10 Best Dog Training Books of 2023 | Bestsellers

Dogs are the cutest when you train them to follow your commands, respond to your actions, and most importantly, perform the tricks. There few of the best dog training books which teach you to train your dog from scratch by understanding him.


The 10 Best Dog Training Books of 2023

Best Dog Training Book

Editors’ Pick:

  • Experiences and expertise in training dogs
  • Contains tons of easy dog training methods
  • Easy to understand tips for every lifestage


Here are the best dog training books which let you understand how the canines behave. We have included the books ranging from the easy tutorial of dog training to in-depth knowledge loaded ones.

1. Dog Training Revolution by Zak George

Zak George is the most renown face for a dog trainer and also owns the Youtube channel with maximum subscribers for a dog trainer. The author comes up with easy to implement as well as in-depth training methods for every dog parent in his best puppy training book.

Dog Training Revolution Book


In the same manner, Zak covers every dog training topic ranging from leash training to potty and bed training. In fact, the author covers the dog psychological traits and training acceptance to regular human approach towards effective dog training.

  • Type: Hardbound
  • Author: Zak George
  • Pages: 240

Zak emphasizes more on the methods of training a dog than just explaining the canine behavior. In fact, you can easily follow the training tricks and hacks for any kind of dog breed you own.

Author of the book Zak George uses simple to follow dog training tutorial methods in this top dog training book.

In the end, using this book contains loads of solutions to the daily dog problems you people face. Not to mention, all of these solutions aim at effortlessly training the dog that too, in a short span of time.

  • Zak George’s book focuses on a simple to follow dog training tutorials.
  • This book focuses on the dogs’ behavioral and psychological traits.
  • You can learn unique ways of training each dog who has a unique behavior.
  • Nothing in specific.

2. The Art of Raising a Puppy -Best Puppy Raising Book

Coming to the send most useful dog training book review, this book elaborates methods for training the dogs. These training techniques come directly from the monks of New Skete. The Art of Raising a Puppy specifically aims at guiding the puppy parents to nurture and train their pooches.

Best Puppy Raising Book


In addition to that, the apparent books describe the vitality of training a dog right since his puppyhood. The author of the book emphasizes the methods used by the monks themselves.

  • Type: Hardbound
  • Author: Monks of New Skete
  • Pages: 352

Furthermore, the apparent book expresses every dog training method considering a different type of dogs. This is the best dog training book out of the shelf of the same author – Monks of New Skete. Because the book hovers from the tutorials that help the novice dog owners and even the experienced.

A book sharing the experiences and expertise of the monks of New Skete to train a Fido right from his puppyhood.

In the end, this book is written keeping the inculcating a healthy dog behavior. In fact, it deals with training the pup as well as a dog. On the contrary, it is always advisable to train a dog at his tender age where he can adapt easily to the circumstances.

  • A puppy training book which explains the dog training methods used by the monks.
  • The best dog training book for training a pooch when he is in his puppyhood.
  • The apparent book version is available with the audible account.
  • A book meant to teach the novice as well as experienced dog owners.
  • Nothing in specific with the best puppy raising book.

3. Meet Your Dog: The Game-Changing Guide

Here, we have a dog training book from the author who happens to be the animal behavior consultant. The author writes this positive reinforcement dog training books in an empathetic manner.

Meet Your Dog: The Game-Changing Guide


Having said that, the puppy training book mainly focuses on the innovative training method which is the improvised version of the conventional techniques.

  • Type: Hardboun
  • Author: Kim Brophe
  • Pages: 224

Additionally, the book explains the ways to teach a pup keeping is natural behavior in mind. It emphasizes more on understanding the reasons behind dogs’ behaving the way they do.

This book focuses on understanding the reason behind every dog’s natural behavior with the perfect training method for the same.

Lastly, this book is useful when your dog needs a little nurturing, caring, training, understanding, etc. In the same manner, this book addresses a solution to the major challenges dog trainers face.

  • Dog training tips come from the renown dog nehvior consultant who is author of the book.
  • The book focuses on understanding the reasons behind the dogs’ behavior.
  • The author introduces an innovative dog training method namely LEGS(Learning, Environment, Genetics, Self).
  • Understanding the methods will be possible only if you go through the book thoroughly.

4. Training the Best Dog Ever: A 5-Week Program

Let’s understand the dog training book which aims at training a dog within a span of 5 weeks. This short and accurate training process focuses on the dogs’ behavioral traits with positive reinforcement doggie training book.

Training the Best Dog Ever


Furthermore, this is the best puppy training book because of it’s easy to understand methods. Along with that, there are loads of pictorial training methods which make this book even easier for the kids.

  • Type: Paperback
  • Author: Dawn Sylvia, Stasiewics, Larry Kay
  • Pages: 304

Furthermore, the author of the book Larry Kay teaches the readers the tit-bits of knowing the dog and training him in the best way. The training methods start with simple verbal commands using the treats.

Book from Larry Kay teaches the fast and effective methods of training a dog.

In the end, this book shares the methods for training the obedient as well as the stubborn dogs. Not to mention, you can easily train a stubborn with the techniques mentioned in this book.

  • The apparent puppy training book focuses on quick and effective training.
  • Easy to understand training tips.
  • This book is not ideal if you want to train your dog cool tricks.

5. Lucky Dog Lessons: Train Your Dog in 7 Days

Coming to the best dog training books which takes the pooch training game bit faster. Author of the book believes training a dog the basic tricks and commands will not take more than a week.

Lucky Dog Lessons


In addition to that, Brandon Mcmillan aims at initiating the dog training by teaching him simply to follow commands. That said, the commands include down, sit, heel, stay, off, come, no.

