the fountain is also circulating continuously, keeping it fresh and free of bacteria for a longer period. Thus, tap water can be used to fill dog fountains before eventually being consumed by the dog.


Water is of utmost importance in your pet’s life just like in ours. In order to stay hydrated, dogs need to drink a lot of water. But in order to lure them to drink more, their drinking apparatus has to be made more attractive. Dog water fountains keep the water circulating and therefore fresh throughout the day and make it seem more attractive for the pet.

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