  • Type: Paperback
  • Author: Brandon Mcmillan
  • Pages: 336

Furthermore, the apparent book provides the training tricks to minimize traits of the misbehaving dog. It includes crate training, meal-time discipline, barking, etc.

You can learn about training a dog that too, inculcate discipline in your dog within a week.

Lastly, this book is an ideal choice if you have a pooch about to get into his adulthood or is an adult already. Because training the infants will take away some of the charms of having the pups.

  • A puppy training book meant for training pooches in a week is a reliable way to kickstart training.
  • Easy to follow dog training tricks.
  • Not an in-depth dog training guide if you happen to own a rambunctious Fido.

6. 101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities

Here, we have a dog book that teaches the most challenging trick as well as the easiest. The author of the book Kyra Sundance is herself the dog tricks master. She explains training the dog in an organized way.

101 Dog Tricks Book


On the contrary, there is no audiobook version of 101 Dog Tricks. It can be a setback if you have subscribed for Amazon Audible connection. Nevertheless, if you are planning on buying the paperback or the Kindle edition then this book will serve you the best.

  • Type: Paperback
  • Author: Kyra Sundance & Chalc
  • Pages: 208

Kyra Sundance has systematically mentioned the dog training method according to their respective difficulty level. In fact, you will find the difficulty level mentioned for each dog training trick.

Kyra Sundance shares the tricks for training the dogs in her book mentioning level of difficulty of each trick and pre-requisites.

Along with that, the author of the book mentions the pre-requisite virtue/obedience a dog needs to learn each trick respectively.

  • Get to learn about the dog training form one of the best – Kyra Sundance.
  • Know the difficulty level of every trick and pre-requisite before initiating.
  • Keep busy training your dog new tricks and strengthen the human-pooch bond.
  • This book is a guide to teaching your dog tricks not correct misbehaving dog specifically.

7. How to Raise the Perfect Dog | Dog Training Book

Coming to the author of the dog books bestsellers on our review list for one of his best dog training books. How to Raise the Perfect Dog will get you to learn training the dogs considering their preferences.

How to Raise the Perfect Dog


This book is written Dog Whisperer describes this dog manual out of his many positive puppy training books in a subtle manner. This is the best books for new dog owners to follow the tips and methods for training easily.

  • Type: Paperback
  • Author: Cesar Millan
  • Pages: 320

Additionally, this book is filled with easy to follow tutorials. Cesar Millan uses his learning of his dog training career mentioning in this book. If you are using this book, it will be similar to having Cesar indirectly training your dog.

Cesar Millan’s book is useful to train all the dogs with different types of aggression.

Lastly, there are several dog training tips in this book describing training different types of dogs. You can use this book to train puppies, adolescents, adult pooches.

  • An ideal book for training puppies or adolescents.
  • Easy to implement dog training methods.
  • This book focuses on puppy training methods exclusively.

8. The Puppy Book Primer

Ending the dog training books reviews with a book again from the author Patricia McConnell. This books is written by duo-writer out of which another author is Brenda Scidmore.

The Puppy Book Primer


Both the authors are proficient in understanding dog behaviors. Hence, the tips on training a dog in this positive dog training book are accurate and concise.

  • Type: Paperback
  • Author: Patricia McConnell & Brenda Scidmore
  • Pages: 117

On the other hand, this book is suitable to train a pooch in his tender age. Because the book aims at training them when it is the easiest.

Training a pup in a perfect manner is given very concisely in the book with some bits of anecdotal humour.

Adding to the fact, Brenda and Patricia are professional behavior consultants and share their knowledge in the book.

  • The best puppy training book which adds a little anecdotal humour.
  • Book is wriiten with accurate and concise dog training tips.
  • This book is not the ideal choice for the aggressive adult dogs.

9. The Other End of the Leash: Why We Do What

Here, we have the dog training book bestsellers consisting of unique dog training methods. the author of the book focuses on guiding the dog parent to understand the dog’s natural behavior.

The Other End of the Leash


This book is all about understanding the things from every dog’s perspective. In fact, you can learn about how to maintain a cool and calm body posture while training your dog. Along with that, the book explains about using the vocal varieties while commanding the dog.

  • Type: Paperback
  • Author: Patricia McConnell
  • Pages: 272

Further, this book teaches you delicacies of training a dog as well as mastering the dog training skills.

The Other End of the Leash explains special dog training methods designed for various dogs depending on their behavioral traits.

The Other End of the Leash is the book written keeping the intricacies of dog behavior. The author focuses on teaching unique dog training methods depending on the behavioral traits of every dog.

  • Getting to understand the intricacies of dog behaviors.
  • Training methods of this book will inculcate discipline in dogs while they will love the process.
  • Learn to use your body posture and voice modulation to optimize the dog training drills.
  • Training a rambunctious pooch can be difficult especially if you are new to training a dog.

10. Cesar’s Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to

In the end, we have another book from Cesar Millan, Cesar’s Way. The apparent book consists of experiences and learning of Cesar’s career.

Cesar's Way


This book is different from the previous we saw on this list. That said, Cesar’s Way shares the expertise and learnings from the experiences of the author. Whereas, the previous book was dedicated to training the little pups growing into their adulthood.

  • Type: Paperback
  • Author: Cesar Millan
  • Pages: 298

You can definitely relate to the problems Cesar faced and the solution he chose. It will make training your dog simpler reading his puppy training book.

This book focuses on the dog training experiences and solutions implemented by the author – Cesar Millan himself.

In the end, Cesar’s Way is a great book for the dog parents who are struggling with misbehaving pooches. Cesar’s way sheds light on easy to implement dog training methods.

  • Cesar’s Way mentions the problems Cesar faced and solutions that worked.
  • Perfect book if your dog does not learn from regular dog training drills.
  • This book does not shed in-depth light on training all the dog breeds.

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